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  1. A little toxic, lol
  2. Get 'em to land on the slope!
  3. You don't need to beat all three versions of each level or even 3 star most of them. Just finish all three versions (Cast, Key, Illusion) on 28 of them for the 'Wizard' trophy, and the first two versions (Cast and Key) on 42 of them for the 'Keysmith' Trophy (obviously this overlaps with your 28.) Then finish the rest of the levels by just doing the Cast versions. Try to get as many 3 star completions on Cast versions as you can for both the 'Grading Well' trophy and the fact that certain levels require you to 3 star certain other levels to unlock them. All the other misc. trophies will come naturally besides 'Patience' 'Back to start' and 'Procrastination'. For those just use the 2 options in the pause menu (Turn back, and Next Cast,) and also wait to finish a level with less than 1 sec on the clock (though this has come naturally for me several times.) This fantastic human being made a walkthrough for all Cast and Key versions (Illusions are basically just the Cast versions so I suspect this person didn't bother making those videos.) And has been a lifesaver because this game is slow like molasses. I'm not actually done with the plat as I write this, but I suspect I'll finish it today. My strat was to beat the Cast, Key, and Illusion versions of the first 28 levels (levels A1 through D7) then only do the Cast and Key versions of the next 14 levels (E1 through F7) then the Cast versions of the rest (G1 through H7.) I think this is faster than doing all Cast levels and hopping around doing Key and Illusions versions since you're more likely to remember a level you just beat when doing the next version. EDIT got the plat, no surprises were waiting. Just follow those videos and slowly plug through the trophies.
  4. It's been out on PS4/5 for awhile now. Just got trophies today.
  5. Ha, tried remote playing this on my phone, and you cant play it well with the touch controls since you cant slide your thumb over the face buttons. (Have to lift thumb off screen to press another button.) I thought that might help ease my thumb since bumping it over the buttons kinda wears on me after a while. Oh well! I keep forgetting about the rewind on these PSP games. Took me way longer to plat the pinball game that it should...
  6. Sieges :/
  7. Yep, basically as the other guy said. Buy a blueprint. Or beat a skirmish you haven’t done yet since they all seem to award a blueprint as a first time reward.
  8. In case anyone is still unsure if they have time to plat this game and get both stacks, you still can. I had the plat on ps5 at the start of the month and bought a ps4 copy off eBay, and played it for 2.5 hours to grind out some oils and had the ps4 plat done. You don’t really need to prep for the other stack that much.
  9. Since there is no guide for this game yet on the site, how long would it take to platinum the game?
  10. I started and platinumed the PS4 version today and I didn't get any error messages. Maybe it was because I already had played on PS5 and had an account to sign into...
  11. so you would enjoy it I started the game the other day and the grind from 90 to 210 is gonna be boring!
  12. I felt the pace of stuff on the islands was pretty good!
  13. yes, this is all true.
  14. giving a 2022 update: Still in the store!
  15. yep just had it crashed and corrupted. at least i had a backup, but thats a lot of time lost and I don't particularly want to get those S ranks and red rings again. Will come back after it's patched I guess. Sega and their deadlines...