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  1. Yeeeah, my PS4 is the first original one. I had thought that might be part of the problem, but still, if the game doesn't perform well and acceptably on both the PS4 and PS4 Pro push back the release date. At least that's what I think.
  2. Really?! 😀 Niice, I am very happy to hear that. 😄
  3. Yeah, it's a pain. Let's hope the nuke comes soon. Subnautica deserved a better start on PS4.
  4. Agreed... I would rather wait a few more months to have a painless and joyful experience than this.
  5. First, let me just say this: I love Subnautica, it's one of my favorite games of all time, I have spent many hours playing it on Steam. I was super eager and excited to play it on PS4. But as things are now, I would almost not recommend playing this on PS4. It's very buggy, sometimes laggy and constantly crashing. The worst part, it often crashed when I was saving... so many hours of gameplay got lost that way. Thankfully didn't that make the save file corrupted, but it made me nervous each time I wanted to save. As of 2018, I would wait with playing this game on PS4, as the whole thing was more a frustrated experience than anything else. I had times when I fell through the world or got stuck in a wall. Had to destroy my first Prawn Suit since it got stuck in a Giant Coral Tube when falling down from the Moonpool. Forcefields I had removed suddenly came back after my game crashed. Just... so much frustration. I hope they will fix everything in time.
  6. When it comes to the mixer method, there is a challenge getting things to sit just right. I didn't get it right the first time around either. But I experimented with different ways of taping them, so I used a looot, just a looooot, of duck tape. Once I found the golden placement did I use one whole day with the mixer on, and then I mean the whole day, from early in the morning to late evening. And in that one day I went from 750,994 to 903,478. (yes, I kept a written diary of my progress) I will say it was worth it, even if the noise was insane. I was lucky enough to be able to close the door on it, and have a headset on, listening to music or watch a movie, but having that constant droning in the background was maddening. I wish anyone still working towards this trophy good luck, and if anyone wants a more detailed explanation on how I taped my mixer just ask and I will do my best to explain. Stay strong my fellow trophy hunters!
  7. Oh I know the feeling. I did a lot of my strums manually too. But I spend a whole weekend with the mixer. The only downside with that one is the nooooise. The one thing I can say about it all though is that duct tape is amazing (and your friend!). I duck taped my guitar to the floor and wall, and made sure the mixer sat comfortably on the guitar, and was also stuck to the wall. I highly recommend taking some duck tape on the strummer thingy itself, as it can get very damaged by the mixer. I remember lots of trial and error before I found the perfect place for the mixer and all, so keep that in mind. I left my PS4, TV, guitar and mixer in an other room, to escape the noise and just let it work. But be sure to go and check on it from time to time, as you never know if your game has crashed or not. Always have your save file backuped in the cloud or in a memory stick. When it comes to the saw method... I don't know, but if you have one, it should do the work just as well as a mixer.
  8. I got it!!! 😍 I finally got it!!! Wooooho!!!! 😂
  9. Hey, I just want to rant a bit about this Trophy. I found out really late that the service was going down. I had no plans on playing this game for a while yet, but one day I suddenly had a feeling I should check, as I had for a while been afraid they were gonna end it all at some point. And thank goodness I did!! I saw the message scroll across the screen, closes at 1st December! Aah! I saw that at the beginning of October. The worst part... I was only on 193,325 strums... I had lost my progress when my game save got corrupted. So I almost panic. But, with the help of math, planning, long days, lots of determination (and my save progress safely in the cloud), have I arrived at 883,955, I am so close. I have so far a total of 1,404 trophies, some has been hard and challenging, but none has been as painful and horrible as this one!! I can't wait to finish 'Pointdexter' and 'Strumillionaire'. I might not get my platinum on this game right away, as 'Ooooh, You Fancy' is standing in my way... oh well, I will get it at some point! I will stay strooong!!