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  1. So they turned it off again. Damn, just missed it.
  2. I did it in Portal mode using this guy's video: It was a little glitchy, but I eventually got it.
  3. Do we know if they'll allow us to get T1 mastery badges against bots in the future? I planned to go for it with one of the tanks, but 2400 kills/assists is still a huge ask.
  4. So people are not allowed to ask if a game has auto pop on the day of release, okay. You heard it here first folks.
  5. I'm pretty sure it isn't. If it is, then it has been silently added.
  6. So is it possible to get all trophies without a VR headset?
  7. I only had issues with the Treasure Hunter trophy. Everything else (in the base game) worked perfectly (PS5 version). I haven't played the expansions yet though.
  8. The fact that the remasters are coming to mobile that much later, tells me they might be good enough that they need a decent amount of time to downgrade them and get them to run properly on mobile.
  9. It's 2 days though.
  10. There are no plans for a physical PS5 release.
  11. Just letting you know that the Treasure Hunter trophy is glitched for me on the PS5 version of the game. They apparently never fixed this. I don't know what exactly I did, but during my post-game clean up I noticed I didn't get this trophy. I didn't get all of the mission challenges at the time, but now I can't complete the Keeping Cool challenge (freeze 10 enemies with the ice grenade) even though I did complete this challenge the first time I played this level. It just doesn't register no matter which enemy I freeze. I've completed everything else in the level and even finished the level itself, but nothing helps. I'm going to play this level again in the Extra Life mode, so we'll see if doing everything in a different save slot will work. Edit: playing it in Extra Life mode in a new save file and fully completing the mission popped the trophy for me.
  12. You have to upload the save file in the PS4 game itself, so yes you'll also need the PS4 version.
  13. Well that's annoying. I assumed it would be splitscreen as well as online. Online only is going to make this a pain.
  14. Yes, the native PS5 version of the Director's Cut will have a separate trophy list.
  15. No need to do a full playthrough, you can do the upgrades with the infinite material glitch in like a minute and the craft 100 ammunition with reload checkpoint in a couple of minutes.