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  1. Idk I think the story of both games is pretty dope. The direction the story goes in Forbidden West is fascinating and totally unexpected after Zero Dawn. However, the characters are so insanely boring and uninteresting. Especially Aloy. I couldn't care less about a certain big character's death in FW for that exact reason.
  2. Yep these trophies are very bugged. I got clean exit on my 4th successful attempt and 25 extractions trophy on my 29th extraction iirc. I also know someone who needed something like 32 extractions just like RIEKZIE.
  3. The current fastest money grind is with the Alpine A220 Race Car 1968 on Tokyo Expressway, so make sure y'all grab it if you haven't already! There's a very specific tune to bring it below 600pp, look it up on Youtube.
  4. Started this game the other day, it's my first Tales of game. The constant yelling during combat is just ridiculous. Especially once you have 4 people in your party. I can't hear the battle music over their yelling! I tried lowering voice volume, but then I couldn't hear the characters over the music during cutscenes, so that's not an option. All of this tells me they don't want you to hear the battle music, which is such a shame because I like Motoi Sakuraba's work. I'm currently at 80% music volume, 70% sound effects and voices. It's not much better than the default (80% everything), but at least it slightly mitigates my main issue with the game.
  5. Btw for 7-11 you can do both challenges in two separate attempts and it will still count for the key. So in attempt 1 you can do 30 targets with drift and attempt 2 you can do 30 targets with wisps and you'll get the key. This also works for some of the other keys where you need to do 2 things. But I don't remember exactly which ones. Pretty sure for the races with 2 things such as grand prix where you have to get a certain number of rings and have someone in your team win every race, you do actually have to do that all in one attempt.
  6. Thanks, couldn't have said it better myself.
  7. It's your average Yakuza platinum. If you've platinumed one of these, you can platinum all of them. If it's your first, good luck!
  8. We want you to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. So instead of selling a car to get some fake money, we want you to spend your real money on your digital cars.
  9. Won't be in effect until August
  10. They've been working on Factions 2 for the past two years. You bet your ass they will combine that with the remake.
  11. Got a 4 star voucher today and it gave me the highest money prize. 10 gold bars, or 1 million credits.
  12. Still works the same way as ever (apart from those three car setting changes). The penalties are normal. You get 5 seconds every time you hit a wall. Hitting other cars is fine.
  13. Please have a look at the following: Video is a little outdated, you need to change the settings compared to the video: ECU - Change 70 to 90 Ballast - increase this to 3kg Power restrictor- change 70 to 90
  14. Difficult: get gold on all circuit experiences for something like 40-50 million credits iirc. Easy: get the Tomahawk X to below 600pp using the infamous glitch and do the Tokyo Expressway race of 550000 credits for 3 million credits per hour.
  15. I think it's safe to expect the Ford tomorrow. Prepare your wallets!