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  1. No thanks, imo there are too many problems with PS Now for it to be an attractive option. It has a rather weak line-up and the good games are only on it for a few months.
  2. Ugh, two online shooters, no thanks. I would trade Call of Duty WWII, Battlefront 2, Cities Skylines and Farming Simulator for Spiderman alone.
  3. It's 11.17 GB according to the Playstation Store.
  4. Yeah in the EU store usually the only Vita games which go on sale are the PS4/Vita cross-buy games. Other than that, I haven't really seen anything go on sale for Vita.
  5. If you're playing the games for the story, you have to play all of them because Yakuza 6's story is much better if you know what happens prior to it. Yakuza 3 has the orphanage stuff, which is a big deal for Kiryu as a character. Yakuza 4 introduces Akiyama and Saejima, who are pretty important characters. Yakuza 5 is literally the prequel to Yakuza 6. You'll miss out on too much if you play 6 before 5. Also, imo Yakuza 3's platinum isn't all that hard. It's Yakuza 5 you should be FAR more worried about. That game is way too bloated and will be the true test to your patience. It's up there with Yakuza 0 for me as the hardest Yakuza platinums.
  6. Nice, looks like the team was on top of the issue straight away. Good stuff!
  7. So for physical owners, this bug can be bypassed, but only if you play the game from the beginning without installing patch 1.02. A save game with patch 1.02 installed isn't compatible with version 1.00, so you can't delete the game and reinstall without patches to continue your 1.02 save. You'll have to wait for a fix or restart the game from the beginning without installing patches. For physical owners who are starting the game for the first time, STICK TO VERSION 1.00 OR 1.01. Don't patch it to 1.02. Currently this is the only way to get the platinum.
  8. GTA IV. I don't mind grindy trophies, but that online grind is too much even for me. I also tried going for the Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic trophy, but it glitched on me multiple times, so I eventually just gave up. Not worth it.
  9. This method is legit! Thanks for sharing. Gotta have the RNG gods on your side, but sometimes you get a bunch of medals in a row.
  10. Did you try to reinstall the game without patches and see if it still happens? Physical owners can at least remove patches in that sense, whereas digital owners are stuck with this broken patch now.
  11. I guess for the physical owners it won't be an issue, but definitely a big problem for digital owners. Platinum is unobtainable until they fix this.
  12. Yeah brutal is already plenty difficult with cheats activated. I don't want to go through that hell without cheats. I can also confirm this trick works with patch 1.02 installed.
  13. The only reason for me to look at discards is so that I can see if it's still possible to build a certain hand. So in the case of Seven Pairs, if for example I have five pairs already and need to make a decision on which potential pair to give up on, I check which single tiles I have left and how many times these tiles have been discarded by the others. If I have a single tile of 1, 4 and 8 for example, if the 1 has been discarded twice, the 4 once and the 8 once as well, I'll discard the 1 because there's a smaller chance that I'm getting another 1 to make a pair.
  14. Yeah this chapter sucks on brutal. Fortunately, the checkpoints are forgiving enough. I must have died at least 20 times during this section, which sounds pretty bad in comparison to the rest of the game, but I just platinumed Nioh 2, so 20 deaths don't even feel like that many 😅
  15. For those who aren't in the know, earlier this week Sony announced that they would throttle Europe's internet speed on all Playstation platforms to decrease bandwidth usage. Sucks for me because I live in Europe. I do a decent amount of remote play on Vita, but that's now impossible because the stream is extremely choppy. Since yesterday evening, I also noticed that this seems to be affecting Nioh 2's performance. Due to lower internet speeds, the game struggles to communicate other players' red and blue graves. When it finally manages to place all of the graves in the level, the game gets quite choppy for a second. Nothing crazy, but certainly distracting. Can anyone else confirm this? If this is actually a common thing among players, it might be a good idea to play the game offline for the time being.