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  1. I would rather they just lower the amount of XP required for level 100 to something more reasonable. Current level 80 should be level 100 imo.
  2. I've done all of the challenges except for about half of the pro skater challenges. Those don't give all that much XP to begin with. I'm level 79 right now. I think I'll be done with all of the challenges except for most of those ultra difficult hidden high scores at level 80-81.
  3. For me it's: 1. Speed 2. Ollie 3. Air 4. Switch 5. Spin 6. Flip speed 7. Hangtime 8. Manual 9. Grind 10. Lip
  4. Surely they'll add new challenges for a lot of XP soon? I won't believe it's intentional that level 100 requires 100+ hours or whatever of mindless grinding.
  5. No, but you can use the remote play app on your phone as a second controller. There are some trophies which are easier if you play split screen. If you're going for the platinum, I would be far more concerned about the humongous grind to level 100.
  6. Dude I've been wondering the same thing! I really miss this feature from THUG iirc. Maybe one of those QoL improvements they'll add at a later date.
  7. Save files from the latest version of the game are not compatible with earlier versions of the game. So you would have to start over if you want to grind with extremely short runs.
  8. Did you make sure to play in classic mode or whatever it's called? The one with the 2 minutes timer on top? You can't get stat points in free skate for example.
  9. One of the other tasks is to do 10000 tricks of a specific kind (flip, grab, etc.). I don't remember the other two, but those were far easier and faster to do. You'll probably get those 10000 tricks during the colossal grind to level 100, so yeah technically you don't have to do 100 multiplayer matches.
  10. Yeah I can definitely confirm there's not even a hidden skill rating system in Competitive. I played about 5 hours of Competitive today and still won a huge number of times. For sure there are better players in Competitive than Jams, but still the game doesn't match me with players who are on my skill level. So there's really no difference between Competitive and Jams right now other than that beginners seem to be more active in Jams while more experienced players are active in Competitive. I'm at 80 something wins in Competitive right now. Once I get 200, I'll have to come back to Jams to get those 160 wins I haven't gotten yet. Sorry in advance 😅
  11. The Jams wins challenge is actually broken. It says you have to be top 4 to win, but the challenge only counts 1st place wins. That's why I specified those were 40 1st places.
  12. I can confirm the competitive side of things has way better players than jams. Don't know if that's because of a hidden skill rating system or if more better players just play the competitive mode.
  13. Yeah if this is a 100+ hours grind, I'm not even going to bother. It's GTA IV all over again. They'd better figure something out to make it less egregious.
  14. 22.6 million in Burnside. Nah bro, I'm out 😂 I wonder if you get XP for these secret challenges.
  15. I don't know if we were actually playing together. I could just recognize myself in your post because I was definitely that guy getting 2-3 million combos while the rest struggled to even get 1 million 😅
  16. The Jams challenges are definitely not working as intended. My wins only counted when I actually got 1st, despite the description saying that the top 4 wins.
  17. I'm sorry for totally destroying you with my 2-3 million combos 😅 But yeah, I agree. I just played around two hours of online and got 40 wins in Jams out of it. That's 40 1st places. The competition is not there. Maybe there's a skill balance system in the competitive mode?
  18. There's no reset button, but you can play the classic goals again through the speed run mode.
  19. There are also other levels with secret rooms and stat points hidden in them. School II's gym and Marseille's underground skate area come to mind.
  20. You can use your phone as a second controller through remote play.
  21. Also if you don't have a second controller, you can use remote play on your phone as your second controller.
  22. You'll be able to play the PS4 version of Cyberpunk on PS5 from day one. PS5 upgraded version won't be out until Q1 2021 at the earliest.
  23. 1. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart - been a fan since the demo of the first game in 2002 2. Demon's Souls - never played the original, but I've been a huge fan of Souls-likes since 2017 3. Kena Bridge of Spirits - loving the vibe of this game. Reminds me a lot of Okami, which is my favorite game of all time 4. Horizon Forbidden West - as someone who is from the Netherlands, I kinda HAVE TO buy this game The first game was really good too. 5. Gran Turismo 7 - I've played GT3 to GT6, skipped GT Sport because of the focus on online. With GT7 going back to its offline roots, it's time for me to jump back in. Bonus entry: all of the PS4 games I haven't gotten around to. Gonna be great to play games like Doom Eternal, The Witcher 3 and Nioh 2 (DLC specifically) with more stable framerate, shorter loading times and no jet engine noise from my PS4 Pro.
  24. Pool in Yakuza 5 is quite easy compared to other games. You only have to beat Advanced AI. It's far less time consuming because in other games you have to beat it on all difficulties, including Expert.
  25. Platinumed it last month, had no bugged trophies. I got all of the trophies except the Endurance co-op trophies because I couldn't be bothered anymore with that game mode.