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  1. @Simple Rick Guess I can't say an opinion. That's why I object for the Switch having it. I know Wii has it. What's the point of the Switch then? But I will leave it as that then.
  2. What would you consider playstation exclusive? I have played Samurai Warriors 4 which is one PS3 and Vita?
  3. Ni-Oh is also on Steam as well. So it isn't *exclusive* to say
  4. Well, that is your choice not owning one, doesn't mean that everything should just be *placed* on the Switch just because. Um no, just because Pokemon won't release one 3DS doesn't mean it will be obsolete. That's just an opinion. Just because it has better resolution doesn't mean anything. If people perfer what they want that is all. Doesn't matter if it "can" play on the T.V. We had the 3DS for almost 7 years and still has new games releasing on it. It isn't going to die that quick. That also doesn't make since about "playing on tv" what the hell is the Wii and Wii U? You have the option to play on gamepad for Wii U but you *don't* have to and same for the Wii.
  5. Honestly I do not mind the VC on Switch but I want to see more or new games on Switch. It would be interesting to see how many new games to be offered on the console before reselling the classics again. BUT if they release N64 VC or Gamecube I am fine with it. Not Nes or SNES as we have that one 3DS..... I don't know just saying an opinion.......
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn Bloodborne (forgot about this one xD) I guess that's the only 2 *PS4 Exclusives* I played so far
  7. The Alienist By Caleb Carr The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
  8. Dragonball Fighterz Collector's Edition for my boyfriend's birthday even though it isnt till this week lol.
  9. 1) Assassin Creed: Syndicate 2) Dragon Quest Heroes 3) Far Cry Primal 4) J-Star Victory Vs+ 5) Arslan The Warriors of Legend 6) Samurai Warriors 4 7) Samurai Warriors 4-ll 8) Samurai Warriors 4: Empires 9) Fallout 4 10) Root Letter 9 PS4 Games and 1 Playstation Vita
  10. To me, if you use a guide to specifically *play* a game from beginning to end, you didn't really play it. Bottom line. You have to play the game yourself to feel the experience. Reading it isn't going to provide it. I understand if you use it if your stuck or missing something. But for solely using it to *play* a game is a no-no from me.
  11. @RizzleAbbey12 Yes I am. I do not know if I seen a lot but I have seen a looot lol @MosesRockefeller Oh that's fine. I love Nirvana more than the other groups lol. I have one of the Funko Pops of Kurt Cobain xD. The one with the Black Leather Jacket hahahah
  12. lol I love music from the 80's I like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Candle Box and Alice N' Chains lol. I love Nevermind only because that's the first time I heard of Kurt Cobain and fell in love lol @Super-Fly Spider-Guy I am 26 for the record and turning 27 in two months lol
  13. Hahah Kurt Cobain is everything to me lol. I love the grunge era . It was this phone model NEXTEL I860 can't paste a photo on mobile sadly.
  14. Then I am not what is described lol. I am born in the early nineties but do not do anything that was mentioned lol. Didn't have a real phone till I was 19(paid it myself) and do not want to mention other stuff What I mean buy real phone I was given a walkie talkie sprint phone from my uncle while I was in high school and after awhile in college I bought myself one with the refund check.
  15. Wtf the heck are "Millennial"?