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  1. That game is awesome :). I actually loved it and cannot wait for their new one if they make one I wish they brought over the Sherlock Holmes one T.T
  2. Finally after a pain staking 2 hours.... maybe? Lego Worlds for Nintendo Switch
  3. Buying Online during Black Friday week or days is so freaking terrible

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    2. Sir_Bee


      That sucks :(.  Well I hope you are still able to get what you want.

    3. Shiny Suicune

      Shiny Suicune

      @Sir_Bee Strangely. It works now. I guess everybody was just doing it at the same time causing it to malfuntion. Yes I was able to get to Switch games. :)

    4. Scyther


      People were hitting the websites hard. Lol. Target and Amazon were fine, though. That's where I ended up ordering my stuff from. But yeah, I had been reading some of the horror stories of how bad they were working on CAG.

  4. I got Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch ♡♡
  5. I followed the instructions on the Pokemon Version and I was lost xD. I have to go back to it. I tried a couple times since downloading it and maaann I was terrible T.T. Thank for the tip. I will paste it in my note for reference
  6. Also btw they are all retail except the regular Snipperclips o.o. Yea....I am not anytime soon going digital I honestly haven't played a gamestyle like Thimbleweed Park so I might try it. Yea Golf Story looks interesting and Stardew Valley as well :). Always open to different games. ALSO HOW DO YOU GUYS PLAY THAT PICROSS? I get so lost in that T.T(I don't own on on the Switch only in 3DS) On my 3DS I have a pokemon version and still I am terrible
  7. Lmao me too. For one game in the series. Possibly Dynasty Warriors 4 Samurai Warriors 2 Pokemon Yellow or Pearl? I am not sure
  8. Wow I can't believe the many games I have. Snipperclips Snipperclips Plus Super Mario Odyssey Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom L.A Noire Monopoly for Nintendo Switch Lego City Undercover Splatoon 2(For my sister) Super Bomberman R Fire Emblem Warriors Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I possibly will get Stardew Valley Golf Story Wonder Boy Mayyyyyyybe Pokken Tournament DX Thimbleweed Park The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Lego Worlds Dragon Quest Builders Dragon Quest Builders 2 Project Octopath Traveler(Current name) Ahhhh so many games
  9. If I could mention the Warriors Series. That's about 15 years of playtime along with Pokemon being about 19 years.
  10. I bought yesterday Bravely Second: End Layer
  11. lmao I got both of them Even the regular versions
  12. I wonder what my list means. I have a few games that might be considered grindy lol So yea I don't follow this logic. I play what I want. Hell I still don't have the Murdered Soul Suspect plat. Does that mean I didn't beat the story?
  13. Lego City Undercover for Nintendo Switch Fire Emblem Awakening Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Aloy Funko Pop
  14. Final Fantasy XV