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  1. Goes based on your opinion. The game is fantastic. I cannot wait for Ni-Oh 2. Yet to beat the DLC lol. If you like the gameplay then go for it.
  2. I might not get none of them, but will way down the line lol. Only one that looks relatively interesting to me is Days Gone but barely. Whoever wants all 4 games good luck to you
  3. Best Conference 1) Limited Run Games 2) Mircosoft 3)Sony(Remove TLOU could've been better) Worst Conference? 1) Square Enix Square was the only one that was bad. Onmy because it was literally trailers nothing else. The other ones were good. What the hell is Devolver Digital? I think I missed that one or didn't just didn't noticed
  4. Wait I have a question. I noticed a lot of people mentioning "Team Accounts". What makes it look like that? Reason why I ask is because My boyfriend and I use my SyumiSan account but he doesn't play very often and I always switch with consoles(I have a lot lol). You cam clearly see on my psn account we haven't played Playstation in awhile so I figured is that cheating?


    I mean I told him, what's the since of making your own account if you barely play games just use mine.

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    2. dmland12


      Oh, ha.  I just misread your previous post.  😳


      My bad.

    3. Teslacron_Prime


      You have absolutely nothing to worry about Shiny Suicune. Enjoy your time on Playstation when you get the chance, and same goes to whoever uses this account as well. My kid and wife have their own accounts but still hop on this one at times for LittleBigPlanet and Skylanders co-op fun times. No worries.

      Squirl and dmland pretty much nailed it though, in regards to the teams trying to break ground quickly on world leaderboards or people who breeze through events. 

    4. Shiny Suicune

      Shiny Suicune

      Thank you guys! I was just worried because I know my boyfriend and I use it rarely :)


      I love the responses and thanks again. I can see why people do not like "Team Accounts" but hey, people play how they like right? :) 

  5. I'm adding more for PS4 Devil May Cry 5 Jump Force Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Cyberpunk 2077 Kingdom Hearts 3
  6. Ironic you say garbage games lol Yet I believe, also others as well, The Last Of Us is garbage and you jump down their throat You are one strange person. Get off your high horse and stop with your arrogant attitude, makes the gaming community look bad lol Btw I have been playing games for 25 years but hey that doesn't matter now does it lol
  7. I just want my Leon Scott Kennedy back in my life 😍
  8. It's funny that you can say whatever you want but get all ass-hurt when someone doesn't agree that the Last Of Us is boring lol. Not knowing Dragon Quest yet been around probably longer than you been alive goes to show you don't look out side your bubble Learn other games, they are there for a reason
  9. Lol Funny no one noticed I mentioned Yet we got SUPER MARIO PARTY LOL. Guess I was right? lol
  10. Um nope I am not. I actually played the Last Of Us Remastered for PS4 when I got my console. Didn't like it at all. So yup there is my opinion. The second game doesn't look that appealing either. "Saying Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay is better tham Last Of Us 2 is silly imo" Is an opinion lol. Anyone can say whatever they want xD. Just cause you personally do not like JRPG's doesn't mean it sucks Likewise if you are only into "Japanese games" can't say Western games suck. That's literally the beauty of opinions lol. I play anything therefore I can say anything If I do not like the game then I do not. I have many different tastes hence why genres exist. Enjoy
  11. Mam I waited for someone else to say it. When I was at the Playstation Experience people were crazy at Last Of Us 2. I literally was sitting there like "How can this game be fun? It looooooks so boooooring. What people only care about how it looks and not gameplay? The hell is wrong with people" I actually tried the first one. Didn't get a trophy thank god. Said it was whack and deleted it lol. Never touched it again
  12. Already pre-ordered lol I see Samurai, I will order hahah
  13. PS4 Resident Evil 2 Remake Ghosts of Tsushima Cyberpunk 2077 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Devil May Cry 5 Kingdom Hearts 3 Ni-oh 2 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Fallout 76 Twin Mirror Jump Force We Happy Few Dying Light 2 Marvel's Spider-Man Nintendo Switch Super Mario Party Smash Brothers Ultimate Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Starlink: Battle For Atlas Yooka-Laylee Oceanhorn Cosmic Star Heroine Golf Story Layers Of Fear Dust: An Elysian Tale Playstation Vita Salt and Sanctuary Spleunky The House of Fata Morgana Of course all of these are going to be physical copies
  14. Sorry for bad news but I read that the Vita version will be Digital Only. I am trying to copy the tweet posting as proof but yeah go ahead and buy the Japanese versions!
  15. Yeah, a guide is supposed to be there to help the player not tell them all the asnwers and be like "Here now tou can has shiny platinum" But by the way how was the game? Oh right, you used a guide, you didn't play it for yourself. That's how I feel. If you have to wait for a guide to just play a game, then literally just don't. What's the purpose of gaming if you are already looking at the answer?