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  1. Damn guys talking about dentist I had two appointments this week. Sadly I have advanced periodontal disease and boy that's no joke. After all the cleaning I need done, which will be Tuesday hopefully, I need to get extractions. I am 27 and damn that's a lot of work. So I do not know yet. My boyfriend had all 4 of his removed a few years ago and he had no problems afterward. I guess it's based person to person? It was strange for him to act normal the very next day man. It was really weird
  2. I have both so I have no idea how to answer lol Vita because its Vita Switch because it's Nintendo! It's true, its for however you feel!
  3. Yup
  4. Seriously I would buy that day one To answer the question...ummm A surprise would be from Koei Tecmo honestly. Maybe a Gust game? Bandai Namco? Rock*? But my honest guess would be Knack 3 A new Killzone game
  5. Killzone: Mercenary because it came with my Vita when we bought it off the person. My first actual bought game was Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete Edition lol or was it Dynasty Warriors Next? xD. Anywho Dynasty Warriors was the reason for be buying the Console
  6. Hmm when did I become a Playstation fan? That's rather a hard question because I love all consoles. Personally I started with the Nintendo Nes, as my parents tell me, and my actual first memory playing is either Sega Genesis or Nintendo 64. As time went on I eventually got the first Playstation console and played a bunch of "exclusives", if you will, and was in love like I was with the other consoles. I guess I like Playstation more as I grew up because of Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto 3, Okami, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors to name a few games and franchises. I even also had Xbox and Dreamcast and basically everything. See, now you see why this is a difficult question. I play every kind of console I have and do not really have a favorite. I love everything equal. So the easiest way I can answer this is since day one I loved Playstation like I do every other console. Nintendo Microsoft Playstation Sega All awesome in their own right. I would love to read other people's answers as well.
  7. I probably would do Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors or Warriors Orochi. The outfits the characters have are just amazing
  8. I had to lol
  10. This posting is old but I just wanted to put my opinion in this. Dynasty Warriors isn't a franchise for everyone. Yes it has heebs of mobs to kill and top officers to fight and the end boss just like any other game. What makes Dynasty Warriors differenr might be because of the gameplay. The Musou-way. Eventually that style passed it self to other brands and became games themselves. But the most important question, is Dynasty Warriors 9 as bad as people claim? My answer is no. It isn't. Every game as their flaw just as someone above posted but doesn't mean the game is terrible as everyone perceives. Take in point other open-world games Horizon Zero Dawn, my example, you go around while stealth to destroy robots and plant traps. You find random villages with people to buy supples and ect. In retrospect Horizon Zero Dawn and Dynasty Warriors 9 isn't so different. What makes them apart is their narrative. You have to understand Dynasty Warriors 9 is from a period where there wasn't much people in the country, Same respect to Horizon Zero Dawn, so what is with the "lack of people"? Also what sets them apart it what gameplay functions a game has. Now Dynasty Warriors franchise has had Vs. Mode within its series but unbeknownst to me they removed it. See how I am a long time fan, but that doesn't deter the reasoning for my opinion. Dynasty Warriors 8 wasn't really all that great either but each their own opinion. For one that killed it for me is when I was playing with my boyfriend in 2-player mode and yet his duplicate character had no effect on the game unlike before. You picked a character that belonged in the stage, he was a focus, not just a duplicate and still have to save later. The was a No-No for me. Everything else I can understand. What I also didn't like since Dynasty Warriors 7 is the fact you "buy" your weapons rather than unlocking them originally. Same in 9, you have to gather resources then buy scroll then buy weapon. It loses it vaule quickly buy just farming the highest quality weapon doesn't it? Lastly, Just because you are a "hater" of the series, you never played it, a long time fan ect... It doesn't change the point that someone can not like the game or like the game. For me the game is absolutely brilliant. I love the gameplay, I love the open world, I love the stories, I literally love everything about it. Ironically, I do not feel the same for Dynasty Warriors 7 or 8. I absolutely loved 9. Just hope everyone tries the game before knocking it down.
  11. No, no it is okay. Just enjoy the game haha Tsao Tsao ends early cause he dies around 220 when the real Three Kingdoms begin like Xiahou Dun. Just enjoy the game
  12. The game ends when the character either dies or they do not know what happened to them. To get the rest you have to pick a character that lasts through that time. Or pick a later character. Example. Sun Jian ends at chapter 2 doesn't go further If you pick Ding Feng, he will last pretty long because he is alive during the later chapters.
  13. I literally just pre-ordered Super Smash Bros Ultimate and The Liar Princes and The Blind Price Limited Edition off Nis America store. Man...... Still more games to come
  14. Heehee, I just placed a order for Severed
  15. So you meant in-person purchase vs shipping? Now that is different. We have Target, Walmart, Bestbuy and other stores thag supply physical in-store releases with and without discounts. Sooo I still do not understand why your saying Gamestop is the only one like it. Besides you have other stores that has physical releases as well. The list goes on and on Point is, Gamestop *isn't* the only physical in-store purchase. If your counting on *pre-owned*? There are stores that still do that.