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  1. Bought Resident Evil Code Veronica X Corpse Party Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows Funny, I bought Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Then realized needed the other games and they go on sale lmao My luck huh?
  2. Come on that is so clever mewww! 🙀
  3. I wonder how many people actually bought a game off another psnprofile member unanimously? That would be cool lol
  4. I do not sell my games BUT I do see a lot on Ebay and Amazon. I also shop at Walmart, Gamestop, Bestbuy and anywhere I can find a game basically for a decent price
  5. Newest additions to the lovely Vita-Chan ♡♡♡♡♡ She is a beauty I am trying to get ALL physical copies if I can :). Only digital game I have unfortunately is Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3.
  6. Resident Evil Im just lazy
  7. Heehee reputation is 1234 :P

  8. I forgot to post I game I received at release day lol
  9. Hahahah Neither do I
  10. Just got back from picking this up. It's my boyfriends game
  11. Just came in a little while ago
  12. I always felt that about Sun Xiang Shang honestly. Sun Jian is just the man though Zhou Yu look is ugh....why? Why make them pretty but not great storylines? I mean damn... Isn't Sha Moke the one that killed Gan Ning? Ughhh I hate that lol. But it is true... that name is so cool. Also when the hell is Liao Hua? I want him or Gongsun San? Seriously lol. Yes Xu Zhu is his name. I know right? He is really really slow and I wondered why Everytime I use him I use the Red Hare cause he is slooooooowwwwww at his movement. Brotha whyyyyy???? Gan Ning Ling Tong is just the best. Seriously. I love them together and when Lu Meng gets in the middle sometimes is funny lol. Guan Yingping, Guan Suo and Guan Xing, why are they playable? Where un the hell did Guan Yingping came from? I know Shu needs female characters but damn that was just random like Wang Yi. Yea right? Jiang Wei and Lu Xun would be interesting since Lu Xun pratically learned from Zhou Yu, Lu Su, Lu Meng and few other strategists man. Lol Zhang He.....will always be funny in everything :). That whole skit was funny lol
  13. I bet you must be excited after mentioing you hate the fact replaying VLR for a 3rd time Some of my games came in. They came in generic cases so I will just mention. Assassin Creed 3 Liberation Deception IV: Blood Ties Toukiden: Age of Demons
  14. Yes that Bromance with Sun Ce and Zhou Yu would be fun. At times I just think they have a thing for each other But hey could be just *real* good friends :P. Sun Ce and Sun Jian were the Bros. I loved them so much I wish there was more of them. Dynasty Warriors: Spirit of the Tiger Family would be so dope as a game. Definitely getting that :P. You may notice I is a Wu person Yes Xing Cai seemed so regular. I was like omg a Nu Wa character? I haven't had one since DW3 YAY but guess what, they mashed her with Liu Shan and Guan Ping for a quick boring story yet Guan Ping had more then her slightly. Bro that's true, who in the living heck is Guan Xing and Guan Suo? lol I seen Guan Suo as a NPC but....why is he playable? Ling Tong and Guan Suo remind me of Bruce Lee Xu Shu is beautiful. Jiang Wei needs a better story. All you see, he gets approached by Zhuge... then defects. Then Zhuge Dies and Jiang Wei trying to finish what Zhuge started. Where is his personality at? He seems like a mere copy ever joining Shu. Lol I particularly don't like Lu Xun but would be interesting to see him and his wife Lol especially when he was bothering Xiahou Yuan in DW6? Lol It was funny. I also like That he didn't give a hell for what people thought of his *beautifulness* Heehee we need more people like him