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  1. So...its okay to follow a channel that made you subcribe, for example playing L.A Noire, Uncharted etc then all of a sudden just became a person of ranting rather than playing? Nah son, I am leaving. I do not have many games with different lists. Maybe Rainbow Moon? I bought it for PS4 digital cause LRG was long gone choice. Then Playasia was releasing it themselves and I got the Vita versions. It wasn't about the different regions, it was I wanted a physical for Vita and couldn't get it at the time. Its okay if you have the first one. I haven't played HITMAN in years so that's fine by me. You do realize people buy a game based on having plat or not? I get this site but why? Sonic Mania had a frenzy cause of this. Sonic is great, you do not need a plat image icon to prove it is is what I am saying.
  2. I get that. But is it honestly fair if they weren't doing that before and all of a sudde dedicate to that? Then who made then popular? Nice assumption about me with the platinum trophy. I have it on cause I do and why not? I was only mentioning if not having the trophy is the reason why you won't buy, that's stupid. Next, a platinum trophy shouldn't dictate how "fun" something should be. The fun in obtaining it can be but not the actual game itself is what I am referring to, thank you
  3. There is so much toxicity going on just because a game doesn't have a platinum, or someone isn't a superfan based on "trophylists" yet forgetting PS2 and 1 didn't have them and lastly how many games said person played total. Can't people just buy whatever game they wish? Just because it doesn't have/have platinum isn't your right to bash someone for how they send money BUT not having a platinum is sad. I only played ONE hitman game for PS2, do not remember the name, but that isn't a reason to come at someone for saying their opinion about a game if they wish to buy still or not. I haven't personally bought Hitman since then so I have no opinion in that regard. Lastly, if someone did play their games of course they have opinions of said game. Leave them. Why does it bother YOU that much? Also, if it is a concern to you why didn't you try to make a change? Threads like these make me sick because evidently the reason this all starts because it doesn't have a stupid "Platinum trophy". Be honest, does it matter? I can only wish if Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn or even fucking My Name Is Mayo didn't have that internet stupid icon lol
  4. lol Damn the disrespect I see just cause a person got their refund for a game that other people are hoping for a finished release. Some people have faith in companies regardless what they say, others do not based on past experiences. Honestly if Koei Tecmo ever have released a game I will still support them regardless. Afterwhile I do not see progress, I will put my foot down and try to get my money back as well regardless my faith for not.
  5. I have been taking my time with Hunting majority of the time lol. Mastering the perfect pelts for some animals and ao what if you have all minigames? Sometimes you will find it randomly just roaming I enjoy the game too much lol. So much fun
  6. I loved it from the opening sequence. That first game was fantastic, won't find evidence because I played on 360, and my mother also loves the story. My mother doesn't play much games but she is hooked to this because of the first one. Yes, I can say the first part feels like a tutorial because you learning how to switch weapons, kill animals, skin, loot dead people, searching, dead eye funtion, lassoing and hogtie etc... Give it a chance.
  7. LOL. Another memory of that. I remember having about 4 stars and I was the FIB and walked right by them they didn't do shit lol. So funny man
  8. @NekoRave I get that. I have friends that never beat Legendary missions and I try my best to help out. If your just not doing anything it is a no-no. I used cheat codes before but the ones that doesn't break the game. For example, one of my favorite cheat codes is the one you change to an in-game character model on GTA 3 lol. I alwaya changed to a FIB to cause havic to get 5 starts with Grenade launchers in front of the precinct lol. Fun times
  9. @NekoRave I know how ya feel. When I am in a group of people doing Legendary missons on Xbox one Divison and that person isn't doing at least something to contribute. I kick them the hell out, you aren't getting easy credit...
  10. Tomorrow is 3 years on this site and I had no damn idea lol

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    2. DamagingRob


      I think people could be added without their consent at one time? Not sure if that's still possible or not.

    3. syumisan


      @PooPooBlast lol. Me too xD It's just weird that it has been accounted for sonce 2015 when I have no memory of adding myself xD


      @DamagingRob Maybe, I had this names for a long time and people think I am Japanese because of it xD

    4. PooPooBlast


      I believe others can add you here as Rob mentioned. I remember adding a few of my friends here who don't even know that this site exists haha xD

  11. Tell me about it. I always mention "If you follow a guide or wait for one to be made to play a game, YOU REALLY DIDN'T PLAY THE GAME". I personally only look up guides if I do not understand a trophy or I am legit stuck in a spot. Also if I wants tips and tricks to understand something but make it my own. Been doing that a lot lately on The Division on Xbox One.
  12. I've had my psn name for a looong time. I love it. I am not planning to change it either. But still....damn man
  13. Yay I can try this again to get Lifetime this time! Also, good for you to do this My favorite horror movie is Saw franchise and Hostel? many
  14. Technically some Nintendo games do have it. Well only example I have is Fire Emblem Warriors where they have in-game badges for what your doing. That's the closest I can come up with.
  15. It's funny cause people think SyumiSan is my real name when it isn't lol. But all seriousness, I do not mind sharing my real name, It is unique to me cause I do not know many people with it either hahahaha. Wanna know? Just ask