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  1. They look great! At least the SotN ones do. I've never been great at the classic games, but I'm sure the Rondo ones will be fun as hell to get as well.
  2. Nope, I don't use my PS4 that much really. I did reinstall the game and rebuild my database. which helped. The framerate is still iffy, but perfectly playable. Maybe that's just how it is for everyone? Anyway, I'm loving the game so far, even if I think it could run a heck of a lot better, since it doesn't look particularly amazing or anything... not to sound too negative.
  3. It does have an autosave feature, but I believe it only saves when you leave a stage. The awful framerate is constant
  4. The game stutters, and the framerate seems to be around 20 or so. It's still playable, but it's quite annoying. From what I can find, this doesn't seem to be happening to anyone else. I've tried to disable Boost Mode, but that didn't help. All my other games play just fine. Doubt it makes a difference, but I'm in EU if that matters. I really like the game, but this is just... ugh.
  5. The missions are... extremely difficult, to say the least. At least for someone who's never really gotten into fighting games. The first three in the first DLC aren't too bad. The fourth one is a bit tricky, but not impossible. The perfect KO one, though, is literally impossible for me. I just can't do it. Mostly because of how luck based and, quite frankly, how unfair it is. Ryu can do all this shit that you can't, like instantly counter your combos, throw unblockable, fast fireballs, and, you know... BLOCK. And remember, just 1 hit, and you have to wait 20 seconds before you can try again. Sometimes the fight ends in the first damn second, depending on what he does. The worst part is, the second DLC is supposed to be even harder. 10 CONSECUTIVE victories, with only 15% of your health regained after each round? Absolute madness.
  6. Well, that's a disappointingly simple trophy list. He could've gone with trophies for beating the different bosses with vague as hell descriptions if he doesn't want to spoil anyone.
  7. I wouldn't say that he's SUPPOSED to be fought that way either. The platforms are there for a reason. But yeah, might as well give that a try if you're having issues beating him.
  8. I was stuck on Sticky Fingers for quite some time. I farmed the hell out of Floors 9-14 of the Cave and 1-8 of the Forest, with no luck. I got over 1500 kills on those floors, 30 Toan swords, and 6 other slingshots before it finally dropped for me. At that point, I had already gotten the Angel Gear, the best slingshot, before I even finished the Moon. That's how long it took. I also developed an extreme hatred for clowns. "Oh hey, a big chest!" "No weapon for you, have a bottle of water." I never knew how powerful those blue circles could be. I was nearing the end of the game, and having avoided the circles because of the permanent negative effects to the weapons I got near the start of the game, I thought I'd try walking into them one last time. Found a room with two, ran through both, both of them increased my funds, and I went from ~13k gold to max (~65.5k). Goddamn. I had already gotten the Tycoon trophy, mostly because of the farming I did for the Bandit Slingshot, but still.
  9. Would've liked some Silvers or even Golds, but oh well. These games aren't particularly hard compared to a lot of NES games out there, and since you only have to beat ONE of the games without rewind, it'll be easy to 100%.
  10. I'm looking for someone to grind Camaraderie with as well. I'm in Europe, though, so I'm not sure how laggy it might get, but it shouldn't be too bad. I have pretty much the best weapons in the game, and the multiplayer trophies are the last ones I need. I don't mind carrying, as long as I have three other players with me. I'm not sure what missions give the most Camaraderie, but I'm guessing it's the mech or AI battles. Mechs can be blown up in a matter of seconds, but you might get less Camaraderie if you don't use stealth, so we might have to go with AIs, which takes a bit longer.
  11. Yup. It was a great game, definitely up there with 2 and 3, which are my favorites.
  12. Haha, I know, right? Thanks. Hah, good point! At least the Challenge mode playthrough will be really entertaining!
  13. Well, that was a few hours wasted. I guess that's what I get for not looking up guides beforehand. "What goes up..." was some real bullshit.