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  1. Far Cry New Dawn, quite an easy plat.
  2. It's not meant to be in the chest. Here's where it is meant to be, in this pic but when I open the garage it simply doesn't appear there.
  3. I have just completed my second play through of this game where I got all missables and am now going after any remaining friends, chinpokemon and grinding money to buy items. I have 28/30 chinpokomon and looked up where to find pengin. On screenshots and videos it shows up in Cartman's garage so I went there and to my surprise I hadn't opened it up yet, so I did open it with the key but it isn't in there??? It's definitely where it's meant to be and isn't marked as missable on guides. When I go to the map and get it to show treasure it shows 1 chinpokomon in 'neighbourhood' outside cartmans house area. But it simply isn't there. I have the horrifying feeling I'm going to have to do yet another whole playthrough but can someone help? Any advice? Is it a known glitch you can fix? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Super Time Force Ultra
  5. Probably already been said but has to be Skyrim from that list. Such a great game and definitely achievable
  6. I'd really prefer to not make a new account so if I have to I'll just hide the game. Out of curiosity I've looked at people who have recently unlocked cod waw trophies on here and I found a few on the first page who had unlocked a few or sometimes virtually all the games trophies within a few minute span. Either it happens to a lot of people or a lot do it on purpose themselves. Sadly any of the multiplayers of the old cods are just plagued with hackers these days, I remember a long time ago putting a lot of time into prestiging on mw2 and having my stats reset to 0 after getting in a bad game.
  7. I mean I know I have completed it without cheating and gone back over those trophies so I guess that's what matters to me. The online ones I've tried to do with randoms rather than boosting with friends as ironically I kinda felt that was cheating, but a modded lobby is all I can assume it was being so long ago that screwed me over. I had an account before this which I platinumed waw on so wasn't gonna bother again until recently hence the 6 years 😂 and I really don't think I have the will to platinum it yet again on a new account. Heart of the reich gives me nightmares as it is but thank you for the replies
  8. This has been bothering me for a while now, I very recently platinumed cod waw which I'm very happy about as those veteran trophies are hell. Anyway I only have 4 platinums so I'm not exactly an amazing trophy hunter however looking back and I wasn't even aware of this, on 30th July 2012, so ages ago now I had a few of the trophies pop up at the exact same moment in an impossible order when I hadn't done them. I never ever hacked the game, I'm OCD as hell and feel bad about it even though I didn't do it and have gone through and redone the trophies so even though the time stamp is wrong I have legit completed them now. I know the online lobbies became full of hackers so could this have happened and hacked a few of my trophies or is it a glitch. I'm just worried it looks like I cheated when I know I didn't and have even gone to the length of redoing all those trophies that popped up before I did them for the peace of mind and feeling I earnt the platinum.