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  1. ok so now i finished the game on 1.00 do i need to uninstalled it first or go straight and play Moscow on RHC ?
  2. I played on version 1.00 and i'm at taiga chapter atm. does anyone knows if this method works without playing it first on 1.03 version?
  3. thanks
  4. is nightmare difficulty the highest one or what ?
  5. for honor glitched with me .its the final trophy left to get the plat
  6. yeah so frustrating
  7. anyone have this problem? deployed many Assets and i noticed this at the end of the round (0 attack & 0 defend)
  8. No, it still blanked.
  9. do you have the same issue ?
  10. Does anyone have "last time played" blank issue when the map is updated every 6 hours ?
  11. in what type of match you get it ?and is it was pvp or pve ?
  12. as far as i know the trophies dont pop in costum matches BUT if we were 4 players in a group then things goes much easier, for example the 25 kills from above etc...
  13. we can boost