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  1. Full Contact
  2. Stealthy baseball bat! Hard hat or hard head?
  3. Has played a lot of games that I've never heard of 🤔
  4. I did manage to complete the quest after starting a new game on a random gen map. No location on my map, but eventually found a trader a the quest popped then for me
  5. I'm busy building the ultimate vacation house in 7 Days to Die, so not getting many trophies 😏
  6. Fellow survivors! I keep on having the same problem with the quest to head to the trader. The quest says that my map should have the location of the trader marked on in, but even after several tries with newly started games it doesn't appear. Anybody having the same problem? Can I finish the quest or even simply locate the trader without my map being marked?
  7. I've been eyeballing my mailbox and harrassing the mailman every day since the competition stopped ... WHERE IS MY SPOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!!!
  8. Good tactic on your part, but you're not fooling me ... you WANT that spoon
  9. Picking up my VITA again gave me a few pretty easy bronze ones, feel a bit CJ'ish now 😀 The Last of Us .... Still need to play it and I got it short after release. Bit ashamed now 😶
  10. Sorry, popped 2 more .... Im on a roll here 😆
  11. I did my part! Popped 4 trophies, 3 of those were even on my VITA! I'm mentally drained now .... need some rest ...
  12. You guys should try the V(ery)I(mpressive)T(able)A(ccessory) It really goes well with all coffee tables and or dining tables. Haven't moved or touched mine ever since I first placed it on the table alongside some candles and a copy of Greatest Poems of The Middle Ages ... Very artsy 😁
  13. What? 4 trophies each???? You must have mistaken us for actual gamers! I just use the intro screens of games on my tv as a backdrop while I read a good book 😏
  14. To be honest, the concept of the game is great: Minecraft like gathering stuff and crafting with heaps and heaps of options mixed with a little FPS style action and survival horror. However: The graphics are subpar and the game tends to lag and freeze. At times I have a blast playing it and sometimes I want to throw it out of the window