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  1. Did you have the 20$ in your wallet before you used the psn card?
  2. I'm not gonna participate. But here is the list you wanted.
  3. Simple miss in the description, the guide at .org mention it though. And you still need to clear all of them on master for "Master" trophy so you cant skip hero battles.
  4. Hero battle does not count, so you have 4 stars if you only have one star on each map
  5. Damn, only played a few games at launch so I guess I will have to do it now. How much time are we talking about to get all the mp trophies for someone thats only played mp for an hour before?
  6. You can only play the plus game on the account that have the subscription. Hm seems like it's diffrent on the ps4, forget what I said
  7. Best guess is your privacy settings, check the link for more info
  8. Had some time to kill so here are all the games with missing header that starts with the letter P. Psych Yourself - header suggestion Power Gig: Rise of the SixString - header suggestion Puzzle by Nikoli V - All four of them, found some pictures but I'm unsure if it was from the Vita. Pinball Heroes: Complete - header suggestion Popstars - header suggestion, and the only pic I found of this game Power Smash ライブマッチ!- header suggestion Premier Manager - header suggestion$MediaCarousel_LargeImage$ Premier Manager 2012 - header suggestion Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 - Both lists, header suggestion I think that was all of them, some of the game may or may not get any plays nowdays but they still deserve a header so they don't feel left alone
  9. Oh I got 8 of them, that put me as Asmodeus or Dominion 1 Dante's Inferno 2 Darksiders 3 Darksiders II 4 Diablo III Reaper of Souls 5 Alone in the Dark 6 Hunted: the demons forge 7 Alice Madness Returns 8 Splatterhouse
  10. I may be blind, but where do I find this guide?
  11. It's easy if you use angel goat
  12. Yea it seems like they took it away from the blog, I saw it earlier.
  13. Damn that trailer got me confused.
  14. Playing Doctor. Damn thats gonna take me some time, the ambulances are kinda hard to drive.