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  1. Wanted to thank everyone who posted in this thread. I got to wave 30 last night after sinking about 6 hours total of practicing and got the Mean Bean Machine II to pop. The following tips worked for me: Frogstacking. I followed this strategy exclusively as the fish, by blindly dropping pieces onto the right 3 columns of the board until full, then focusing on getting matches using the left columns. See here as it's a legit strategy: Momentum. Between waves, I typically refilled the right side of the screen, then primed a match as soon as the next opponent's board appeared. By doing this, you can sink opponents before they have time to react. Don't Panic. You will likely get unlucky at some point with opponents who will slam you with a wave of gray blocks. If you have a full right side of the board, you can claw your way out if you calmly readjust and start matching based on what's available on the right side of the board. Flow State/Git Gud. You'll have to sustain a fairly high level of focus for about 25-30 minutes to reach wave 25, and you will need to enter flow state to make it that far. Make sure you're in a relaxed state before beginning this challenge, and take breathers in between failed attempts. I was personally listening to podcasts while playing instead of listening to the game's audio. Good luck to any other platinum hunters who come through this thread!
  2. I got a hard crash leaving the Ebel clothing shop menu. I didn't lose much time, but still, this could have been way worse. Always find time to save!
  3. I just got the plat over the weekend, I got all the medals for Stages 1 - 13, then completed Nightmare mode on B2 only and the plat popped.
  4. Another update, geared towards easing the end game difficulty: Technician #5: Slow Mo Chan This passively slows down all enemy projectiles, which makes many bullet hell stages much more manageable. I find this is a must have when gunning for those "Stay Untouched" medals. New Ship: Octopus Not that it's possible to aim to unlock this ship, but know that this ship is invaluable for soloing the "Kill 100% of Enemies" medals. It fires multiple small missiles in addition to a typical cone spread of bullets, and it's charge shot (L2) unleashes a Macross Missile Massacre. This is much easier to use than any other traditional fire pattern, as you can hit anything on screen from any position with this ship.
  5. Here's an update: Card Farming. I got all the cards over the weekend by abusing card radar and save scumming. It's tedious, but consistent. I recommend obtaining about 2k - 3k of currency, then only spending about 700-900 on card radar at a time. Since the cost of using card radar scales exponentially, try to aim for about a 25% success rate, and if it fails, you'll have enough left over to simply try again. Star Doubler. As ultravioletblade said, there is only a temporary card that provides this bonus, there is no permanent star doubler card. Difficulty Curve. Also of note, I've found that later stages and higher difficulties are much more difficult than SFA, so I'd recommend farming cards once you hit a power plateau, which for me occurred around the time I hit Stage 13.
  6. As there's no tutorial for this game, I thought I'd list out a few subtle additions since SFA. I encourage other users to add their observations to this list. There are tiered upgrades for your ship. At each tier, there's typically a new effect added to the weapon that isn't explicitly stated, rather than just the typical increased damage/fire speed etc. Main Cannon: Each tier adds more bullets fired. At Tier 2, those bullets form a "Y" shape rather than firing straight forward. Prioritize upgrading the main cannon. Missiles: While each tier simply adds more damage, I'm fairly certain that at Tier 1, the missile speed increases and feels like a more responsive lock on. There are in game "objectives" (achievements) which provide currency to unlock "technicians", which are passive bonuses. Whenever you see a red exclamation mark over the back button, you should check it out before hopping into another mission. There's one objective that requires you to fire off X number of collectible power ups. If you defeat a stage and didn't use all your lasers/shields/megabombs, then quickly fire those off before the stage ends. You can now pay stars for a "card radar" system that has the chance to tell you where a card will be guaranteed to spawn. This is a godsend over SFA, as the endgame grind for cards won't be so miserable. If I encounter anything else super novel, I'll add to this list.
  7. A warning to any future trophy hunters, this game is prone to randomly crashing. I've personally had the game crash on me as it was autosaving, erasing all my progress, and I know I'm not alone. I'd recommend backing up your saves after every play session for this game.
  8. Yeah, I got 100 medals and every other achievement before settling into farming the last 6 cards. Other posts around the web have tried to correlate medal counts, time of day, duration of play time, pattern of levels played, etc. with when cards drop. I don't think this is the case, and I truly believe it's simple RNG. People get superstitious when events are out of their control. If I reach the boss on Stage 6 Insane with no card, I'll retire. That being said, I've seen a card drop out of any crate, including the very last crate next to where the helicopter boss spawns. Best of luck card hunting!
  9. Just got this trophy with minimal farming. I just replayed Stage 6 on insane and every other run I was able to get a card.
  10. It's a pretty accessible schmup that I've found myself really engrossed in. It's a fairly simple rinse and repeat formula for most of the 100% experience, until you have to farm out the cards towards the end. I have about ~70 medals at the moment and have farmed about half the cards. It's honestly a fun game to play when I wind down before I go to bed. However, it might be slightly frustrating to play in the middle, as there's no way to accelerate either your plane or the stage itself when you're OP and coasting through the earlier levels for medals. I find playing with a friend makes getting some of the medals much easier, save for the "Do not get hit" medals.
  11. That sucks man, I wouldn't want to do this grind again. FYI, I've been saving over old Game Data save files as I'm working towards unlocking all the CGs, and I haven't had any issues with System Data loss.