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  1. LOL, what a joke remaster
  2. October 15
  3. The PlayStation logo has disappeared from the Starfield website, well, that was fast
  4. Sony: We bought a timed exclusivity for a couple of Bethesda's games Microsoft: Hold my beer!
  5. https://wccftech.com/ps5-game-sizes-revealed-demons-souls-is-66gb-spider-man-miles-morales-ultimate-edition-takes-105gb/ Also, the online co-op will feature up to 6 network players (original PS3 game was 4). Woo-hoo!
  6. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/godfall-preorder-guide-price-bonuses-and-editions/1100-6482148/
  7. RIP Beyond Good & Evil