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  1. The salt is strong in here
  2. Do not buy this game now wait till the full game is released...
  3. Ps4 system seller right here.
  4. Day one for me i'll let the haters hate and enjoy this game as is
  5. I just recently retired my Ps3 and traded-in a bunch of games i had for it. I kept the best of the bestt though.
  6. Worst game ever made: Nope Overrated series: yes
  7. Lmao People still talk about PlayStation Home in 2018? 2006 called they want there game back.
  8. Some of the comments on this thread are laughable.
  9. Now i wanna buy it just because you said not to buy it
  10. Looks like a ubisoft game
  11. Got my Nintendo Switch for Christmas well opened it up on christmas anyways. Played some of both Mario Odyssey and Zelda and now i see why Zelda beat Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm in love with the Zelda series Breath Of The Wild is my first entry into the series now i hope Nintendo releases some type of a collection of the older games for the switch..... Sorry Zelda fans if i am playing with your emotions...
  12. Eeeh i'll just take the 100% then.....
  13. Ps4: Monster Hunter World (Because i'm poor and cant afford new games so i beg like everyone else) Ps4: Darksiders Remaster (since we have the second game why not the first) Ps3: Back to the future a tall tale game Ps3: LA Noire Two Vita games no one cares about with one with cross buy with Ps4
  14. Ps4: Nier Automata & The Walking Dead Season 2
  15. I have a question for all of you trophy hunters here, What Gives You that Motivation to 100% complete a game? As you can tell by my Psnprofile in my sig that i hardly complete my games. Because basicly i dont have the time anymore to sit and enjoy my games. Heck i cant even remember the last game i completed a game from start to finish on my old account before swiching to this one. Ps: This is my first topic so hopefully its in the right section.