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  1. Ouch now i know why i been using this site and TrueTrophies for my Trophy hunting needs. TrueTrophies/TrueAchievements are 100xs better.
  2. Well if this kills Backwards compatibility then i wont bother with the Ps5 then no matter how good the exclusives are. I wont buy remasters of remasters of old games i played 5 years ago.
  3. Still waiting for a Uncharted or God Of War Battle royale game.
  4. One of theses sales i am gonna geek out on Lego games. Trophy completion or not.
  5. Your probably aready long gone but as i said that looked like a fake e-mail so its your own falt falling for some scam. But hey goodluck PC gaming but i here PC and steam get hacked all the time.
  6. Too me that looks like a fake email address i would stop replying to it.
  7. Stop gamesharing and trying to get "free" V-Bucks for overwatch. I have 3 accounts dating back to 2010. I never once lost a account and i dont even have maximum security. But hey have fun on PC gaming i here Steam gets hacked as bad as Psn.
  8. So right now i have started Resident Evil HD in prep for the Resident Evil 2 Remake but as of now it hasnt hooked into to me and its Killing my hype for the RE2 Remake. Should i just try to get the rest of the game or just "tap out" and start fresh with the Resident Evil 2 Remake. I want to play though resident Evil HD first though for the story. Edit: yes i know what my sig says but i started Resident Evil HD before the other two games
  9. I dont have a the game myself but i know someone that does have the plat so its not broken.
  10. As by my Psnprofile i'm not much of a platinum hunter but i am looking to change that in 2019 as my 2019 New Years Resloution is to complete more games to 100% My 3 platinums will be. Kingdom Hearts 3 Metro Exodus Devil May Cry 5
  11. So glad you told us you stop buying Ps Plus. Make sure you tell us again next month. Anyways As for the free games i'll be to busy with Celeste with games with gold to add the Ps4 games to my library.
  12. The salt is strong in here
  13. Do not buy this game now wait till the full game is released...
  14. Ps4 system seller right here.
  15. Day one for me i'll let the haters hate and enjoy this game as is