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  1. I'm afraid to look but i have a rough monthly/semi-monthly budget of $300.00 for games. And last month i want a tad over.
  2. Wow dude you deleted me on PSN on over a wrestling comment thats just sad.
  3. Glad i never brought this or Fallout 76 both look like i aint missing much.
  4. Well after DaysGone in April sony is pretty dry on exclusives The Last Of US 2 in October does make sense if real i cant wait
  5. Dont worry everyone will go back to hating Reigns in 3 months because fans are fickle.
  6. Ouch now i know why i been using this site and TrueTrophies for my Trophy hunting needs. TrueTrophies/TrueAchievements are 100xs better.
  7. Well if this kills Backwards compatibility then i wont bother with the Ps5 then no matter how good the exclusives are. I wont buy remasters of remasters of old games i played 5 years ago.
  8. Still waiting for a Uncharted or God Of War Battle royale game.
  9. One of theses sales i am gonna geek out on Lego games. Trophy completion or not.
  10. Your probably aready long gone but as i said that looked like a fake e-mail so its your own falt falling for some scam. But hey goodluck PC gaming but i here PC and steam get hacked all the time.
  11. Too me that looks like a fake email address i would stop replying to it.
  12. Stop gamesharing and trying to get "free" V-Bucks for overwatch. I have 3 accounts dating back to 2010. I never once lost a account and i dont even have maximum security. But hey have fun on PC gaming i here Steam gets hacked as bad as Psn.
  13. So right now i have started Resident Evil HD in prep for the Resident Evil 2 Remake but as of now it hasnt hooked into to me and its Killing my hype for the RE2 Remake. Should i just try to get the rest of the game or just "tap out" and start fresh with the Resident Evil 2 Remake. I want to play though resident Evil HD first though for the story. Edit: yes i know what my sig says but i started Resident Evil HD before the other two games
  14. I dont have a the game myself but i know someone that does have the plat so its not broken.
  15. As by my Psnprofile i'm not much of a platinum hunter but i am looking to change that in 2019 as my 2019 New Years Resloution is to complete more games to 100% My 3 platinums will be. Kingdom Hearts 3 Metro Exodus Devil May Cry 5