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  1. I know for certain that ESO+ gets you access to all the DLCs. The confusion is with the old chapters. Morrowind, Clockwork,Summerset, Elsweyr, Greymoor are considered Chapters. Since I bought those as expansions to the base game as they came out I do not know if they are available with ESO+. I have heard that the old chapters become part of ESO+ once a new chapter is released. ESO+ will get you Orsinium, thieves, assassins, all 4 person dungeons (DLC packs 1 to 5, 7, 9, 11,12, 13 and 15 for certain. The new chapters might also be rolled in to the base game - the description on the playstation store included morrowind. I think that the only thing that is not available with ESO+ is Greymoor.
  2. Patch 27 drops Sept 1, right? Have you heard this joke? What's Zenimax's skill rotation? Buff a set, nerf a set, buff a set, nerf a set.
  3. Hello, I really enjoyed the build and was able to solo a keep (not able to be top of leaderboard or take all 6 at once, sigh). Unfortunately, I have leveled my toon past 50 and cannot try this myself. You post a video of battlegrounds - would this build be good to attempt Triple Threat and Most Valuable Combatant? Does Capture the Flag would require a lot of teamwork to get three at once? Since you can only queue solo you really need to be the best on your team since you are also competing with them. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the magma masher info. I have been attempting that as dps in a pug.
  5. For 100% you will require a damage dealer for the solo veteran arena. The DD classes are all adequate for any questing. Dungeon and trial queues are shorter for tanks and healers. PVP is usually DD as well. Classes and gear sets are constantly being updated so a long term setup is impossible. Most players have multiply toons/gear.
  6. It didn't pop for me this first time either but I bought my way to it. I was at 100% hunger and then bought the -20, then the -9 at the noodle shop and then the -2 at the beach.
  7. Just unlocked it and they seem to be plus or minus 2 of your current level. Does anyone know if it just scales to the host or to the highest in the party?
  8. Automatic update of this patch has broken my progress and I cannot get the spear, short sword or banking trophies regardless of whether I do all 5 banking or all 9 crafting. Though the big swords still worked. And the new patch has made more enemies so combat is harder - thanks. This is the last time I ever listen to a critics review. I would advise anyone attempting the platinum to turn off auto updates assuming of course that the trophies are actually achievable in the patch you start with.
  9. Hello, every guide I watch/read states that only one guard runs at a time. Is this old info because at least three are running for me?
  10. I got my Marksman Rifle trophy by shooting my gun and my freelancer loyalty trophy by completing a freelancer contract. I am so glad these are finally fixed!
  11. I finally got the banker one by deleting my install and deleting all my save files and starting completely over on Patch 1.09.
  12. On a new game with Patch 1.09 I managed to get the Speed run, finish game and finish with less than 40 deaths. I have gotten a couple of the perfect bosses but I cannot get the banking one. I have done ten in the same session with no luck. The bank was updated according to the patch notes. I did manage the 1000 tech enemies really early - so maybe the kills are counting across playthroughs.
  13. I also managed the spears and all weapons by completing them and then reloading the game. However, the trophy for completing the game does not work.
  14. My short sword trophy popped on a load screen today.
  15. Seed progress does carry over if you choose resume after the end credits are over. Step progress also continues.
  16. Just going to add my experience though I have no concrete answers. Definitely did not need to learn secret ingredients or have their special dish on the menu. Was reloading when no NPCs showed up so items on the menu did not appear to determine who should up. Unfortunately I did not track how many reviews/whether they liked the dish. I did track the number of visits: Poncho 46, Huey 64, Rosetta 49, Celis 53, Chou Chou 78, Genji 80, Zeff 78, Lanche 92, Maurice 88 and Miere 74. This is the order I got them in since Miere's rate of spawn was much lower.
  17. I agree with DrSoccer72 - it popped for me at 8600 caps in my pocket.
  18. Since the trophy title states "win the event" has anyone tried this with other players around? It doesn't say "versus" like the monster mash event but maybe you can win it somehow. There appears to be achievers in the regular population.
  19. I completed the event and got the reward but no trophy. Is this why there are no achievers?
  20. Thanks for the confirmation. I am not sure if the words "win the event" mean anything. Maybe it is not achievable solo?
  21. In the Satis-factory the mirrors do not spawn so you can't progress. Restart and reboot do not fix it. This is a fixed bug on Xbox One but as of PS4 digital version as of Oct 2018 is version 1.00 with the bug. Only known fix is to start the crappy game over.
  22. Hello, I have gotten to 97.1% 100 %. I have used: Hydris's annotated maps on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=568315543 and Zyx's additional 2 items on Xbox https://www.trueachievements.com/viewcomment.aspx?commentid=1058577#vch Weapons (bottom of screen where various other items have come and gone) HandGun + AP, SMG + AP Capacity 99, Prototypes S, M, C, Grenade Launcher capacity 9, grenade capacity 27, explosive charge capacity 3, detonator, magneto beam, cloaking device Stats (top left of screen) Green bar Blue bar - fairly long - not sure what pickup increases it Grey lightning bolts /diamonds (?) - have 10 - not sure what this even is (may be the suit armor upgrades) All 12 squares are filled when I bring up the map screen I have read all 7 of the hidden messages (though Hydris shows 8) but do not know if I have read all the "engraved messages" that Hydris lists.
  23. I was missing the upper left secret room one in the cathedral. Just missed it somehow but it was shown on the maps.
  24. Thanks for the good thoughts - I wish I could give you the name of the third help desk employee at steam who finally figured it out so we could both thank him. Sometimes the cake is not a lie!
  25. Hello, just some information for those of you who made the mistake of using the "create new steam account" inside Portal 2 on PS3. Contrary to what most of the internet says, the automatically generated account is not your psn id. It is psn_ and then your psn id. Mine is psn_kandbw1138. So if you are trying to link a PC account to your PS3 you will need to access that one. It gets set up with an internal playstation email address so you will need to contact steam support to get the password. I still have not managed to connect to anyone but I think I am actually connecting to steam now.