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  1. No. You can't use a PS4 Move on the PS3. The PS3 Move is compatible with both consoles, tho
  2. A little update. The game still is unavailable in my ps3/vita list, but I got the ps4/5 version for free, so... yay? Final update. The game came back! It has a broken thumbnail and instead of Syphon Filter it says a lot of random characters.pkg, but I can finally play it on my ps3/vita
  3. Unfortunately that's not the case. Last time I checked I had 1360 items and now I have 1359 . Syphon Filter is nowhere to be found
  4. It was the PS Plus version that sony gave years ago. When I search in the horrible store, they gave me 2 choices. One at $5.99 and another for free with the Plus symbol, but when I choose the second option, an error message appears. Maybe this is temporary and they are "preparing" the ps4 version for my region or something? I searched in the vita store and its missing in my list too, but I can find it in the store with a download button available. Sadly, pressing the button does nothing.
  5. After you beat the brachiosaurus boss you'll have enough points. Just before the lava stage (level 4). That's like half of the game. I think the B routes are easier, but that's just me. Remember to use just one coin (press R1 once) and get between 300k and 310k points after the boss, then kill yourself at the beginning of the lava stage. The trophy should pop after you put your record. Good luck
  6. I played inserting only one coin, but the hi-score was 300,000. Im gonna delete my save data, experiment a little and see what happens. Maybe my game is "locked" in the other hi-score because I played with a friend using a lot of coins for my first playthrough? This games is wack. Thanks for the response! Edit: I JUST GOT IT! I tried with some setups and deleting the save is irrelevant. The last time I tried I checked my score and it was 320k. Then 311k and no trophy. So I tried to evade enemies and pick the least amount of items and finally the trophy popped with 303300 points. Funnily enough, I don't have the 1 hour trophy yet lol. Your tip was the key, thank you so much!
  7. So I just did this twice inserting only 1 credit and no trophy. How do I know im playing in the correct scoreboard?
  8. I think the patches are coming back little by little. After I saw your post, I checked my ps3 just in case and WRC 5 patched correctly to 1.01 but Flow can't find the patch yet
  9. I just played the online with a friend (both with 1.00 and NA, Digital) and got all the online trophies without a problem. I think the 1.01 patch is only for the disc version or something. I don't really know, but I read some stuff related to the patches in the trophy guide
  10. PS3 or PS4? I played the PS3 version in the morning and worked perfectly Resident Evil 6 and Chivalry for PS3 works at last. THANK GOD The leaderboards of some Capcom games that I mentioned in the morning works as well The online of J-Stars Victory Versus (PS3) working 100% now
  11. Yes, this is really frustrating. I just need one playthrough of RE6 and even if its not necessary, I want to play with my friend online. My really bad luck comes with Chivalry tho, im really close to the platinum (like 1 hour of gameplay, tops) and the game just doesn't work.
  12. I started a list in the previous page. I tried RE 6 like an hour ago and only the leaderboards worked for the PS3 version. Can't create or join a match in campaign or dlc
  13. RE6 PS3 works now?
  14. I just tried some PS3 games (famous, obscure and even delisted titles) and here is my report -The Simpsons (fixed) -Sega Rally Online Arcade (fixed) -Resident Evil 6 (semi broken, only the leaderboards works) -Scott Pilgrim (fixed) -Chivalry (semi broken, only the leaderboards works) -Dead Nation (fixed) -Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (semi broken, matchmaking works, leaderboards doesn't) -Dungeon & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara (semi broken, matchmaking works, leaderboards doesn't) -Payday The Heist (fixed) -Need for Speed Shift 2 (fixed) -Castle Crashers (fixed) -Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (fixed) -Minecraft (fixed? Im not sure. I can see the leaderboards and send invites to my session tho) -Grand Theft Auto IV (fixed) -J-stars Victory VS (broken) -Soul Calibur V (fixed) And another thing. Almost all the thumbnails from my download list are still broken
  15. I think the online is improving. The status page still says the problem isn't solved, but I just checked my vita and almost everything is back to normal. I can see my friends now and I even played online killzone mercenary and street fighter x tekken. The only thing is that the store appears with broken icons and pictures. My friend checked Chivalry 5 min ago on PS3 and still doesn't work