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    Interests huh?

    Well I love video games, obviously. I enjoy games from every genre, from sports to RPG's. I tend to focus more on the good things then bad when it comes to gaming. So I usually end up enjoying everything, even games that other people don't. I only platinum games that I really love. Basically anything to get more time out if them lol. I usually even go above and beyond the plat when possible.

    If I had to narrow down my favorite games though, the edge would definitely go to RPG's or Loot driven games. I love to grind for stats and gear. I love putting in the hours and ending up with god tier characters..

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  1. Negley like neigh-gly. I tried to come up with something funny, went with a bad pun instead lol.
  2. If I level up my dead eye and stuff in RDR2, does that stuff carry to mission replays or does it just give me what I had?

    1. KingGuy420


      It took me awhile to find the answer and it seems that nothing carries over and it actually gives you less than you had at the time and a worse horse.... Great lol.

  3. I dunno if anyone here is watching the game awards, but could that guy in the Crash suit have been any less like Crash? Lol.
  4. Finally finished Red Dead 2 and I am still absolutely in love with this game. Going into it I was 100% sure I wasn't going to go for the platinum but I'm definitely rethinking that now. I kind of want to go into why I love it so much but I don't think I'd be saying anything that the rest of the world isn't already saying.


    I do have one pretty big issue with the game though. There's hunting and fishing, bigger satchels, trinkets and talismans and perks, tons of fun ways to make money... And absolutely no reason to do any of it. Not once did I die and think "a perk really would've helped me there". Not once did I ever think "I'm low on money, better go hunt for cash". I really hate when games put in advanced mechanics but don't ever give you a reason to do them. Huge pet peeve of mine.


    Even with that though, I still think it might be one of my new favorite games ever. We'll see after a few more playthroughs. Can't wait to dump a couple hundred more hours into it lol.

  5. Say what you will about R* being greedy bastards but...


    They easily could've had Arthur kill Micah and made that the end of the game. Then fleshed out the Jon stuff a little more and sold it as a full priced DLC and no one would've batted an eyelash about it. Hell, people would've been so happy that we actually got a single player dlc that they would've been singing R* praises


    Food for thought I guess.

    1. PermaFox


      I've got a tattoo of R* on my ass, so guess I'm a firm supporter of whatever they want to do :awesome:

    2. thepeaguy
  6. Uncharted is a linear shooter with less gameplay depth than a Call of Duty game. God of War is interesting and unique with tons of depth to the combat system. Pretty sure I know which one I lean towards lol. Not saying I don't enjoy Uncharted. There's just absolutely nothing special about them. They don't bring anything to the table, gameplay-wise, that I can't get better versions of in a hundred other games. I couldn't care less about story in video games so Uncharted's one move has no effect on me.
  7. Ps4? See if your account is set as primary.
  8. You clearly haven't lol. Destiny 1 might have had a barebones story, but the lore and the universe it built is incredible. It told the grander story through lore driven story telling and they hit it out of the park. Of course, the casual audience they were shooting for were never going to appreciate that style of story telling though, which was definitely their biggest mistake. The weirdest part about it is that Elder Scrolls, and Souls, and at least a dozen other series, get praised for this style of story telling, when their lore isn't even half as good as the one getting panned IMO. It's a weird situation. They wrote literal novels in game that were great reads and covered millions of years worth of lore. I definitely didn't read them all but I loved the ones I did. The Book of Sorrows alone was one of the better piece of lore I've ever seen.
  9. For the last month or so, every time I told someone that I wasn't enjoying RDR2, I kept getting the same response. "It's just slow out of the gate, keep playing it, it gets so good". I had my doubts. I was sure they were exaggerating. 


    Today I finally buckled down and pushed on and holy crap am I in love. Really wish I had of listened to people weeks ago lol.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Good to hear because I'm one of those impatient people lol. 


      If a game doesn't impress me in the first 5 hours or so, I usually end up moving on

    2. VelikyNovgorod4


      I've had trouble just getting to 20% it feels like it just drags on. It feels like nothing big is happening (which I bet will fix itself) and the time it takes to horse ride to missions doesn't help the slow feeling. Eventually I will press on but for now I am content finishing up Gears 3 and Saints Row 

    3. KingGuy420


      @VelikyNovgorod4 Yeah, I was in the same boat, then I had like 5 or 6 pretty epic missions right in a row and fell in love.


      I was pretty annoyed by the horse too. Then I realized that you can go wide open as long as you have a little food for him. Then shortly after that I unlocked fast travel. 


      All the pieces fell into place pretty quick around that time lol.

  10. I was really hoping Negan would be a little more Henry Rollins and a little less Jeffrey Dean Morgan lol.
  11. I'm actually happy about this. I love Superman, probably even more than Batman. He's just doomed to never have a good game though and I'd definitely rather them focus on something that has a shot of being good.
  12. Rocksteady confirmed their next game is not Superman... Thank god lol.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PooPooBlast


      ^ lol yea it's so weird for a dev to be like "we're working on a new game but it's not _____ ". Maybe they are working on superman :lol:


      But we'll see. Honestly even though they laid the Batman Arkham series to rest in Knight with the way they ended the game, I still feel like they're going to make a new Batman game which I'm all down for!! 


    3. KingGuy420


      @DamagingRob they just said "not superman"

    4. DamagingRob


      Well, whatever it ends up being, I wish they'd reveal it already. :lol:

  13. Ah found it Just read the top two comments. The second one is from an official confirmed Bungie employee.
  14. There is a source.... And if you had of asked me yesterday I could have found it lol. The thread was pinned to the top of the Destiny reddit up until yesterday but now it's not pinned anymore.
  15. Even if it is tough out of the gate, it'll get easier over time. GTA Online was super grindy at first but it got progressively easier with each new expansion. It's a joke to get money now. I know people like to point to micro transactions as the reason but I don't buy it. Any game that wants you to keep playing long term uses that strategy, micro transactions or not.