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    Well I love video games, obviously. I enjoy games from every genre, from sports to RPG's. I tend to focus more on the good things then bad when it comes to gaming. So I usually end up enjoying everything, even games that other people don't. I only platinum games that I really love. Basically anything to get more time out if them lol. I usually even go above and beyond the plat when possible.

    If I had to narrow down my favorite games though, the edge would definitely go to RPG's or Loot driven games. I love to grind for stats and gear. I love putting in the hours and ending up with god tier characters..

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  1. China has announced plans to launch a man-made moon into space by 2020 to increase visibility at night and cut down on electricity consumption.


    Did I fall asleep with a D list sci fi movie on, or is someone in China smoking something crazy? Lol.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. JartegnDrottinn


      And right after they launch it...



    3. Durandal


      Not that far fetched actually. Everything you place into LEO (low earth orbit) reflects sunlight. But you need a really big satellite to reflect enough sunlight in order to light up any place on earth. But the whole idea is idiotic anyway, we already produce way to much light pollution and mess up the planet even more with it. Not to mention that it takes up a lot of space in an already heavily overcrowded and every other nation won't be too happy to give up precious space up there.


      Better to replace every streetlight with a low power consuming light but also build the whole infrastructure smarter then it is today. Would probably be a lot cheaper in the end.

    4. mecharobot


      All the moons in the galaxy would not be enough to make companies lower electricity prices.

  2. Red Dead isn't coming to smaller game stores until November to avoid retailers breaking the street date.


    Makes me wonder what's wrong with it that they don't want people to see early lol.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KingGuy420


      People who rely on small retailers have to wait a few extra weeks to get it. It'll be spoiled for them for sure.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Fair enough...I'm probably going to be mostly avoiding the Internet while playing it so I don't get spoiled. :)

    4. JartegnDrottinn


      Funny thing is it's pretty much always stores like Wal-Mart and Target that I hear about breaking street date on games.

  3. There was one a few months ago that screwed up the messaging system, I got hit with that one. I'll be damned if I'm getting hit with another one lol.
  4. Blizzard confirmed that it's a rumor. No plans for it at all.
  5. PC isn't going to be involved. It's too different from the console versions.
  6. PC never got any more content than PS4. If anything, we have content that they don't. Not to mention, there was like 15 free dlc's that did not have trophies. Not sure where you got your Diablo info from but they're not a credible source lol. And why would they let it go when it's still really popular?
  7. KH Fragmentary Passage 100%


    After playing the Final Mix version of KH2, I was really hoping they were going to keep going with the uber hard bosses and the super tight combat. I love how the bosses felt like a fighting game, just waiting for that moment when I can punish them for making a mistake. 


    I was worried that they wouldn't be able to pull that magic off again with 3. I honestly believed that they just got lucky and stumbled into something special with KH2FM... Fragmentary Passage put all those worries to rest for me. All the boss fights were so well made and well paced. The combat was so damn tight and fluid. 


    I was even iffy about the Style Changes and the big reaction command magics but even they worked very, very well. I see these things all over the KH3 trailers too. I'm super excited to see what they do with even more magics and more style changes.


    All in all, it was a great little game. Easily the best "demo" I've ever played, if you can even call it a demo lol. All my fears for KH3 have been officially put to bed. Couldn't be more excited for January. Might finally start Dream Drop Distance tonight.

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work! If you're not going for the trophies, it is pretty short. I can see why some may consider it a demo. But it's an awesome demo. And with trophies, a really nice smaller Kingdom Hearts game. 

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  8. Yeah, but you've always been able to play multiplayer solo against bots in the past, while offline. And Zombies has always been available offline as well. Unless they confirmed an "always online" requirement, than them removing the campaign doesn't mean anything.
  9. Is it? I never heard anything about that.
  10. I usually have a name in there that I find funny and normally change it every few weeks. I send real life friends name requests to try to get a laugh out of them. 90% of the time, they're doing the same thing lol.
  11. Guess it's time to finally buy Uncharted 4. I think I've waited long enough.
  12. There's been some rumors floating around that they were working on more Borderlands 2 content. Guess this must have been it =/ Even if I had vr, I'd probably skip this. Solo only Borderlands is iffy lol.
  13. Was it ever on the store? In NA it was disc only. No digital release.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian brethren. Man I love Turkey 😀

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Happy Thanksgiving :D

      I just finished my left overs...sometimes even better than the original meal.

    2. Shinobi


      Happy Thanksgiving!


      I'll be having my leftovers for dinner tonight!

    3. PooPooBlast


      You too bud! 


      My mom makes a killer Turkey. Only issue is that sometimes there's too much mustard xD


      She goes heavy on the mustard for that tart taste and because it has vinegar in it which makes the protein in the meat more tender. 😋

  15. Might go on a bit of a Kingdom Hearts bender. Maybe finally finish 3D and CoM. Also wouldn't mind doing a crit lvl 1 run on KH2. And finally plat 1  / BBS... Got alot to do before 3 drops lol.

    1. Lorajet


      Good luck and don't get burned out!