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    Interests huh?

    Well I love video games, obviously. I enjoy games from every genre, from sports to RPG's. I tend to focus more on the good things then bad when it comes to gaming. So I usually end up enjoying everything, even games that other people don't. I only platinum games that I really love. Basically anything to get more time out if them lol. I usually even go above and beyond the plat when possible.

    If I had to narrow down my favorite games though, the edge would definitely go to RPG's or Loot driven games. I love to grind for stats and gear. I love putting in the hours and ending up with god tier characters..

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  1. It sounds like Sony rejected the patch which doesn't exactly inspire confidence for it lol.
  2. It's not too bad if you know the bosses weaknesses. My White Whale is GTA V. It's one of my top 5 games ever but I just always lose motivation when I start working towards the plat. One day maybe lol.
  3. I absolutely loved the first two and can't wait for more news on this one. I've actually played a super early version the new one but I can't talk about it till the NDA lifts lol.
  4. Yeah, that's actually kinda my thought on it too. I was grinding to 100 solo cause I thought another friend of mine was going to help me boost the platinum awards, but when I found out he couldn't help me, I just abandoned it lol. I wasn't going to commit to a rando.
  5. There are things called platinum awards which, some are multi person centric. But there's a lot of them that can be boosted with one other person and probably wouldn't take too long... And you just so happen to know someone who might want to boost them too =) I also know a semi-quick way to get to 100 solo if you're ever interested in that. The single player stuff alone is worth the price of admission IMO.
  6. Damn, NA really could've used something like this. I'm 25% short of buying Spiderman lol.
  7. I recently played a game that I had to sign an NDA to play. While I was playing it, I jumped into a party chat to talk to a friend. When I jumped in, someone named "anonymous user" jumped into the chat as well. Were those motherfuckers spying on me? Lol.


    I also discovered something else. It's absolutely mind blowing how many people don't understand the difference between an unannounced pre-alpha vs a full game releasing next week beta test. The amount of confusion about it that I came across was staggering >.<

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Are you playing Black Desert Online!!?

    2. KingGuy420


      Can't talk about it lol.

  8. Is it just me having bad luck or is Witcher 3 Complete a lot less stable than the base game was?


    I've had frame rate drops, floating villagers, t poses ... I even just had a crash and a corrupted save. I don't remember having any glitches in the original version. Now I can't seem to go an hour without one >.<

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. KingGuy420


      @PooPooBlast I'm actually enjoying it a lot. I liked it when I first played it back in the day but I'm actually loving it this time. The glitches aren't quite enough to ruin it for me lol.

    3. Copanele


      How odd... I had no glitch other than roach climbing all the possible houses in Velen. And I also had the GOTY edition. 

      Did you install all the patches? 

    4. PooPooBlast


      @KingGuy420 well that's fantastic! I assume you had to start over then in the GOTY edition and reexperience everything which I suppose for long RPGs isn't necessarily a bad thing. 


      But yea I'd go for playing the entire game without switching to something else to prevent from 1) losing interest and 2) being lost completely once you decide to come back. Hope you enjoy the rest of the game and I'm pretty confident the DLCs will be very fun and a new experience for you. 

  9. 30 years ago today, the original Gameboy released in NA.


    I never really think about my age until I read something like this. Holy shit I'm old lol.

    1. Hemiak


      Same here. I had one when they were the biggest thing. 

  10. Drive club bikes was a standalone though. You didn't need the base game. That's not the case here right?
  11. A long time ago, Sony said that they have a rule where a platinum cannot need dlc to be achieved. Doesn't giving a dlc it's own plat kinda fall in a grey area with that?
  12. Yeah. Hardcore mode limits you to 3 saves, and no checkpoints outside of those 3 saves... I think it's 3 anyways, been awhile.
  13. Seems Sony is changing the party chat limit from 8 to 16.


    I can barely handle 4 people talking over each other. I think I'd lose my mind with 16 lol.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Right? People be like



    2. NERVergoproxy


      Not saying its for any particular game, but FFXIV have raids that require more than 8people. It makes sense to have party chat increased for better coordination. Most of the time for something like that, no one talks but the raid leaders or those giving out directions what to do but yeah it can be pretty chaotic if a bunch of randoms talk at once.

  14. No, you'd have to sign in on his PS4. It wouldn't know who the "guest" was.
  15. Debating whether I want to buy Witcher 3 Complete or not...


    On one hand, I've actually been itching to replay it again and been thinking about it for awhile. On the other hand, the more I think about it the more I remember the issues I had with the game.


    Decisions decisions... Lol.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. KingGuy420


      @PooPooBlast Thanks lol. I actually beat it.


      @Commander Waffles I had 2 big issues. The first was the story pacing. I mean, one minute you're leading an army through the swamps to hunt horrific witches. The next minute you're running around looking for your buddies jilted ex lovers for the better part of two hours. Hard to justify choices like that.


      My other issue was the fact that they basically killed build variety. Magic is sooooo much fun in that game but a few bosses straight up resist magic, making those builds useless in a few big moments. It's basically saying "oh you can play magic if you want... but it'll be twice as much work cause you have to build melee too!". Build variety is a big deal for me so this one hurts, bad lol.

    3. PooPooBlast


      If you're okay for spending $13 for the expansion pass go for it then :). Blood and wine and hearts of stone had some very unique stories. And Shani is the best girl , screw manipulative Yen and whiny Triss!


      I'd you're worried about content length they're overall almost an entire game in length! (Not each but overall)

    4. WaffleJedi


      @KingGuy420 I will have to agree with you on your points about The Witcher.  Being an Elder Scrolls fan myself, I found the whole love story "quests" to be tiresome as I just wanted to get out there and do some damage.  I've quit the game a few times out of frustration.  Then Gwent.  Hated it in the beginning, until I got some decent cards.  Then it was okay.  


      I liked the fact you could build up some good gear, but the whole building out  trees to match your play style was very limiting.  I wanted a bit more variety than resetting everything as I changed my approach.  I haven't gone back to the game since May because of these issues.  I mean, it is still a great game, but not perfect.