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  1. I've also been gaming since the 80's and I actually kinda feel the opposite. Gaming just keeps getting better and better imo. I do agree that story can get super overbearing, and that is a huge complaint of mine when it comes to modern gaming, but that isn't enough to ruin all the other great things for me.
  2. Thank god Sony started charging for online. How else would we have this amazingly stable access to PSN? >.<

    1. PooPooBlast


      Good thing I didn't have time to play today :awesome:

    2. Sergen


      If they had to give you an extra day of PS+ for every time PSN went down, you'd have a lifetime supply of PS+.

  3. Many, many years ago, I fell absolutely in love Borderlands 2.


    The more I learned about the way drops worked, and the loot system in general, the more I wanted to grind for loot. I decided that I was going to farm every unique piece of gear in the game. Ultra rare guns, DLC gear, everything I could. I was going to catch them all, pokemon style.


    Over the years I've slowly picked away at the list. Definitely lost motivation on more than one occasion. But I kept chipping away at it.


    And now, just a touch over 6 years later, I finished. I finally checked that last gun off my list. And I loved every minute of doing it.


    Borderlands 2 is definitely one of my favorite games ever and I'll still keep playing it. If I like 3 half as much, I'll be over the moon.


    Oh, and screw the Cobra. That farm almost killed me lol.

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      Huh.. I just notice that. Lol. My bad.  ><

    3. B1rvine


      Got all the new Rainbow gear? xD


    4. KingGuy420


      @B1rvine Yup, for sure. All but one had pretty high drop rates so they weren't bad.

  4. Just go into the On Duty menu and you should be able to play any of the "Tier 1" stages. You'll get better loot from those. Once your gear level gets high enough, you'll unlock Tier 2, get better loot, unlock Tier 3, etc, etc. There's also a vendor where you can spend your Source Marks on the highest gear of whatever Tier you're on. You'll also be able to get more source marks from the On Duty menu missions. Don't just blow them though, just spend them if one piece is lagging behind or if it'll launch you to the next tier. Every tier uses the same currency lol. He's in the middle area of the watchtower, no clue where he's at on the villain side. To get stronger outside of gear, learn about leveling your artifacts / mods and especially learn about acquiring skill points. Those things are just to make you stronger though, they won't help unlock new content. They're pretty important in higher Tier content.
  5. Just finished the new BL2 DLC. Was actually pretty good. The grind to 88 begins tomorrow. Probably going to wait till then to test out the new gear.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Grats! I downloaded it yesterday to take advantage of its free price but I'll try it later. 


      How difficult (if they were) were the trophies? Mind you my siren was mid lvl 50s I believe but can't remember exactly. 


      I just saw a whole bunch of story trophies and defeating a raid boss. How tough is the raid boss and is it hard to get effervescent weapons in the game? 

    3. KingGuy420


      @PooPooBlast As far as I can tell, the trophies are pretty easy. Even the new rarity seems pretty easy to come by.

    4. PooPooBlast


      Is it easy because you were op level 8? :P


      But we'll see I'll give it a shot eventually but my hands are full with RDR 2 atm. 


      Anyways thanks!

  6. Nobody is forcing anybody to go back to it. That's on you. Going back to a game that you don't want to play is easily the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Life's too short to spend it doing something you don't want too. There's literally tens of millions of people that wait anxiously for those DLC's and love them because they're all quality. They're not gonna stop making them just because a handful of people whine about their completion percentages lol.
  7. Yeah, it's definitely better. It's arguably better now than Destiny has ever been, and they're not even close to done supporting it. But if Destiny isn't your thing, it probably still isn't lol.
  8. This is all very true, except for the input lag part, with good enough internet the input lag isn't noticeable. But even with all that being true, I still think this is a pointless remaster. Am I gonna buy it? Hell yeah... But I still think it's pointless lol.
  9. Remaster, by definition of the word, means improving it. How can you improve on something so perfect? There's only been two or three remasters that I've looked at and thought "why?". This definitely joins that list lol. Besides, it's already on ps4 through Now.
  10. Does it even need a remaster? Can it possibly look any better? Some of these remaster choices confuse me lol.
  11. The DLC is free and both the Vita and PS3 versions ended.
  12. There's tons of easy ones like doing x amount of damage with each element of each weapon type. Or hunt X behemoth 10 times with a full set of their armor. The whole craft to +6, +10. Fill the xp bar challenges for weapons / behemoths. There's tons and tons of easy challenges. Just for the record. I'm pretty sure I could be 40 right now if I cared even the slightest. I'm 32 and rarely go out of my way for them.
  13. Yeah, that's not the case. They revealed the setting and story of that dlc awhile back and it doesn't really match up with this leak. On topic though, I'm skeptical about taking this leak seriously. I really want it to be real but until it gets announced I'm staying skeptical.
  14. I know this is a long shot but anyone here with Twitch Prime not planning on using their Dauntless code?


    I really want those cosmetics but not enough to sign up for Twitch Prime lol.

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      not a problem. i dont play it. have prime. figured i could quickly help out :P enjoy!

    3. Dreggit


      If anyone else wants a code I can give it to them since I've no personal interest in it

    4. Dreggit


      Oh I should add that if you want the code please do PM me. I'm no mind reader ;)

  15. I can't believe Cuphead is going to be installed into Tesla's and a PS4 port is still no where in site... Like wtf? Lol. I swear they're just rubbing it in now.

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    2. TugaSonic


      It's a shame but I still have to ask if the guys at Tesla haven't played Cuphead or read anything about it besides how gorgeous it looks. Guess some road trips are gonna be fueled with rage.

    3. ResoluteRock


      Imagine some guy crashing into you in his Tesla because he was busy playing Cuphead lol 

    4. ShonenCat


      inb4 inevitable Tesla port of Skyrim 

  16. Pretty much all big games get laggy when there's a bunch of people in communal spaces. That's nothing new. It's not like it's gamebreakingly bad. All you do in town any ways is go through menus, which the lag doesn't affect. It's actually been getting better every day as they iron out the server issues, As for the one enemy that causes frame drops, they've said themselves that it's a problem with that behemoth on consoles in general and not because of the hardware. They're fixing it in the next patch. It's an early access game, I expect issues like that. So no, I wouldn't consider that bad.
  17. You can opt out of cross play. That option exists. Besides, who cares? It's not a PvP game, if someone's cheating it's not going to effect me outside of farming parts faster lol.
  18. What? The performance isn't bad at all. It gets a little laggy in the city when there's a lot of people around, and that one behemoth drops fps like crazy, but outside of that it runs great. I'm absolutely loving cross play though. There's something super satisfying about dropping Shroud with 2 PS4 players and 2 XBOX players lol.
  19. Some of the games that Sony has censored lately definitely fall under that. I know people around here like to act like it's all unjustified censorship but some of it is undoubtedly justified. BTW, asking for rape simulators then stating that you yourself don't want them, doesn't at all help the creep factor lol.
  20. I've been waiting so long for this expansion. Can't wait to rip into it.
  21. Ya know, the more that I think about this, the more I think it's your internet that's the problem. You were seeing something that already happened and that guy was actually further ahead than what you were seeing because you had crappier ping. Then when he tackled you it corrected the problem. Devs put in safeguards against ping differences like that all the time as to not punish the guy with better ping. It seems like this was caused by a large ping difference and it seems like the worse ping was you. Maybe point the finger inwards before naming and shaming the poor guy on YouTube lol.
  22. Because any number of internet problems, server problems, modem problems, loading problems, ANYTHING could've caused it. Sure, there's a small chance it could've been a lag switch but that's a million miles away from proof. Even if he had a lag switch, he was falling which means he would've had to go through to recovery animation from the fall before being able to tackle you. Lag switches don't somehow slow down time or alter animations lol. A lag switch wouldn't have been able to cause that.
  23. Again, that proves nothing. Either one of you could've had a delay with the server causing the mistiming of the animations. That's not at all proof.
  24. Unless you have a video of the guy actually working the lag switch than you have no proof. Someone lagging in game could be a million things. Back when I had crappy internet, I got accused of lag switching more than once, and it was just crappy internet.
  25. Doesn't A Way Out come with a second copy of the game for a friend? I don't know how trophies work with that, but the game should be able to bypass share play altogether.