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  1. (Fighter EX Layer) Oh man, 61% already? This game's easy!!...... Oh right, the online is dead.

  2. PS4 #388: No Ape Can Escape! You know the last time I touched this game, was on its very first PSM demo disc at a Target. Yep, that long. So with the added incentive of a platinum, I finally dipped my toes into it, and yeah, I had a pretty fun time. A very silly game, but that's the charm of it all. It's gimmick is that 50% of the gameplay revolves around the use of both Analog sticks. For the most part it's still playable, but we've DEFINITELY come far in better implementation. You know what this game reminds me of? Monster Inc Scream Team. Something about the tone of it, coupled with unlocking new moves which help with targets that can't be caught on the first run. I'd say the perfect game is a mix between the two, but again, it was fun. Though they definitely dropped the ball with marketing. I would've so loved some variation of the Grape Escape commercial. Just replace Grape with Ape.
  3. PS3 #387: Chip Off the Old Block Both versions of this one done, and I was surprised how much i didn't remember here. Not a bad story, but as many pointed out, pretty cliché. So many moments that could've been solved or prevented if characters would just hurry up instead of stopping to look at something/one/danger. Plus there's the whole TellTale misfortune of dialogue choices being very deceptive, with meaning and delivery being at odds with the choice of words used. What I also found weird was instead of long awkward moments of silence while you choose your response, you instead get characters talking on and on, trying their best to fill the void; but this instead means you end up essentially have to interrupt their tangent, leading to a different kind of awkwardness that feels equally unnatural.
  4. From memory, it's not that long, I think maybe after a couple missions when you get to the city.
  5. #386: Top of the Heap OK, this one I DID complete, and had a pretty fun ole time like all the other 2 versions. Some kinda annoying moments here and there, but nothing that made me hate the game.
  6. PS4 #385: Done Done Done The Jak series is easily one of my favorite trophy lists in terms of design. I love the engraved images combined with the simple yet striking bronze silver gold blue coloring. So I decided to go ahead and nab it while it was under Premium (which I'm testing for a month, so gotta make the most of it) and admit my shame of using debug mode. Again, I just don't like this game. It has some fun totally 2000 charm to it, but not enough to get me through the aggravation of playing through it.
  7. #383: Adventurer Been eyeing this platinum for a long time, as it's my favorite type; decorative and blue. This game FINALLY went on sale, so I was able to go for it. And yeah, it's not terrible, but definitely not worth 29.99. Its for kids, and definitely got some things for them to do. #384: Harmony! *shrugs* ratalaika game. At least I had to make it to the end credits before popping the plat.
  8. lol watch as there is some kind of Onion Ring challenge where getting too many kills you. But still, thats a sweet lookin plat, so what the heck, I'll go for it!
  9. (JOJO ASBR) I can get used to it, but I'm not liking these new line deliveries.

  10. Definitely looking at the 1 credit and defeat SS without being hit. But then again, the whole game could be a pain in the shell even on the lowest difficulty.
  11. Posted Wednesday at 01:02 AM (edited) · Report post PS3 #382: Trophied Career Found Cars 3 Ps3 for a great deal, so I said why not? Just like the PS4 version, the only nitpick I have with it is that one trophy that requires you to play a a whopping 80+ races, which of course gets tedious after a while. Other than that, its the best kind of trophy list; one that encourages exploration of the game and its mechanics. It's also in my opinion the best alternative for those who don't have a nintendo console for Mario Kart, and one of the best racers I've played. And that's also ALL the Cars platinums! Ka-CHOW!!!
  12. #381: Shawarma Time I think this may the first Lego game I hate. I already wasn't a fan of the Console version, and the changes made to fit this on a vita makes the experience that much worse. The main campaign isn't really the problem, even if they took out entire level sections, which I wouldn't have minded except they axed my favorite part. It's the open world that causes all the headaches. Take the already annoying races and challenges, then add in a camera scheme that remains fixated on your back, overly sensitive controls, and certain actions leading to guaranteed game crashing, and you get the one Lego game that had me cursing at it.
  13. Yeah, it's like a modern day Roger Rabbit, if Roger Rabbit sucked. I didn't hate this movie like I thought I would, but to imply this is even in the same space as WFRR is to admit one doesn't have a clue of why that movie's considered a classic. There is no compelling story here, no interesting characters, no engaging mystery, no sense of danger, no commentary on the characters or premise its named after. All this movie has is references. Not jokes, references. "Hey, that character exists! Hey, here's some Rescue Rangers merchandising! Hey, One Saturday Morning!" Ok, I'm sorry, they do have the meta jokes. You know, the very wussy vanilla Disney variety, including "Hey, aren't some of the tropes in our movies silly?" or "Wouldn't it be dumb if we did the very obvious corporate thing *winkwink nudgenudge*) The choice to not use the original Chip/Dale voices was a baffling one, not helped that John and Andy are terrible with their acting. They had no problem getting the original voices (or near perfect soundalikes) for Monterrey and Gadget. But this is where I admit that I smiled once during this entire movie; when the Rangers are actually back together. For one minute, and right before we hit the end credits, but again, I won't lie about how I felt. Also, Men's Warehouse. I laughed at that. Again, despite all the negative stuff I listed (and I DO consider it a negative), I just felt disappointed watching it, not enraged or anything. For me, it's that standard modern Disney disappointment; gorgeous visuals wrapped around nothing but wasted opportunities. Instead of being anything related to Rescue Rangers, we get "Ralph Breaks The Internet While Disney Shells Out A Few Extra Dollars for Other Properties (including one I THOUGHT we all agreed on should've remained buried after a huge fucking stint was made about it). But it's best not to get too worked up about it. Critics and fans will suck it's acorn for a week or two then forget all about it. Plus, I won't argue the price I paid for this.
  14. Every planet has something to like, but Asteroid Coaster has everything I enjoyed. It's like Eggmanland, but fun. And good.
  15. #380: Master of Spinjitzu