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  1. I never played the PS3 version, but I do remember the 360 version having a bunch of tricks in game that made even the hardest sounding achievements a breeze. Heck, it was one of the few Arcade games I 100% on my original account, because said tricks where so helpful. I dunno of they took those out of this version, or if it wasn't even possible on the PS3, so we'll see......
  2. #333: The Party Never Ends Such a shame, this game. It started out so great, too. A fun art style, wacky character designs, fun and unique spins on party games, different ways to pull ahead and win in the end. I was prepared to state that the only negative thing about this game game was that it was attached to a gimmicky phone app. But then I got to one of the gold trophies Be There AND Be Square and all fun I was having just disappeared. Yep, it's one those trophies that has the power to completely ruin an experience. This trophy tasks with with a obtaining a certain 2-item setup for its minigame. This doesn't seem like an issue at all, but the problem is, this steup is randomly generated, meaning obtaining even ONE of these items could take literal hours, plus you have only a limited number of tries to do as such, the entire time the last item you need could end up going to another character meaning you have try all over again. Then add in the fact that you cannot simply restart the minigame; no, have to back out to the main menu, sign in AGAIN, partake in an annoying and completely unnecessary phone shake gimmick, go through multiple load screens, confirm each character, and THEN try get lucky again. Sorry Frantics, I wanted to love you you, but then you had go and blindside me. If this gold trophy just required a certain number of playthroughs, I would understand that because you want people to play you more, but making me rely entirely on luck? I can't gel with that.
  3. No you can't you've been very bad go to your room
  4. Gotta say, that sucks to hear, as I was really interested in this one.
  5. #332: All Trophies! Well, they aren't all gonna be hidden gems, I guess. Like I said in status update, the game is a fine substitution for those without a Nintendo console, but not anything spectacular. I've been pretty lucky in my enjoyment in most all the movie based games I played so far, so it was kind of a bummer that this one didn't continue the trend. Heck, it barely has anything to do with the movie. Seriously, you add up the seconds of all the clips they show from the movie, it may equal to ONE minute of run-time. There is no attempt to draw you into the game, or even get you curious about the movie. Also, despite none of the trophies being hard, it still is a demanding game, especially for one aimed at a younger audience. The fact that it still has a %16 rarity rate should be proof of that.
  6. That's kind of a hard one, actually. I think back to the Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast, the last two systems I was truly excited for. And for both systems, it was their showcase games, Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure, that got me so pumped and hyped and begging for a system. They both played to their strengths; Mario 64 showcased Nintendo's penchant for solid engaging fundamentals in a (at the time) immersive world, while Sonic Adventure followed through on Sega's devil may care attitude, showcasing action set piece after set piece in a wider variety of more contained worlds. So going off of that, what does the PS5, what does SONY, have that is uniquely theirs that would make make that leap from 4 to 5? Nothing that I can see right now; the only games I'm evenly remotely interested in are the Spiderman games, and I don't need to go next gen for that. Shame too, because the Spidey's contain elements from BOTH games I listed, so if it was exclusive for the 5, Miles might have been the one.
  7. Happy New Year from a central timer!

  8. #331: Well Done! My final platinum this year. A bit of a shame that it ended on a easy peasy platinum, but I wasn't feeling up to anything, so I'll take it. High percentage rate means exactly what you think; easy requirements, don't even have to beat the game, and cheats that make it super easier. I could talk about how crappy this year was, but that's old news. I will say that it's a damn shame, because it was 2020. Think about that, two 20s in a row, a once in a lifetime event where something grand should have happened, and all we had is a bunch of death and a major blow to our ways of life. And I get to thinking, what if something even worse is around the corner? What if 2020 was 2000 on repeat, with something truly awful on the horizon in 2021? Or maybe 2020 WAS our terrible year, and something better is waiting. I dunno, but hopefully I'm around to see whatever it may be. Happy New Years!
  9. This was a nice bit of DLC, though like the main story, one where most players can tell what was copy-pasted from Arkham City. From a Bruce Wayne opening, to having to subdue Freeze with different takedowns.... actually, I think that was it. Plus, they DO add an additional way to cause him damage, so it isn't completely the same. The rest of the DLC isn't too different from the main campaign, which itself is a reskin of Arkham City, so whatever. Still, not a bad piece of additional story, and give them credit for finding a villain that suits the winter theme going on. Now all that stands between me and the platinum is the MP.
  10. I Am The NightFinish I Am The Night Mode I was tedious playing through this game 3 times, but I gotta say it in many ways got easier with each playthrough. It was a tad more annoying because I felt the need to constantly stop and back up my saves, and there's a great irony that I was more worried about the regular enemies than I was the bosses. I think I'll soon be ready for the MP trophies, and badabing badaboom!
  11. (Arkham Origins) I Am The Knight mode all done! Knowing what I learned from New Game+ (and online videos) the mode was more annoying than hard, with me being overly cautious and frequently backing up my save.

  12. #330: Christmas Break master Much like the Halloween predecessor, I bought this as a replacement so I could have a Christmas themed platinum this year. Also like that one, there's not much to say. It's Breakout, but Christmas themed. I'm not gonna knock it for being easy, as it gave me what I wanted, though I do wish the trophies especially the plat did more to differentiate from each other in this game and others. Have a Merry Christmas eve!!
  13. (Arkham Origins) Some time off did some good, as I managed to beat New game+. All in all, not to bad; the final boss fights where much easier this time around.