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  1. Trophies killed my parents. Nah, but really.... 1) Like you said, it gets me to try new games, most of which I don't like, but the rest I really effin love. - This one needs to be elaborated on, because it's my #1 for a reason. If I didn't like the look of Spelunker/Black's shiny rock platinums, I would've never experienced the time and effort to make a sucky source-material work so well that it would become a series I am now on the lookout for. Same with games like TMNT: Out of the Shadows, which for all it's problems, showed me how awesome Batman's Arkham combat would work in 4-person multiplayer. That in turn leads to playing games like Captain America: Super Soldier and Amazing Spider-Man, both fun-as-hell takes on the combat, which leads me to the big dog Arkham City, which made me marvel on how much time and energy was spent making its world feel so alive, like I was in it. Alot of these games really spark my imagination, and inspire me in many ways. They remind me of why I love playing games, and why I want to make at least one before I leave this earth. And, I guess that's why so many of my recent posts lamenting trophy hunting. Those games I listed above? I was playing them back to back, one right after the other, and seemed like the good times would never end. But they did, and few exceptions here and there, lately it seems I've been getting an unlucky streak of forgettable games I don't care about. *phew* Now for the rest. 2) It provides a nice checklist of of said games that I like, games that should something happen to my current profile, I know to go back to and re-earn because it's worth it. 3) They are kinda fun to show off, though no one I know cares that much about them.
  2. Trophy hunting. As others have said, it's affected (probably forever) the way I play games. And the worse thing is is that it isn't so cut and dry. There are many games that I would have never given a fair shake and loved if I didn't like how the trophies looked, but it I still ended up playing a bunch of games I didn't care for or outright hated because of it. It sucked up so much of my time as a result, time that could've been spent productively. Even now, when there exists a game I genuinely wanna play for fun, with my trophy list tainted by a now unobtainable platinum (ergo making 100% no longer a possibility), I can't even get excited any more, because now my brains always telling me "you really shouldn't. You may not get the platinum."
  3. Talking solely about pride, I would definitely have to go with these. How I feel about each individual one is different, but they both share one thing in common; they are games that I had played but failed to complete on my other accounts, due to the fear I had that they were just too hard to finish. Bulletstorm PS3. This one is a special case, because as we probably all know, this one should have been lost a long time ago. But thanks to the magic of my fellow psnprofiles users, I was able to try once again, and what do you know, I 100% the whole thing. And like I said in my posts for it, it was worth every second, main game and DLC. It still remains my absolute favorite 1st person shooter, and I'm happy to have it AND the PS4 version. Asura's Wrath. This one is a bit more complicated, but the jist of it is that by taking the plunge and really going for the trophies, I not only finished a game I left undone, but came away with a greater appreciation for it.
  4. So of course, the Days of play 2019 PS4 is the lamest looking one ever. How do you go from Gold, to Blue and Gold, to just generic Steel?

    1. MidnightDragon


      I agree. I have the blue and gold PS4 and it's very pretty!

    2. DaivRules


      I really dig the look, WAY better than the previous years. 

  5. Ugh, Portal Knights. You aren't the worse game, but I'll be damnded if you aren't trying to be.

  6. So I saw how the original platinum was going to look, and while I think the blue trophy fits the theme of trophies better, I also think the Crown would be PERFECT for 100% complete lists.

  7. That would be awesome if it was given for a 100% complete trophy list.
  8. Absolutely I would. Like I stated in other threads, I would love to clear up the clutter on my list, and be it just games that mean a damn to me. it would also make it easier for the PS3 to generate its trophy lists and instead of several minutes of loading. Like you and others have mentioned, there are plenty of ways to discourage hackers deleting trophies, be it charging to delete, or imposing a timeframe ala the system deactivation to how often you could delete them.
  9. .....Is the title a Super Mario RPG reference? Probably not, but it seems like way too a coincidence when you can just swap out Neptunia with Mario. Just add legend of the 7 tiddies or whatever TF this game is about.
  10. Well that would be fine by me, if I'm hiding a game I don't like, chances are I'm hoping to never see it again. It's the same idea as getting rid of a game one doesn't like; I don't like it, I don't want to be reminded of it. I've already mentally logged it away as something I won't touch again, I don't need to see it on a list, mocking me with "lol not only did you not like this suck-ass game, but you don't even have the plat for it, you ocd-lite loser" And, to again place emphasis on it, it's not about what OTHERS think, or see on my profile, it's how I see my profile.
  11. Twisted Metal due to closed servers. River City All Stars due to lack of information on how to unlock characters for a trophy, and the absolutely asinine story progress that requires you to create a new character every time through.
  12. The thought of a 100% complete still still lingers in my brain, even though for the moment it's 100% (lol) impossible now with the closure of the Twisted Metal servers. It's why I keep going back to games like Soul Sacrifice and Grand Kingdom, even though I'm getting NOTHING out of them in terms of enjoyment or inspiration. As it is now though, a 100% completion profile would only be satisfying if it was comprised entirely of games I wanted to play, or did the things mentioned above. But hey, if you can make it work, go for it!
  13. Question: What is Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice? Is it a completely different game from 1 and 2, or a repackaging for the PS4?

    1. KingGuy420


      I think it's 2 but fixed up. Something about them running out of $ with the original version and this is the game they wanted to make. I dunno, it was awhile ago I read that lol.

    2. RedRodriguez87


      They all seem to share a trophy list. Maybe I'll just play it safe and stick with the vanilla version, which I've played before.

  14. *shrugs* So completion and cluttered up lists that end up making your trophy list a long time to load aren't an issue. It's me wanting to customize my space the way I want it to look, and because I want to, not because of what someone might think of it. I DO like looking at the trophies from the games I enjoyed. If I don't like a game, I don't want it cluttering up ANY of my space in any way shape or form. I wouldn't sweat it too much if the current hide feature wasn't so lacking and half-arsed. Take the option of hiding purchases on PS4, yes they still exist, but hiding them ACTUALLY HIDES THEM from your view. And should you ever want to change that, you can. if I wanna hide trophies, I want it to be from myself as well.
  15. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... I misread the question and as a result voted for the wrong option. Just put me in the "its fine the way it is" category. Most problems I have with how trophies are implemented now comes down to the devs themselves, and nothing inherently wrong with the system Sony has set up. Of course, Sony could be proactive and address the situation head-on by letting us disable trophies ourselves and/or deleting finished/unfinished games BUT ANYWAYS..........