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  1. Prototype 2 so far is just a blast to play. I'm ashamed it took me this long to do so. Here's hoping I don't hate it when it comes time to finish it on Hard.....

  2. From my own list The Penguins of Madagascar (PS3) Rise of the Guardians (PS3) Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (PS3) Perils of Baking (PS4) Cars 3(PS4) Shrek Forever After (PS3) Snoopy's Grand Adventure(PS4) Toy Story 3 (PS3) SpongeBob HeroPants (vita) Toy Story Mania! (PS3)
  3. In regards to Prototype 2, I think I gathered from research, but just to confirm, it IS the refined definite Prototype experience, right? No reason to play the 1st in case I miss out on a cool gameplay mechanic?

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    2. HaserPL


      To be honest, if you miss out on Prototype 1, you will miss a lot story-wise. But gameplay, not really.

    3. RedRodriguez87


      @SpazI liked it alright. The characters are fine, the platforming is ok, the combat is leaps above the original trilogy, though that may be a hot take. It's just a great big pile of pretty good.


      My advice, should you go for it, try not to get too invested in the story, as it doesn't end on a satisfying note. Twice over, somehow.

      @ChristIllusion12That's what I hear, so I think I'll go that route.


      @HaserPLI do remember the ending, and I do remember being disappointed where Alex ends up by the time part 2 happens (which I also remember way back when it first came out), so I'd rather not get too into the story.

    4. Spaz


      @RedRodriguez87 The combat in the PS2 era PoPs is absolutely atrocious. They tried to appeal to emo, death metal kids in The Warrior Within, but it didn’t work. The game was horrible to platinum, and I was scared of the Sand Portal glitch.

  4. (Spiderman 2) Few gaming moments are as satisfying as stopping an armored car robbery, chasing after the getaway vehicle, stopping to save someone from a random mugging, and STILL managing to catch back up to it. Can't do that shit in the new Spiderman. Without it being scripted, anyways.

    1. Spaz


      So was this game better in that respect?

    2. RedRodriguez87


      Yes. Kinda. Sorta. I think what I'm liking is how it isn't so automated. You can combo more than one enemy, you can partake in one or more mission at the same time. Not every mission (ie gang hideouts) has its own marker to separate you from the rest of the game to keep you from getting distracted. 


      I can't say its the superior game, but it in many ways feels much more rewarding to actively do stuff like I mentioned above without the game prompting me, and pull it off.

    3. Spaz


      Well I mean, I agree with you.


      That's just something a lot of modern AAA games do as opposed to the older stuff we played on the PS2 when things weren't so obvious and you have to actually figure out some stuff. Marvel's Spider-Man is a very good game but everything about it to me is too mainstream and Hollywood centric.


      The newer Assassins Creed games, especially from what I've played of Origins, tend to hold your hand. In the old original Assassins Creed from 2007 I had to figure out how to do some of the stealth missions so I could get to the main guy I was trying to assassinate.


      There's definitely a lot more automation now.

  5. lol I never thought I would experience this. So I was in a retro game shop, and there was a dad with his two young kids, a boy and girl. So, when these kids would say/ask something, this guy would make a snark under his breath everytime time. And I do mean everytime; his just could not respond to anything his kids would say without some smartass comment.


    The kicker? When the girl was looking at the infinity figures, she noticed Anna from Frozen. He then replies with, "that's a little too misandric for my tastes". Here I am, trying not to laugh, thinking to myself "Is this dude for real? Nah, I must have misheard him." 


    Sure enough, when they were about to check out, the girl told him she wanted Anna, and he replies, with a noticably dissapointed tone "you're killing me here".


    I honestly couldn't believe that out of all the films, THAT one he was taking issue with. Like, how much of a wuss do you have to be to call FROZEN misandric? I wonder if he goes online and calls other people soyboys too....

  6. I sure hope. Often terrible quality aside, I missed the days when devs would try to pack a movie in game form. You can tell from my trophy list and my status updates that I still like playing movie games like Kung Fu Panda, Shrek 2, the Spider-man series, most recently Brave, and more. Like I said when talking about Spidey movie 1, I like the idea of reliving with my own hands the experience of a movie. Of course, I'm also of the opinion that a lot of gaming's "original" moments stopped being -- well, original -- a long time ago.
  7. It's funny, I often say "Disney if your movie interpretation is gonna change things up from the source material so much, you would be better off changing character names and marketing it as your own".


    And here they are, doing that very thing with Frozen 2, and yet I can't find myself getting invested, because I really wanted those 2 kids teased to have some connection to the original two kids from the Snow Queen. And not gonna die.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      You really want Disney films to be more like their original novels? 


      That would have made Little Mermaid and Hunchback much darker stories. 



    2. MidnightDragon


      @Dr_Mayus Yea, and Hunchback was still pretty dark, though toned down!

    3. RedRodriguez87


      Well no, I wasn't asking for anything, I was giving an example of a cruel irony. You know, like Yzma.

  8. Kung Fu Panda for Xbox 360 has alot going for it already, but DAMN. The water effects are amazing. Like, this is probably the best water has ever looked in a 2008 game.

    1. skateak


      Better than Crysis? :P

    2. PooPooBlast


      Went and watched some gameplay and you weren't kidding! Pretty impressive!

    3. RedRodriguez87


      @skateak*looks up Crysis water effects* OK, those are pretty damn good, so I'll fall back on the standby "ah ha, but did you expect it from a kids game based on a movie?"


      @PooPooBlastIt's a pretty fun 1000g too, for anybody still playing the 360!

  9. Captain America: Super Soldier 1000g. A fantastic easy movie game. Honestly, the only things close to negative I can say is that the moves, from a visual standpoint, are pretty vanilla, and Chris Evans doing a weird "does he even care, or does he not know how" performance.

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    2. DamagingRob


      One of the better movie tie in games. Seen a lot less of those this gen.

    3. starcrunch061


      Yeah, I enjoyed that game, too. I loved Arnim Zola with his TV chest.

    4. Elvick_


      I was tempted to get this game for PS3 at some point. Glad to hear it's pretty good.

  10. Jumper: Griffin's Story 1000g. Sucky ass rushed movie game, for sure, but, I dunno, it could've been..... well, decent. It's got some neat ideas anyways.

  11. Just finished PoP: Sands of Time. I'm now wondering if I should just leaving my overall positive feelings on this game as they are and move on, or if I should ignore every warning I hear about the other two and try those.

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    2. Masamune


      I did all of them not too long ago, WW was probably the worst one (extremely tedious with all the backtracking), it had a good OST though... as for TTT, that one was a lot more enjoyable, especially after playing through WW just beforehand. 😅


      I also played through the 2008 version on PS3 too, that one is completely different, & is mostly just platforming.

    3. RedRodriguez87


      @CopaneleI noticed that too, watching videos of the pc and console versions, how much smoother those where.


      @FawltyPowersIt's the having to multiple times or do it all in one go on hard that's really turning me away.


      @MasamuneI heard alot of that too. Doesn't help that I was completely turned off WW the moment it was announced with it's tryhardiness. But damn, if I were to finish them up, I'd have every PoP platinum, so I dunno......

      EDIT: Actually, damn, you can't even do one go, difficulty doesn't stack.

    4. Masamune


      Yeah, 3 playthrough of WW was very... exhausting (with the backtracking, it felt like 6+). -_- You have to do 3 of TTT too, but I could stomach that a bit better since there wasn't any backtracking. You do have to be careful with the Sand Snake trophy though, that one glitched on me on my first run. 😕

  12. #253: Prince of Persia One of my absolute favorite games, it's as fun now as it was when I first played it all those years ago when it came out. The set-pieces, the story, the characters, the platforming, the setting, the aesthetic, the atmosphere, everything was was so lovingly crafted and executed, that's no mystery what it caught on and became a best-seller, and being in a group of - sequels, spin-offs, pre-sequels and reboots - is still the most fondly remembered today. This to me, is parkour gameplay at it's best. The time put into making the Prince feel like he has weight, and has to fight against gravity, but still manage to pull off these impressive stunts, is amazing. It's always satisfying to chain together all these acrobatic moves. It's also alot more fun to watch as opposed to a game like, say, Ninja Gaiden 2, where the ease doing all these moves for some reason makes it look less impressive. It does have one bad spot, and that's the sucky combat. But it's a very unique kind of suck; one where thought and effort was put into it, but in hindsight really shouldn't have been. The combat goes a dynamic cinematic feel, for better and worse. The prince has many well-animated flashy moves, but that also means that nearly all of his moves have a wind-up which leave you open. Multiple enemies can and will hound you at every moment, never letting up thanks to their flash-step move that insures they will always be right on you. The methods in dealing with them varies, encouraging you to learn every move available. But because the game doesn't believe in letting the player breathe for a moment, your intended move can often hit the wrong target, leaving you wide open for anthers' attack. The amount of damage you can take seems entirely random; sometimes taking 5% off your life, other times the same move taking nearly half of it. It also feels like the devs were so certain that gamers would love the combat, because the enemies won't. Stop. Coming! Every single battle is almost an endurance test, a nonstop wave of sand goons breathing down your neck. And these are the passive aggressive types; they stand there for doing nothing but blocking your moves, until you get hit with a cheap shot (that you couldn't see thanks to the unhelpful camera), after which they will wail on you while you are down, because this game has the dumb mechanic of having to manually get up. I'm not kidding when I say every fight had me complaining "oh my god, enough already!!" But STILL, despite all that, I'm glad I played it again. Combat aside, everything else was just fun to revisit again. Because so, I ended up wondering why Ubisoft was sitting on PoP, you know, outside of it not being Assassin's Creed. But then I think, they trilogy is done, maybe it's for the best. It seems like they themselves have no idea what to do with the series, seeing as to how the 2008 reboot managed to have 2 cliffhangers in the same game, so maybe this should be left alone.
  13. Sitting here, pondering how I managed Arkham City challenges, but still think Arkham Asylum ones are too hard.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      The combat in Arkham City is little bit more forgiving than Asylum.

  14. #250!!!!!!!!: Platinuminary Definitely wasn't my first choice, but also def one I'm not ashamed of. It's a great compilation of games, regardless of region. And I won't say no to a shiny blue SEGA plat, will I? #251: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Did it for the cool looking platinum, and no other reason. Pretty weird timing, I will admit, what with all the talks of toxic trophy hoarders and weebs getting all their info of Japan through these games...... #252: Mask and Stripes Forever This one I was actually curious if the cross save trophy pop feature still worked, and lo and behold!! Can't say my opinion of this game has changed much since the 8 minutes it took me to get this plat, so I'll just sum up my thoughts when I did the Vita version; The game looks great, and plays great as well, though the attempt to merge Sly 1's platforming missions with Sly 2's open worldness doesn't really pan out, nor does the games' insistence on streamlining and removing the option to choose which order to tackle jobs. Everything else, is just terrible. The story plays like really bad fanfiction, with nonsensical time travel rules, plots that come and go and are filled with holes, and major flanderization and out of character moments created for the sake of forced drama. Add in a lame cast of villians, an final boss that's just one long QTE, and one kick in the balls ending, and it's no wonder the series has been on one long break. It just takes a special kind of dickery, of headassery and utter contempt for the fanbase, that you revive their beloved series with its satisfying ending, and rewrite it to add boring new characters, butcher existing ones, construct a plot that doesn't even take advantage of its premise, then end it on ANOTHER cliffhanger in which the only thing accomplished is our heroes being more miserable than when this mess started out, and last but most insultingly drop that you had no plans to even finish what you started. I really try not to shit on game developers, as I know games take alot of hard work and thankless hours, but fuck you Sanzaru games, if only for this asshole blunder.
  15. Holy crap, Thieves in Time's cross-save insta trophy pop still works! Just got the PS3 plat!