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  1. 213: Guacamastery And with that, I now have every Guacamelee platinum in existence. I was a big fan of the first one (as you can tell), so I knew I would eventually come around to this one. And it's good....ish. I mean, it's really just more of the same, which a good game sequel is, I guess. And the game kinda expects that you know that. What do I mean?? Well, the best example I can give is comparing it to Super Mario Galaxy 2; it's a sequel that you gives you a moment to take in the basics, but then starts to dial up the difficulty a bit faster than you'd expect, in a way noticeable only to those who have played the prior games. It's like expecting A-B-C but being surprised with A-C; not a huge leap, but again, for those who played the first, you will most likely pick up on it. But hey, nothing I couldn't do in under a week (there was a bit of a time-gap from when I started it and left it, to when I came back and finished it). One thing I DIDN'T appreciate was the story and writing. Honest question, was the first one this bad when it came to its jokes? I know silly cringey humor was a part of the first game, but I can't recall any instance where the game would halt for minutes on end so a character could try again and again desperately to land a joke. It's like the writers were so proud of every joke that they said "No. No editing. We keep them ALL in" That in turn really screws over the main story. Again, the first one was by no means a super serial tale, but it did have it moments where it took things seriously, so that you could care about a character and their situation. Here, every character has some wacky thing to say damn near every time they get some dialogue in, so that when the couple (like, literally 2) serious moments come about, I was like "yeah, whatever", and even THEN they can't even commit to it, because they'll end it with a lame one liner. But still, it was fun, just not really a game changer or even series changer; just more of the same. I certainly won't say NO to a 3rd game, I am kinda less interested in one now, because I really can't see how one would be without being super redundant. 212: The Absolute World Honestly, I don't really know what to say about this one. It's been out for years, we've all seen it in action, we know how visually awesome it looks, and yes, it looks freakin awesome. I just don't know what else to say, because I'm not really a fighting game fan. I can't say much about the story, because in the tradition of Arc System games, it's damn near impenetrable for newcomers. I can't say much about the fighting, because I just did what I could to plat it, and didn't take much of an appreciation for fighting games out of it. The content? Well, there are some superficial modes that are obviously just padding, with setup and rules I just don't get or even care to. ....Why did I play this? I could've just watched youtube vids for the visuals or stop by my local anime arcade, so why did I invest time in it? The plat isn't even that good looking. *sigh* One day I'll learn. Learn to avoid games I don't care about past a superficial level and just play ones I genuinely want to, like-- PS4 211: Platinum Thief Like this one!! It was fun o the Vita, and was fun on the PS4 (and maybe even slightly easier, with more buttons and a bigger controller to work with). If only they'd put it on the PS3, then I'd have another trifecta!
  2. That DOES look cool. Like alot of these control colors though, it just makes me wish we got matching consoles as well.
  3. 208: Platinum For All Other Trophies This was a really cool one. From what I can tell, this is a sequel to a preexisting game, but going off my experience, I don't think it's vital you pay that one first; all you need to know is that it is a super dark take on Alice and her adventures in Wonderland as she revisits all its inhabitants, as evidenced by the title itself and all the blood splattered everywhere. What stood out for me is how, how to word it, NON-gratuitous it felt. Don't get me wrong, it's filled to the brim with violent gory disturbing imagery, but it doesn't quite get into shock-value territory. There is a story being told, and the imagery helps to tell it. For anyone wondering, no, there is nothing like jumpscares in the game. The gameplay is of a 3d-hack and slash adventure; you go from one Wonderland-themed level to the next, hacking and slashing Wonderland-themed enemies, collecting Wonderland-themed powerups and weapons, leveling them up, etc. It works fairly well, outside the camera issues that plague most games of this with a free camera control instead of being fixed. The stages go between drab and dull to fantastical and colorful, with a splatter of blood and creepiness for good measure. I keep hearing talks of a third, and I wouldn't mind checking it out, though I felt the game ended on a somewhat conclusive note (conclusive enough considering the tone, anyways), that it would be fine if it didn't continue. PS4 209: Gem Smashers Lover Only thing I will say is that this platinum title is incorrect: I am NOT a Gem Smashers Lover, merely I completed it get it off my backlog. PS4 210: Tai of New Zealand copy-paste from vita version; "to summarize, it's a sort of fan mashup between the gameplay of Zelda, and the humor and wit of Earthbound (or so I'm told, as I never actually played Earthbound. Shocking, I know). It reminds me of another game I had on my list before, that I should get around to playing one day."
  4. #204: Unlikely Bandit I've platted this one so many times, there isn't much else to say about it. It's IMO the best of the series, and any problems I have with it (awkward delivery on the voice acting) are just nitpicks. Like, why didn't they use the games title logo as the trophy banner instead of the generic Sly one? VITA #205: Awesome Pea Platinum Can't sync this one yet, but it's good to go. Bearing a striking resemblance to Jack and Jill DX, this one could really catch you off guard in terms of difficulty; it is MUCH more involved and requiring of skill to plat it, as EVERY trophy tasks you with completing a level in one go WHILE getting ALL the collectibles. But again, it isn't a pea buster, and once you get pass a frustrating hurdle that is the 3 island, it's pretty much smooth sailing. The main standout of course is the very authentic gameboy colors and feel of the game. The game adds some additional headache inducing filters for some reason, but you can turn these off thankfully. VITA #206: Platinum Thief This is the kind of platformer I like; on that really takes advantage of the very concept of platforming. Your character can do most everything a platforming character can; double jump, wall jump, wall slide, dagger warp, attack, and all the levels are based around those things. Some of the levels are pretty tricky though, and that got me to thinking about the trophy list, and ones similar to it; it's one where you don't even need to progress past the first stage. The plat is intentionally easy, and while that seems obvious, I can't help but wonder how much the difficulty would jump if you were required to play through to the end.
  5. Eh, pretty lame, actually. It's like something you could find online and apply yourself. I remember the pride one had different icons and stuff. They could've done that here and that might have made it better. At least the pic is better, showing them playing games and having fun and being a lot more livelier than the generic srs buziness from 2018.
  6. Easily one of the coolest looking platinums ever. It was worth getting it twice.
  7. I was really questioning if it was as easy as Jack n Jill looking at the trophies. Some of the descriptions made me say "Ok, there has to be some catch somewhere". Glad to see they went for a PROPER GC color scheme, instead of an GC emulator color scheme.
  8. Thats actually pretty damn awesome. Now I have some incentive to clean up the games I've been sitting on that I don't much care for, except now it's going to count for something.
  9. 204: The Penguins of Madagascar 100% Complete Completed with 5 hours of nonstop playing, not only because it was easy, but also because it was fun. It is like most kid cash in games; control four characters, go from level to level solving puzzles, and that's pretty much it. No actual boss fights, a small collection of mini-games, nothing else. But the game performs solidly, it's incredibly easy to get around, and the characters themselves (the penguins) are as usual fun characters to watch and listen to; there were a couple moments that actually did get a laugh out of me. All in all, not a bad choice for an easy platinum. Much better than Madagascar 3 the game.
  10. Alrighty then, but on one condition, that righties stop being ass-backwards in their beliefs regarding other people. That way those ass-backwards beliefs won't seep into video-games, and then there would be nothing to complain about.
  11. Absolutely. It's quite simple...... Neil Druckman can't make you do anything. He can't change your beliefs. He can't make you change your viewpoint. And he certainly can't make you go out and buy the game. But not buying the game isn't enough, isn't it? Like I said in THAT thread, the majority of anti's are so used to having their views at the forefront of every decision and every conversation, that the second it shifts to someone else, it's an attack on their opinions. A violation of their free speech. It's them being forced to believe things they wouldn't otherwise.
  12. it's to the point where even pointing this irony out is cliche. The SJW is far from perfect, but it's only the anti's that consistently (albeit subconsciously) think they are infallible. If it's something they like, it's simply the artists' free expression; anything they don't, it's (forced) pandering by by some underground network setting out to ruin everything they love. SJW boycotts are framed as whiny and with the sole intent to censor; ANT boycotts are righteous crusades meant to reclaim what was once lost. And this is what I am talking about. The blatant double-think in regards to how things operate. I sure as heck hope you aren't ignoring that Last of Us 2 thread that was posted talking about forced the final shot of Ellie kissing her girlfriend was uncalled for, forced, and badly written before the game even came out.
  13. I see the occasional joke referencing politics of yesteryear. Nothing indicating avast conspiracy to alter and subliminally advertise personal politics. And the complainers are simply not buying the game. .Again with the "demands" angle? Who demanded anything? If anyone has evidence they were in a singular factor, I'd like to see it. Random complaint articles don't count, seeing as to how we keep getting main entries in the franchise still.
  14. 2:09