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  1. #436: Jumping Flash!

    Feels good finally playing it after all these years, and even PSX issues aside, I loved it.

  2. #436: Perfect Rabitteer It was 20 years since I first played the PS1 demo, and I always loved the idea of a game that provides first person shooting / platforming / Goomba-Stomping combat. After all these years its announced outta nowhere with trophy support for PS Plus premium, so heck yeah I jumped in and I loved it! I love the Primitive 3D models, I love the music, and I love Robbit, because rabbits are cool.
  3. (Jumping Flash!) Played the demo for 2 years and years ago, when it first came out, but now I'm finally diving in!


    I assume the 0.00% trophy percentages will be fixed eventually....

    1. MidnightDragon


      Probably will be in the next day or so

  4. Im pleasantly surprised they could do this, I can't wait to try it out! I"m also with those hoping the same happens with games like Toy Story 2. I've 100% that game so many times on my ps3, why not get a platinum to show off this time? heck, do it to ALL the Disney classics!
  5. The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle Watch this one on a whim, and it was pretty MEH for the most part. Apparently there's a rumor going around that the previous movies much darker tone and themes didn't go over so well with audiences, so they intentionally went the opposite direction for this one, and it does show. I found the first half the movie really entertaining, with gags that actually got a laugh out of me, and it sets itself up that they are going to explore an A fully mechanically themed island. But then around the halfway point, it switches to a completely different movie, and as a result becomes a lot more generic and boring with none of the humor really present. The promise of exploring a fully mechanical island goes right out the window, and we're right back into the generic moss covered mountains that so many other movies do. The action itself is really dull, with all the enemies going down in one shot. There is some neat foreshadowing at gear second, but the final attack used to destroy the titular Castle is really really stupid. not the fun stupid, but the "I'm not sure what they were even thinking" stupid. Another odd point of contention is Luffy. Again, probably to distance itself from the previous movie, he acts overly joyful and optimistic, but not in the adventure seeking "does what his heart tells him" way but as a mentally handicapped child. He is constantly just running around aimlessly and constantly crashing into things like a hyperactive kid and not really investing into anything anybody saying, which at least to me is not how I'm used to Luffy.
  6. #433: Trials of Mana My very first Mana game! All in all, not a bad one. I like a lot of the character and Enemy designs, the gameplay is repetitive but it works. Though of course after my third playthrough I was about ready to be done. #434: Survivor Admin controls and nothing else. Cheap I know, but here it is. #435: Extreme Power Tripin Unfortunate case where a game works well enough to be completed, but not well enough that it doesn't get annoying to do so. I like the idea of different forms and different attack combinations and a unique abilities, but with how tedious and annoying the loading is (especially when you're doing something as simple as pressing the pause menu) it got aggravating really quick.
  7. GunGrave (Anime)

    I posted my full opinion on the anime thread, but the gist of it is that the creators focused entirely on the wrong thing. GunGrave is a concept akin to John Wick, not The Godfather.

  8. VOL 1 I've been putting this one off for years and years and years, because it did not strike me as something I would like, despite it being based on one of my favorite PS2 games. After watching the first four episodes, it seems my initial judgment was validated, as is bears very little resemblance to the game it's based on. It tries to delve into the backstory of the main protagonist and antagonist, showing how they got to their situation. Problem is, I don't care. Here's the thing when it comes to something like GunGrave; it's in the vein of John Wick. The hows and whys of everything happening isn't the important part, it's the shoot-'em up action and simple Revenge plot that drives it forward. I know this varies from person to person, but you aren't going to make me feel for anybody working in organized crime, because they perpetuate a cycle of violence and suffering upon the innocent. Most of these action-based pieces know this, so they skip that part, hope you would accept the premise of somebody who tried to leave that life behind taking as many bad guys as they can with them. I will admit I was a bit intrigued for the first couple episodes, because I thought they were going to go to the route of making the main protagonist a straight-up mute, but no, he ends up talking in the later episodes, so that's out the window. So, I'm just going to go ahead and drop it here, because I really don't care to make it through half of the series just to get to the video game portion.
  9. RIP. Not too far from Michael, and both cardiac arrests.
  10. You prob already got it, but just in case, I recommend doing every stage in one go, and even then I don't know if that for sure does it. This was a problem on the PS3 version too.
  11. Happy 2023!

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy New Year! 

  12. No use hiding it, it was a pretty cheap platinum haul this Christmas. Alot of the games I started couldn't be completed in time on my schedule, so I had to rely on shovelware. #430: Sugar King Pink platinums are pretty cool. #431: Christmas Break 2 Head to Head maste #432: Merry Christmas But oh well, keeping tradition of being active on the holidays at least. Hope all your holidays were great!!
  13. (Burst Angel) Finally decided to give this a chance, finding the 1st two dvds for cheap..... and I think I'll leave it at that.


    I'd thought I be at home with the fanservice, seeing as none of the characters have wonky proportions, but the inability to stay on model still ruins it.


    The episodes feel so dragged out and padded, what Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop could do in one episode gets two here.


    So I'm done.

  14. (Trials of Mana) I'm not hating it, but I dunno how I feel about multiple playthroughs. Anyone have any tips to speed up the process, outside of following the guide?

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Do as much as you can on 1 playthrough. I forget what exactly but the others were much quicker. It's been awhile but the first playthrough is the only long one

  15. #429: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure This one was kind of a mixed bag. Looking at it now, it lacks a lot compared to Eyes Of Heaven; there's more of MOST things, like characters and stages, but it's also lacking In a lot of areas as well, like in regards to series representation. We have small things like Parts 1, 2 and 8 still only having one stage each, And then we have the more noticeable screw-ups, Like the lack of anything added to part 8. Jojolion finished its manga run recently, yet it still has the same exact representation as the PS3 version from 9 years ago. The same character interactions, the same one note personality from Josuke. Did they really not have anything to work with? It can't be because of spoilers, there is at least one series ahead of this one. Some new characters are brought over, but others were dropped (IE Stronheim, N'Doul, parallel Diego, Joshu). Secondary characters can be used as an assist, but nothing else. No switching out characters, no fancy things like dual team up attacks; which is weird because one of the things I did not like about EOH was how everything seemed reliant on the team mechanics, where here the idea of a second character seems underutilized. I said from the start that I would have been perfectly fine if they copied all of the characters and stages, Maybe even the team up dual heat attacks, from EOH and move them over here, but they didn't even do that. Or rather, they started to, but quit halfway. The gameplay is also uneven. The minute to minute fighting feels alot faster and tighter, resulting in more combo opportunities, and yet there's the still the match-halting taunts/throws/power-ups. Just alot of stop-and-go everytime I play. This feels like Sonic Colors and SpongeBob rehydrated, updated versions of prior games that don't go as far as they should have.