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  1. Does anyone remember if Asura's Wrath had the option to completely mute the voices?

  2. All dem lovely golds..... *sniff* And no trophy passes to add them to.
  3. So, I haven't really kept up with this game, what is the system for growing stronger? Will it be the Zelda-esque Health/Mana extender items like the 1st, or will it be the stat-based micromanaging the 2nd one had?
  4. Oddly enough, my main focus is on consistency. I know going off this trailer that only the lead can understand Pikachu, but I hope this extends to ALL the Pokemon, and that they all have a voice. It always bugs me when movies are inconsistent with who speaks and who doesn't.
  5. 95 years. That's a damn good run.
  6. Excelsior!!



  7. #181: Platinum Eh, this was one was disappointing. Thankfully I got this via the Double Discount, so it's not a loss or anything. I looked at the name Typoman, and I expected something... dynamic, exciting. Heck, our character is literally spelled out with the words "HERO". But what I got was.... yet another indie game bordering on generic. The story is what we've all seen before; a bleak tale, set in a dark and moody atmosphere, with 2d paper-machie graphics, minimalist storytelling, with depressing violin music in the background. The gameplay is -what else?- a sidescroller, but with a puzzle gimmick. See, its not just our hero who is spelt out with letters; he himself must spell out words to unlock doors, shield from enemies, raise platforms, most anything to proceed. While you think that it may open itself up to some creative opportunities, it.... doesn't. It really doesn't. What you experience in the Prologue is what you experience in the rest of the game. No real shake-ups to keep it interesting. Sure the puzzles get a bit more cerebral, but not amazing. Heck, even the option to attack and use words to craft weapons would've gone a long ways, but nope, its one of those "you are weak and die in one hit" games. The trophies aren't too bad, but they can get tedious at times, and seeing the recent news to how trophies no longer earn rewards (at least for the moment), I can't really call this a satisfying earn. This may be the moment where I break away from trophy hunting, maybe even gaming in general, at least until I see the direction PS Rewards decides to go in. I mean, 3 years on this account and multiple years on prior accounts is more than enough.
  8. Noice. Thx for the map, this should help me burn through the game before my subscription expires.
  9. #180: Platinum Trophy So here is my year-specific trophy for the year, as well as a branch out into a type of genre I never tried before; farm simulation. Honestly, I can't find too many things to say, because when it comes down to it, I had no business playing this game. Not to say I didn't have any fun, buuuuttttt by going for the trophies, I left not wanting to really try another one again. The game has three modes. The first is your Campaign mode, which the game intends be for novice players; the objective is to pay off your debt. To do so, you gotta learn the ins and outs of farming and all the ways to earn money, be it plowing fields, selling/breeding animals, traveling abroad, knowing the best equipment to buy to do all those things, the whole banana. First starting out, it was oh so super slow and tedious, and eventually, you hit a point where you most likely will have to take out ANOTHER loan to buy the most up-to-date equipment (all locked behind chapter level-ups, so you will NEVER have the best equipment starting out, no matter how much you save up) to ensure resources aren't wasted. Fortunately, you become able to invest in SOLAR POWER and WIND POWER, which guarantees a small but welcome daily payout. From here you can wait out the calendar (IE leave it on overnight) and come back with a healthy sum of money to insure you aren't scrapping by. The second is your Free Farming mode. This was the most fun part of the game, thanks to one little thing; no restrictions. Start out with any loan you want (up to $5,000,000), invest in whatever land you feel is needed, all equipment unlocked and ready for purchase, etc. It is a MUCH better starting point for new players to learn the ins and outs and most effective farming methods, which they can then take over to finish up campaign mode and not have to wonder how the hell to proceed next. (it helps a good chunk of the misc trophies can be unlocked here). The third is a Challenge mode, and this is where I ended up feeling "yeah, I'm not gonna play another farm game for a while. The restrictions are back in full force to add to the challenge; pre-selected equipment, a %-based task list, a helluva lot of back tracking thanks to limited funds, it was just a long tedious mess. And that's what it is; tedious, not challenging. This was the last trophy I needed, so not knowing what to do wasn't an issue. Finally, I got some nitpicks, or just one. OK, so it's a farm simulator, and being one, the game tries to ground itself in reality. However, it likes to play fast and loose when it comes to its depictions of reality. Like, you have to realistically wait a certain amount of (in game) days for crops to grow, but you can speed up time, which is cool. You can wait out the days patiently and build up your funds to take of your debt, which is also realistic, but the game won't allow you to pay off said debt until you beat all chapters, which ISN'T realistic. It's realistic enough that you have to line up your trailer hitch almost perfectly with the back of your tractor, but not so realistic that your giant 10 ton farm machine WON'T stop dead in its tracks because it got caught up on that little rock sticking out of the dirt or that rickety flimsy fence when you barely brush up against it. But you can turn on the options to clip through trees. Figure that one out. Also, no sorghum OR sex hookers.
  10. So I went ahead and watched the main story mode for SC6 and... that wasn't too bad. I mean, nowhere near MK/Street Fighter/Aksys levels of narrative, but it feels like the Soul series could move in the right direction. At least, in terms of character interactions. To go from the characters seeming so isolated from each other outside few cliques (Kilik/Xianguhua/Maxi) to actually interacting with each other that's NOT a pre-scripted generic exchange (SC3) feels kinda cool.

  11. OK, so, this seems like a straightforward list. Whether or not its difficult or not, is still up in the air. Like seriously, you can't trust any kids game this day and age. But my main question was, what is this exactly? A shovel-ware title on a nonexistent property? A movie? A made for tv movie? A show series? I guess it's all of those things combined; a made for tv movie series.
  12. I don't know if the two are related, but my mind immediately went to this.
  13. I got mine via crossbuy.
  14. Mel-biiiiiiiiits!! So yeah, here's Sony's answer to Captain Toad. Also looks Like Playlink is involved. Thankfully, if the trophy list is being transparent and honest, only one will require multiple devices. I wonder how many will get my reference.
  15. That's actually what I would fine interesting about a Supes game; you take the standard hero game tropes, and then crank it to the max to fit Superman. Doing things that only Superman could do. Take the ultra powered mooks you find in most games and make them the normal mooks here. Take a last level boss and make him the first, gradually going bigger and badder from there. Instead of a single city as a hub, make it the entire globe! Don't make fights JUST a matter of surviving; make it to where you are graded for quick, stylish, conservative, etc you are, with health not even being an issue. Give us a way to play a super hero game in ways we'd never thought possible, in ways we've never seen before (or haven't seen in a long time). Eh, but what are the odds of someone ever taking a chance like that?