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  1. I hope this video helps to those looking for this trophy. Have fun and good luck.
  2. Here you have how I got it. I hope it helps those who are having problems with it.
  3. 3 new Tombs. Go and get these Ability points. Pheidon's Tomb: https://youtu.be/I1eHfZLtV0Y Destroyed House of Oinomaos: https://youtu.be/-Ms69BjyiJI Tomb of the forgotten hero: https://youtu.be/WIvg4i9ohV4
  4. You are right.
  5. Yes. Every Tomb has a skill point. These are the tombs I have found so far. I hope it helps to someone.
  6. So far, I have found these 4. I hope it helps. Tombs. Go and get these Ability points. Tomb of Alkathous: https://youtu.be/P6jCcAbojxM Tomb of the First Pythia: https://youtu.be/VeolXLYABIg Mycenaean Tomb of Ajax: https://youtu.be/SaN977JcvLs Giant heroes burial ground: https://youtu.be/w8nq0QWtJxg
  7. Another easy to get skill point. Mycenaean Tomb of Ajax: https://youtu.be/SaN977JcvLs
  8. Ok.
  9. Tomb of Alkathous: https://youtu.be/P6jCcAbojxMTomb of the First Pythia: https://youtu.be/VeolXLYABIgMycenaean Tomb of Ajax. https://youtu.be/SaN977JcvLsGiant heroes burial ground: https://youtu.be/w8nq0QWtJxgPheidon's Tomb: https://youtu.be/I1eHfZLtV0YDestroyed House of Oinomaos: https://youtu.be/-Ms69BjyiJITomb of the forgotten hero: https://youtu.be/WIvg4i9ohV4I hope it helps.
  10. I got a Legendary bow doing a secondary mission.
  11. Ubisoft had problems with the servers. In Twitter, they said everything is ok now.
  12. Let me know if it helps or what was the problem.
  13. Work for me now: https://youtu.be/zvPkkuyF3ak Ramming speed and Wrath of the Amazons https://youtu.be/vcuvCzhumV8 I hope it helps you.
  14. For those who are having problems defeating Taskmaster on Difficulty Spectacular.
  15. I had this problem. Close the game, enter again and play one more match. The trophy will pop up.