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  1. The new memory shard (1.8) is located north of Limelight. Good luck.If you need some help, watch the video.https://youtu.be/GrRx-uFCrl0
  2. How to get the Memory Shard 1.7. It's next to the Archives. I hope this video helps. https://t.co/qv3Scvz8sK
  3. Just in case you need help with the memory shard 1.6. It is close to Throne Hall. https://youtu.be/XVyCrGT8pP8
  4. I hope this video helps you to find the memory shard 1.5. https://youtu.be/r1mEIaJenBA
  5. That is right.
  6. How to get the Memory Shard 1.4 I hope this video helps. https://youtu.be/mDgY8IcvY9U
  7. Memory shard 1.3. I hope this video helps those who are looking for the memory shards. Good luck and have fun. https://youtu.be/HFUDFq77ec4
  8. It's free to play. It's full game. It's on its first season.
  9. I hope this video helps you to get the first two memory shards. https://youtu.be/BUZd68Z1Gxs
  10. This video shows the complete set you need to get this trophy plus how to get the headband. I hope it helps. Have fun playing Ghost of Tsushima.
  11. The flowers of the poison dart are purple, the flowers of the hallucinogens are orange. You will find them in the wild. There are some ways to scare enemies, skills, armor and darts as I recall.
  12. I hope it helps. How to get it on the description of the video.
  13. Good advice.
  14. This is the way everyone is doing it or trying, but you need to unlock the skill and wait the right condition. In this case you have to do the mission the way you say on the video. I still thing the way I show is easier and you can do it wherever you want and whenever you see the opportunity. You don't have to wait or create the right opportunity, you will find a lot of enemies climbing a ladder. No attachments to skill, nor missions. Also, you can create the situation where an enemy climb a ladder. But, it's ok. The important thing here is to get the trophy and have fun playing the game.
  15. That's the point, there are some ways to get this trophy. I just wanted to point one of them. I thought it is easier to get your bow and use it in this way to get the trophy, but remember, don't shoot to the head. I think you will get your bow before any stance, power or skill. But yes, there are some other ways. The game is long and you will have plenty of opportunities to get this trophy.