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  1. If you only did the story and didn’t do any side deliveries you might not have a high enough connection. Can’t remember which location provides it but you need a high enough connection level to get it unlocked
  2. Just to add my two cents, the only reason I haven’t played this game is because my brother got it on launch and ended up smashing a controller over the fact it was so buggy and nothing was working properly. So I highly doubt this person cheated. If it’s true that the saves are kept on the fallout servers like someone above said then file save usage isn’t possible afaik
  3. Yes the dlc is worth $9 on my opinion. It’s just more missions to complete and new activities etc. But the game is very good so it’s value for money to get the dlc
  4. You won’t get this lifted I’m afraid, modders popping your trophies for you isn’t a good enough defence here. You’ll have to hide the game and move on.
  5. I think you’ve already shown enough to get this lifted. Just need to wait for a flag removal person to see this and you should be good to go.
  6. I can back this up. It happened to me too, except I noticed straight away and just replayed the chapter every time it happened so mine didn’t go out of order or pop too close
  7. Well believe it or not, some people actually play games for enjoyment, not just to get all the trophies or achievements.
  8. Thanks for the tip I’ll give that a try 👍🏻
  9. I already did the online so I really don’t want to give up after all that. I guess I’ll try an older save. So annoying.
  10. So I'm doing the mission where you go to the village to intimidate the DJ into reading some message. Whenever I press triangle to do the intimidating the game just freezes. I've tried travelling to another area, doing other stuff, nothing seems to work. I guess this means I cant get the trophy for subverting all missions in Bowa Seko, rendering the plat unobtainable, unless anybody knows of a fix? Tried googling but the only topics I could find are from years ago and nobody could figure it out then either.
  11. If you met both conditions at the same time, there wouldn’t be a delay of nearly three minutes. And you wouldn’t have two other trophies pop in between them either.
  12. Your trophy for launching your first satellite popped 2 minutes and 42 seconds AFTER the trophy for getting satellite coverage on all countries in a continent. The fact you only need to launch one satellite doesn’t explain this. And your defence of ‘it’s out of my control what order the trophies pop’ won’t get the flag lifted either. You’re going to need to explain how the trophies popped out of order.
  13. For enemy unknown, what this person says about research is correct, you can get that trophy before building a research lab. However what you cannot do is get satellite coverage before launching a satellite, so there is a problem here with your trophies. You’ll need to explain how you got the trophy for satellite coverage of all countries on one continent BEFORE getting the trophy for launching your first satellite. Also I would refrain from being insulting if you want people to help you get these flags lifted.
  14. It’s been a while since I played yakuza 0 but I don’t actually see anything wrong with it at first glance. What was the reason for your flag? not that it seems to matter given how many flags you already have
  15. If you were as serious as you claim about trophy hunting And leaderboards you wouldn’t have done what you claim you did. I’m not a serious trophy hunter, not really, and even I know how to avoid doing anything that would result in a flag. If you were genuine you would have known not to do what you claim you did