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  1. Yep you guys are right, he does not have lost cargo or orders so that isn’t a solution. I think the patch issue may well be it which is why nobody else has had any problems because most people will have done this before the patch. I am going to do the last two other things I need to do then I’m going to try reloading old saves, reinstalling etc
  2. There is no lost cargo for him. And there are no other orders except the five pizza requests.
  3. Super frustrating yeah. Thanks for trying to help anyway
  4. Yeah I definitely did all five deliveries. And I’ve got all the relevant emails too. I guess maybe it is missable because after an entire afternoon of searching I can’t find anything that might present a solution. My last resort will be to reload a super old save once I’ve done everything else and try do all his deliveries again with s rank
  5. When I did the fifth order I didn’t get to five stars. I got like 4.9. Did this happen to anybody else? I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find another case of this and can’t see anyone else has had this problem. Is there anything else at all you’re meant to do other than the five deliveries?
  6. Yeah done all of those. Only thing I can think is that I messed up the south knot city one and only got a C tank. I know the trophy guide says nothing is missable but I’m wondering if this actually is missable and I just didn’t get enough likes for it
  7. Yeah, I did the first prepper delivery ages ago and have slept loads of times since then whilst levelling up all the other facilities. No emails at all since then.
  8. I’ve been playing this game for over 100 hours and I’ve never seen a single piece of lost cargo for this guy...
  9. I’ve done every pizza delivery, including the final one from the first prepper but that left me with a tiny amount of the final star left. Is there something I’m missing or is this a glitch?
  10. If you only did the story and didn’t do any side deliveries you might not have a high enough connection. Can’t remember which location provides it but you need a high enough connection level to get it unlocked
  11. Just to add my two cents, the only reason I haven’t played this game is because my brother got it on launch and ended up smashing a controller over the fact it was so buggy and nothing was working properly. So I highly doubt this person cheated. If it’s true that the saves are kept on the fallout servers like someone above said then file save usage isn’t possible afaik
  12. Yes the dlc is worth $9 on my opinion. It’s just more missions to complete and new activities etc. But the game is very good so it’s value for money to get the dlc
  13. You won’t get this lifted I’m afraid, modders popping your trophies for you isn’t a good enough defence here. You’ll have to hide the game and move on.
  14. I think you’ve already shown enough to get this lifted. Just need to wait for a flag removal person to see this and you should be good to go.
  15. I can back this up. It happened to me too, except I noticed straight away and just replayed the chapter every time it happened so mine didn’t go out of order or pop too close