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  1. Does anyone have any advice on how to increase the chances of getting a punctured tire? And which game mode must it be done in? Thanks
  2. Which team are you?
  3. I came to this thread to see if there was any information on wether or not this new content would make the online grind any easier. What I found was a bunch of children arguing over who’s got the biggest schlong. A really useful thread.
  4. I am trying to complete the gambit in its prime quest, the step I am on states I have to use the synthesiser to make a mote. However I do not have a synthesiser. It is nowhere in my inventory, there is no option on either page of the drifters menu nor can I do anything with this on the quest tab. Is this glitched or am I missing something really obvious?
  5. So I'm doing the mission where you go to the village to intimidate the DJ into reading some message. Whenever I press triangle to do the intimidating the game just freezes. I've tried travelling to another area, doing other stuff, nothing seems to work. I guess this means I cant get the trophy for subverting all missions in Bowa Seko, rendering the plat unobtainable, unless anybody knows of a fix? Tried googling but the only topics I could find are from years ago and nobody could figure it out then either.
  6. I’ve done every pizza delivery, including the final one from the first prepper but that left me with a tiny amount of the final star left. Is there something I’m missing or is this a glitch?
  7. Yep you guys are right, he does not have lost cargo or orders so that isn’t a solution. I think the patch issue may well be it which is why nobody else has had any problems because most people will have done this before the patch. I am going to do the last two other things I need to do then I’m going to try reloading old saves, reinstalling etc
  8. There is no lost cargo for him. And there are no other orders except the five pizza requests.
  9. Super frustrating yeah. Thanks for trying to help anyway
  10. Yeah I definitely did all five deliveries. And I’ve got all the relevant emails too. I guess maybe it is missable because after an entire afternoon of searching I can’t find anything that might present a solution. My last resort will be to reload a super old save once I’ve done everything else and try do all his deliveries again with s rank
  11. When I did the fifth order I didn’t get to five stars. I got like 4.9. Did this happen to anybody else? I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find another case of this and can’t see anyone else has had this problem. Is there anything else at all you’re meant to do other than the five deliveries?
  12. Yeah done all of those. Only thing I can think is that I messed up the south knot city one and only got a C tank. I know the trophy guide says nothing is missable but I’m wondering if this actually is missable and I just didn’t get enough likes for it
  13. Yeah, I did the first prepper delivery ages ago and have slept loads of times since then whilst levelling up all the other facilities. No emails at all since then.
  14. I’ve been playing this game for over 100 hours and I’ve never seen a single piece of lost cargo for this guy...
  15. If you only did the story and didn’t do any side deliveries you might not have a high enough connection. Can’t remember which location provides it but you need a high enough connection level to get it unlocked
  16. Yes the dlc is worth $9 on my opinion. It’s just more missions to complete and new activities etc. But the game is very good so it’s value for money to get the dlc
  17. Well believe it or not, some people actually play games for enjoyment, not just to get all the trophies or achievements.
  18. Thanks for the tip I’ll give that a try 👍🏻
  19. I already did the online so I really don’t want to give up after all that. I guess I’ll try an older save. So annoying.
  20. Pretty sure at some point Amanda refers to Connor as special and/or unique. I took that to mean he’s more advanced than the others.
  21. Uncharted for me. All four plus lost legacy on PS4 and then one of the original trilogy on ps3, can’t remember which.
  22. If you flag this person and they do have a legitimate explanation they will create a dispute and explain how they did it. Might be a quicker and easier way instead of doing all this testing
  23. Thanks for the tip! I’ve done the first four myself on authentic plus without any guides but I’m starting to struggle now on mission 5 so this will be a big help!
  24. The last few days whenever I go on a forum thread an enormous ad for gears of war pops up that covers most the screen. I’d say it appears 80% of the time. Sometimes it allows me to scroll past it, sometimes it won’t disappear and I have to go back and reload the thread. 9/9/19 22:00 GMT iphone 8 UK safari Any forum threads Ad for gears of war 5 on xbox
  25. I really liked this war of mine