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  1. Congratulations on the win Darren! Each round of the CWC was close, I didn't stand a chance with the scores you guys were putting in, well played everyone 👏
  2. I wasnt expecting to go far at all, just happy that I've made it to a CWC. Good luck to those remaining!
  3. Wish I checked this thread sooner... I worked it out wrong and thought the final fixture ended today instead of yesterday, and I popped a platinum to make sure I would make the CWC. The only platinum I've had this season and it wont even count 😂😂 I'm an idiot.
  4. Ahh thank you, but I feel like I was lucky more than anything as our league seemed very quiet this season, just hoping I can hold on for one more win to take the crown. Looking at the scores the silver league have been smashing in I dont think I'll be staying there for long lol
  5. Not sure what's going on with the bronze league this season, seems like alot of inactivity.
  6. Cheers man, the expert difficulty required for some of the trophies are quite tough so going to need plenty of practice with those, and the online is dead so I think the only way in going to get the trophy for 9 wins is to boost with someone. ESO is something I've been playing on and off over the years with a few friends and to be honest I'm not too worried about the trophies on that, I just mainly play it because I love these types of games. Had a quite look at your profile and you're trophy collection is mightily impressive 👏 currently ranked 58 in the world! 😮
  7. I'm happy with the win, but I'm also thankful you went easy on me 😂 That's all I could manage to score in the limited gaming time I had over the past few days
  8. Completely disagree with the OP. Sure, that one trophy is very difficult, but this game is designed to be equally fun for casuals as well as hardcore gamers, and games are a source of entertainment so if you arent enjoying it then stop playing. I like collecting trophies and I'll try to get as many as I can, but if I cant get them all it's not the end of the world. I dont understand why some people choose not to play certain games because of 1 or 2 difficult trophies, or games without platinums. You have no idea what you are missing out on sometimes.
  9. I just got the final trophy using this exploit. For 3 years I thought I'd never get the platinum 😂 Thank you for pointing out this video
  10. I've got quite a few games where I'm close to the platinum, here's some that I'm really close with: F1 2012 (98%) Cut Your LossesYou elected to end R&D on the current season's car in Career It's just one trophy that I missed for some reason, I should really dig out my PS3 one day and finish this off... Need For Speed Payback (97%) Active LifestyleGet a 3 Star Rating on all the Activities in the game I'm absolutely useless at those drifting challenges 😅 Killing Floor 2 (91%) Hell on Earth Win any match on Hell on Earth Difficulty It's just too difficult, I've tried so many times but get absolutely nowhere near completing it. Doom (90%) Not So Bad Beat every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode Again, just too difficult for me and a friend when we tried it. The fact there is no online co-op really makes this impossible for me to achieve.
  11. Lowest I've seen was 4 players on royal fumble. Think it was the only time I've won a final on that level
  12. I'm off to a very slow start but hopefully we can have a good fixture, good luck!
  13. It's a shame our fixture was on a weekend where I wasnt really able to get much gaming time in lol My first season back in the THL isnt going as well as I hoped for, and I must admit that I purposely didnt bag many trophies when I was up against some of the bigger players as I knew I would never beat them, and only done enough to beat the very low scorers. It's a shame I didnt join sooner though, trophy-wise this has been the best year for me when it comes to platinums
  14. The most recent "top 50 trophy" that I know of is a platinum. I'm 12th fastest for the platinum for Moving out, not exactly a difficult game but managed to catch it early enough and played the majority of it with my kids, it was just the more trickier trophies I did on my own. Also I just missed out on the top 50 for Two Point Hospital platinum by about 24 hours. That one was much more challenging lol
  15. I first started online gaming back on Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, (back in 2000/2001 at a guess) and came up with the name KrazyB0mb - name based on the soviet unit Crazy Ivan who planted bombs on enemy units and buildings. Used that until I bought my PS3 and changed my name to Krazy_99 - The 99 is the house number that I grew up in, but people seem to think that's the year I was born 😂