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  1. Any updates on when the new season would be starting?
  2. I love these park builder/management type games so been eagerly waiting for the release of this game since they announced it. Really enjoyed the first game (even though I still haven't fully 100% the DLC stuff) so I'll definitely be picking up a copy. Trophy list doesn't look all that bad again either.
  3. I definitely lost this fixture lol, I'm currently redecorating the house so gaming time is minimum at best at the moment. I'll try and give my best for the final fixture before I head back down to gold
  4. Trophies are slowing down for me. Busy with work and family life, and the games I'm currently playing seem to mostly have the grindy trophies left. Been hoping to survive my first season in the platinum league but I think it will be a bit of a struggle
  5. Ouch. Looks like rolling with the big dogs isn't going to be that much fun 😂 Save a seat for me in Gold lol
  6. That's me out in round 1 then probably 😂 unfortunately I've had very little gaming time today so I wouldn't be at all surprised.
  7. I wouldn't worry too much, due to work I'm struggling to get much gaming time done myself as well, might end up being a low scoring fixture between us then! 😂
  8. I got a feeling that I've lost this fixture. Only a few trophies over the last few days due to being so busy with work. I can't complain though, I'm just shy of hitting 200 trophies for the month, and that's good for me
  9. Good luck with those games, I struggled with the trophy lists with some of the Guitar Hero games but managed to get the platinum for Band Hero
  10. Same with me, I'm amazed I'm still top of the Gold League. I've just started Control so I'm hoping the trophies from that can be enough to keep the winning streak going.
  11. Seeing as dawnofthedead hasn't scored at all so far I thought I would just keep my score low, could have been a huge upset if he decided to start earning trophies this fixture 😂 Also can I just add that I like this new format we're currently running, where we have a 4-day fixture and then a single day break inbetween. It may make the season last slightly longer but it gives us a breather to focus on the upcoming fixture, and I'm pretty sure Shogun is happy with counting the scores on the day off instead of losing time during a fixture. Hopefully we can continue to do it this way in the future seasons
  12. Started off well but not feeling very confident with this fixture, had a busy weekend so didn't get much gaming time in. Still, I'm pretty happy with my season so far. I'm hoping to get the platinum for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 really soon but I've only got the grindy trophies left to get
  13. I'm shocked that I'm the highest scorer after 2 fixtures, what the hell is going on?!
  14. Its been quiet in here since the CWC ended so I'll try to start a conversation going.._ Seeing as there doesn't seem to much interest in others joining us, are we still aiming to start season 31 on April 1st? Or would we be leaving it a little longer?