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  1. Hello! Please help if you can, thank you!
  2. I run into issue where this trophy didn't pop up even after finishing 2nd playthrough. I played very stealthy 1st one and mixed 2nd one and easily had 100 stealth takedowns in each, even farmed few at the end of 2nd one with no luck. What worked for me was deleting all my saves, profile data and the game itself, then downloading game again from PS Store (v1.09), starting New Game and farming stealth takedowns early in Prologue - Never Going to Be Over mission. Takes less than 1hr to farm 100 takedowns. Few notes: - status need to be No Witness or Searching to register Stealth Takedown; if it says Combat then doesn't count towards this trophy, but counts towards 300 takedowns trophy, - restart last checkpoint option might not register kills; I think you need to get killed to register; I tried this in earlier mission with 2 guards in "This Changes Everything", killed 130-140 and didn't pop up; another point here - I deleted all my save and profile data, but not the game itself at this stage; - game was originally installed almost three years ago and played few hours, then left on HDD and updated few times itself along with original profile save which probably caused corruption; it would be best to delete everything and install again if someone is coming back to it after longer break - if you miss any trophy and tried everything best bet is to delete saves, profile data, game, re-download and try again on latest version from scratch.
  3. I went into game blind and missed Owl in his prime on my first playthrough, so first encounter on ng+, epic, SS Isshin final fight at least as good as Owl, had to practice each for few hours to beat. Fantastic game.
  4. I just completed challenge 10 and trophy didn't pop... To just say I'm pissed off would be understatement. I'm redownloading, but small hopes this will pop now. I also glitched two story trophies. This I can get on speedrun. I dunno if I'll play these challenges again though... 🤦‍♂️
  5. Yesterdays Infinite Tower Extreme had some high profile gamers absent and Diamond Cup was awarded to 2nd place @ just over 2km
  6. I just started this on PS4 this weekend but remember whole very well from PS2. #5 blew my brain out back in the days and so it did just a while ago, fantastic encounter, epic, majestic, magic. Right after is #3, not far though, along with the rest, the whole game is just masterpiece.
  7. I bought Vita version in April for 4.99€ in EU store, it must have been on sale in US at some stage as well. Can't remember if it was part of bigger sale or just price drops for individual titles in my case.
  8. My surprise when I opened ps store today and spotted this! Had no clue this was coming at all, did anybody? Just few days back I looked at my Unravel trophies thinking how great the game was. Going to start this up shortly!
  9. Get Vita version for sure, especially if you enjoyed the game on PS3 and PS4. Rayman as beautiful 2D platformer seems to fit Vita even better than other platforms. It also has touch requiring levels and challenges that do not exist on PS versions. And some parts using gyroscope as well, all making it quite unique and different compared to other versions. One of the best games for Vita imho and real joy to play on handheld.
  10. I bagged Champion! this morning on Weekly Extreme Infinite Tower, As far as you can, finished 2nd with 7.5km. 5 diamonds were given with 4.5km required to get one. Quite difficult for sure, required a lot of practice (at least for me) but possible Good luck everyone going after this!
  11. I platted PS4 version just a month back and only had single Diamond cup - 1.7km in my favourite Infinite Tower (As far...), finishing about 50th out of 7500 players. I was getting like 85-90% golds, rest silver, few bronze and was happy with it. Been thinking whether I should take this challenge on Vita or not and decided to give it a shot, settling on assumption plat might just be beyond my reach and be happy with all other trophies and all the fun playing. Turned out my fav challenge was the first week I started playing - Infinite Tower weekly extreme, as far as you can. I played and practiced a lot during the week, played like 35-40hrs total, gathered over 750 000 lums. I ended up 5th, messing up simple jump and died 19m before player above me @ 4526m. I played till the challenge end until 1am, got several times past 4km but couldn't beat my best. My last run was 4300m @ about 7 minutes till the end of the challenge and no time to try again. Worst thing is player counter stopped @ 499. So I waited and waited those last 5 minutes looking at the player counter sitting @ 499 and it stayed where it was... One more player would take the challenge during the week and I'd get the trophy. In terms of loosing by the skin of one's teeth i'm probably on top of the world
  12. I can confirm that playing in Japan region popped the trophy after 2 matches - first Team Deatmatch, won, no trophy, then Gun Game, finished 3rd and it popped. I had about 30 WINs at the time and about 60 online matches played total. Here's what I've done: - initially I wanted to set up VPN to Japan on my PC and share connection with PS4. Didn't work, I was only trying free VPN service, someone with paid subscription might be successful though. - then I used free proxy server list and set up PS4 to route through different regions. I played several matches through Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, States - no joy. Couldn't initially connect to any proxy in Japan from the list. After finally connecting to proxy in Japan got it after 2 matches. How to set up proxy on PS4: Anonymous proxy servers list in different countries: Hope someone will find this useful
  13. I've been doing grind last 5 weeks with no issues and did last runs on 26th Dec and left for hols (both dailys and weeklys were up for gold). I turned PS4 back ON on 1st Jan and received no trophies, runs are not in the log, etc. After the comment above I'm fairly sure there must have been some crash on the server side rather than networking issues. Hopefully it won't happen anymore.
  14. I play through Vita version and it is sometimes frustrating and difficult, mainly due to poor controls / camera / framerate, not actual game difficulty. PS3 remake was fine and I don't remember such difficulties on PS2 either. R2 / L2 / R3 / L3 on the touch screen are killer. I found out it works much better sweeping fingers on the screen rather than just pressing. Helped with going ON/OFF hover board big time. I'm into Weapons Lab level towards the end so hopefully will be able to finish it, again. The game itself is great, bar the broken Vita port
  15. I enjoyed Revelations a bit more than Brotherhood, bit less than II, I think it's less buggy than previous ones as well, Ezio seems to be doing exactly what I want more often. Great finish for his story and Altair's story. I played II, Brotherhood and this in a row and had better time than Unity or Syndicate to be honest. Last time I had this much fun with AC was Black Flag.