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  1. where is it? it5 says available now but all i am getting is founder packs.
  2. hello psn profiles is not posting to twitter like it used to when it updated. it has been like that for a couple days. anybody know whats up? thank you
  3. this is a free game right?
  4. so u saying if sony blocked u that its not goin to work anymore?
  5. it's out today and it is free:)
  6. TY
  7. How can u post trophy tips?
  8. If Anyone Has A Problem With This Like I Did...I Had To Start Another Game & Then Adopt One When I Could.
  9. what do u have to do to get it. i know i am doing it right and have numerous times but trophy is not unlocking.
  10. ?

    does anyone play this anymore? i would like to play but never no one online to play
  11. is anyone else trophies not showing up on fb?
  12. keep getting failed to create session. please try again. been getting that all day now
  13. yea i know but i done played every match and sumone said u have to win but the trophy dont say that
  14. do u have to win every match type to get the expert trophy or just play all?