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  1. No, you need a modder to place a bounty on you on ps3 version they removed the feature.
  2. GAME UK has the PS3 version, I would of loved to be able to play since I am a huge Korra fan, I don't know anybody in the UK who can buy it for me.
  3. You can join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/cR3MP5N there are 20 of us currently here most of us have finished long ago but im willing to help out others who still need their online trophies but only when we get enough players together to start. Sucks that ND are pulling the PS3 Online servers but at least they made all the DLC free which is cool, Trophy Hunters you have 3 months to get the trophies done!
  4. Man, i really should of got this game when it was on the store, I loved the Legend of Korra series.
  5. Yeah it still works, just played the multiplayer with a bunch of friends today
  6. Yes i've played from the start to end of the chapter and it's still not unlocking :/
  7. I got Beyond: Two Souls from the PS store this month as part of the free PS+ games lineup, I've gotten every other trophy except for this one and it's an easy trophy as well. This trophy requires you to not talk at all during the interrogation scene in the Dragon's Hideout chapter, I have replayed this chapter many times, not talked during the interrogation scene, backed out to the main menu after it, deleted my game save data and re-downloaded it and no trophy at all. Is anyone else having this trophy bug out for them like I am and is there a fix for this? It's stopping me from getting this platinum.
  8. Got a very good method to get these two, confirmed they can be boosted, me and my group are currently working on the wins now, we have the capture points one. For those of you that want to join me then add my PSN: YamiDakareto and I'll invite you to my Discord server. I will only boost with people that are reliable and actually show up to my sessions on time. Need a big group for this.
  9. Now that we have the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, I'd love for them to completely remaster the spin off titles such as Crash Bash, Crash Team Racing, Crash Nitro Kart, Crash Twinsanity, Crash Tag Team Racing and others (Don't care for online support because they were so perfect already but co-op team play, definitely.) The classic Spyro the Dragon games (Not Skylanders) having a complete remastered trilogy of that or 4 remastered titles (w/ Enter the Dragonfly) would be wonderful. They remastered Crash why not Spyro?! Also I'd like for them to bring back the 3 full 3D Yu-Gi-Oh battle strategy games, Duelists of the Roses, Forbidden Memories and Capsule Monsters Coliseum. Those Yu-Gi-Oh console games kicked butt and were awesome. and finally on my wishlist would be the 2 Croc games, Legend of the Gobbos and Croc 2. If you didn't play those 2 games back in the day you don't know what the meaning of a challenge is! All these remastered games with trophy support = YES!
  10. There is another way to trigger a bounty on your head. Keep stealing NPC vehicles (go after the sport/expensive looking cars) and hope they send you a text in revenge then survive it. I'm not sure if this way counts for the trophy but have you tried it? it might work.
  11. My friend just told me the bounty trophy was disabled but thank god I got both ps3 and ps4 already at 100% a year ago. Good luck to those that need it and hope Rockstar fixes this problem.
  12. Can't wait! I probably won't even need to use a guide to get these, I remember all those secret levels in Warped. lol Love to finally platinum the games that started it all for me.
  13. Here are a few of mine, big fan of Cardcaptor Sakura & I got more that are being made for my communities. Also gonna start making some Crash Bandicoot & Spyro themed covers too!
  14. Sorry for not posting this faster, was busy but for anyone wanting an easy way to get the new Snowball Minigame trophies I've covered it in this video. I've used the exact same method as last time, done with Split Screen and with 1 PS3 controller & 2 PS4 controllers. Hope it helps you.
  15. i got 2 trove of elemental boxes out of the keys, first one came with a companion which I then sold on the auction house for 420k diamonds, that went toward my epic mount. and the second one didn't contain anything valuable just a common weapon for my cleric which I didn't even need so I'd say keep trying you are bound to get something good with a whole month of vip.