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  1. Ah well, got it for cheap, away it goes until it gets fixed. At least I'm not crazy
  2. Just picked up this game for PS5, don't judge, and loaded it up, started playing, and got a trophy or two. Went to go look at the progress, and the game doesn't show up on my trophies list. The version I got was the '4k' version, but the game is just missing. If I click on the trophy notification, instead of taking me to the game's trophy list, it just takes me to the full list. How does a game break my mind and coding like this??
  3. Untitled Goose Game
  4. I have finished P5 Royal and Strikers since my last update. Doesn't change my place, but still proud
  5. Oh oh I'm in! Can't wait to plan out this event. Defs my favorite event
  6. Team wins seem glitchy for sure. I just earned the trophy winning 8 races boosted, but I know I did not win 12 other races legit. I had more than 20 team wins (I kept count because I wanted to know for sure), so for some unknown reason, some team wins seemed to count, and some didn't. I did not cross the finish line some times, so perhaps there is some truth to having to finish the team race
  7. I would like to sign up please! I actually have every game complete (I completed Danganronpa1&2 Reload version) and should be eligible for the Blick Winkel, Timeless Escapist, and Chou Koukou-kyu no Zetsubou titles.
  8. I have to say Knack was a rough one. Having to constantly reset to get the right chests was annoying. Why let your chests give you unnecessary items? Madness I say
  9. I would like to sign up please! Loved last year's and so excited for this one again! Went through some games, and all of the numbers worked themselves out. unlike last year where I could not fill in like two numbers. Here's the rough list: 0-Saint's Row 4 Re-Elected 1- Resident Evil 2 2- Two Points Hospital/Final Fantasy XV 3- Resident Evil 3 4-Digimon Cyber Sleuth 5- Lego Lord of the Rings (Vita) 6- Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (PS4) 7-Trials of Mana 8-Saint's Row Gat out of Hell 9- Lego Jurassic World (Vita) I'm looking forward to finishing Cyber Sleuth. I had a death and lost progress and rage quit. Looking forward to getting back to it
  10. I just confirmed a trick that may help anyone who is struggling with this trophy. Once you get to VIP 2, you do NOT have to play roulette in the high rollers room to get this trophy. All you have to do is go to the main floor and put 2000 on the 0 and 00 split (between the two). Once the ball lands on either, you will get the trophy. Note: I did enter the high rollers roulette table just to see how much max bet was, so you may have to approach the table in the high rollers room first. Again, I can confirm that I was able to get the trophy using this method. Hope that this helps anyone stuck on this one!
  11. Oh I'd like to join! I am eligible for Golden Is Unbreakable & Light the Fire up in the Night Persona 4 Golden Persona 5 Persona 5 Royal Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Persona 4: Dancing All Night Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight
  12. I'd like to get rid of missable collectibles. I love my playthroughs to be mostly blind, but when a 40+ hour game has missable collectibles, I feel like I need a guide. Sure I could play the game a second time, but that seems excessive for some games. Just give me a way to collect these items without the need to play the whole game again.
  13. Got some new plats to move into the Chief Builder: LEGO Ninjago Movie LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Vita LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Vita LEGO Avengers Vita LEGO Movie Video Game Vita Bringing the count to 16!
  14. Finally finished my 9th, Final Fantasy 13!! That one has been on my backlog for a long time, so really happy to have finished it. Now number 10 is just a POWGI so I'm more or less done!
  15. I was suprised that I was that high, but I am on vacation for a couple weeks and played nonstop, so that's probably why. Im also shocked that this is the #1 game right now. I picked it up on sale a little bit ago and finally had a reason to sit down and play for this here event. I'm curious, why did y'all decide to play it?