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  1. Damn, didn't know pathologic 2 released on ps4. It seems that the trophies are not on the servers too. Does anybody know how the performance is on ps4 ? Otherwise I might finally give in and get Guacamelee 2 Complete edition and Dark Cloud 2.
  2. Went a little overboard and bought some games to expand my physical vita collection. I think the last physical copy I bought was 4 years ago (Muramasa Rebirth). From February to April, Dariusburst finally arrived today. πŸ™‚
  3. SKIES UNKNOWNObtained all Trophies My first AC game. I was aware that the series existed, but for some reason never gave it proper attention and maaann.. did I underestimated it. Really enjoyed it! Hope we don't have to wait a decade for the next main installment. I'll play AC5 next, but I want to finish other games first. Trophy HunterCollect all bronze, silver and gold trophies Easy UR plat. I just had to play through the main story (art's dream), collect all the bubbles and complete bunch of tutorials. Leveling up to 30 wasn't too bad either, thanks to autohotkey + remote play. Definitely a game/platform? that I'll regularly revisit. There are some mind-blowing stuff done (and continued to be done) on a fucking ps4.. crazy. Hope someday I'll get the motivation to create something slightly cool and share it with the community.
  4. Yakuza 1/2, would love to play the collection on ps3, but can't speak japanese :c
  5. D : two fun racing games: Dirt Rally and Driver San Francisco ( one more easier than the other) Dreams ( don't know how long it will stay UR, but... yes, ez) L: Loco Roco 1/2 ( cute, fun platformer) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime ( especially if you want a coop game, unfortunately no online coop, only share play or local ) S: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz ( vita) T: Tricky Towers ( no Tetris, but with Tetris blocks ) Tetris Effect ( Tetris, but harder than Tricky Towers)
  6. Knack 2 baybeeee!!!
  7. beau-ti-ful. πŸ‘
  8. Siren. It's absurdly complex if you play it without a guide.
  9. There are two online trophies, Weekend Warrior and Avatar Rockstar. No competitive stuff, just leaderboards. There is this event every weekend, where you can grind 'Avatars' playing through highlighted game modes. The 'online' trophies are rather easy just a bit grindy (Avatar Rockstar). Haven't played the game lately, but there're people who got these trophies pretty recently if you look up at the latest achievers list.. so it's seems that they are still obtainable. I agree though, more people should give this game a try. It's awesome. p.s. VR is optional.
  10. All good things go by three. ✌️
  11. FF IX πŸ‘πŸ‘
  12. A brave soul, who doesn't shy away from investigating dark, haunted asylums or castles and lives for the thrill, speeding in high or steep places. Also likes being challenged.
  13. Gameboy Color (Yellow), my mom and I loved that thing. I think Kirby's Dreamland was also my first game that I actually finished. I lost it on vacation, unfortunately. As for console, it was the PS2 fat model. Weird to think about why my dad bought it, since all we played were ps1 games. ^^ Backwards compatibility wasn't great either, or maybe my unit had issues ? I remember that most of the games always froze at a certain part, making it impossible to progress ( e.g. Spyro The Dragon's last island, when entering the first level.) Still.. lots of fun memories.