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  1. loved it, eagerly waiting for season 2!
  2. Fuck it, I'd like to join in too! ๐Ÿ˜ Tier 1: Dustforce (0.36%) - 4% ADR1FT (1,79%) - 0% The Wonderful 101: Remastered (2,43%) - 2% LocoRoco 2 Remastered (3,17%) - 0% Nex Machina (3,27%) - 0%
  3. Found two copies of BB: Goty each for almost 5 bucks, so I HAD to get them... really convenient since I planned the BB plat for my 100th milestone, happy it worked out that way. As for the game, probably my favorite from this gen ( or last gen now? ). Never played the old hunters DLC, extra excited about that. I also bought Wonderful 101. It's time I finally try a kamiya game.. was contemplating getting it on switch, but ultimately decided for the ps4 version bcuz solid 60fps and trophy support baaabyyy!
  4. #####
  5. Tetris Effect. Still playing it occasionally. Can't wait for the multiplayer update!
  6. Damn, didn't know pathologic 2 released on ps4. It seems that the trophies are not on the servers too. Does anybody know how the performance is on ps4 ? Otherwise I might finally give in and get Guacamelee 2 Complete edition and Dark Cloud 2.
  7. Went a little overboard and bought some games to expand my physical vita collection. I think the last physical copy I bought was 4 years ago (Muramasa Rebirth). From February to April, Dariusburst finally arrived today. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. SKIES UNKNOWNObtained all Trophies My first AC game. I was aware that the series existed, but for some reason never gave it proper attention and maaann.. did I underestimated it. Really enjoyed it! Hope we don't have to wait a decade for the next main installment. I'll play AC5 next, but I want to finish other games first. Trophy HunterCollect all bronze, silver and gold trophies Easy UR plat. I just had to play through the main story (art's dream), collect all the bubbles and complete bunch of tutorials. Leveling up to 30 wasn't too bad either, thanks to autohotkey + remote play. Definitely a game/platform? that I'll regularly revisit. There are some mind-blowing stuff done (and continued to be done) on a fucking ps4.. crazy. Hope someday I'll get the motivation to create something slightly cool and share it with the community.
  9. Yakuza 1/2, would love to play the collection on ps3, but can't speak japanese :c