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  1. Super Meat Boy. YOU CAN DOOOOO IT TOO!
  2. DISGAEA 3: ABSENCE OF DETENTION I own the game, but haven't started it yet. heard this or the series in general can get super grindy 😵 damn, ninja'd ehh holy shit dude. looking at your trophy cabinet I would definitely pick MIDNIGHT CLUB: LOS ANGELES, would've loved to plat that game
  3. The Witness Challenge Complete a certain challenge. thought it would take me much longer without the exploit, turns out it wasn't that hard. Platinum Get every trophy. It was fun going through the puzzles and exploring this colorful island.
  4. 1000000% Just Stop! ok.
  5. Wolfenstein II, nice job on that 👍
  6. yep, happened to me a couple of times. Just exit the game right before the delirium fight and copy your save file to ps+ cloud storage ( usb if you don't have ps+ ). Whenever it crashes you can replace your current save file with the one in the cloud storage ( or usb ) until you beat delirium. That's how I deal with it.
  7. N++ Platinum++ You are literally a ninja took a minute, but overall enjoyed this. Definitely not a game to plat on one go. I had to take some breaks every now an then after completing chunks of episodes on solo mode. Completing coop episodes can get very tricky, if you're doing it on your own with a second controller. Thankfully not every episode on coop mode is required for the plat though. If you're fan of challenging 2D platformers then check N++ out! 🏃
  8. + TBoI: Rebirth too, that would be dope. Maybe it's a stretch, but Wargroove on ps4 ? The release date got revealed a couple of hours ago. February 1st on every platform (PC,X1,Switch), but ps4 -> "coming soon". Sooo we'll get it the week after 🙃 ?
  9. heard great things about the campaign of Titanfall 2, so I might pick the standard edition for 5,99€.