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  1. - Gold Medal Earn a Gold Medal Rank for a combat mission in Single Player. decided to finish rdr after a long break, had to start a new game after I lost my save file due to my hard drive, regardless, I'm enjoying it.
  2. max payne 3 would be dope, congrats btw
  3. always wanted to try a katamari game
  4. One of my favourites. You don't need the free dlc (it's basically just a time trial level), but you can get the extra 3 stars (depends on how good you are) for the 'Superstar' trophy ( obtaining all in all 90 stars in time trials), which can be pretty helpful if you have issues with some levels (you can get overall 99 stars iirc). It's not a cake walk, but it's definitely manageable with some help -> e.g. youtube. If it wasn't for you the first time around then don't force yourself, but since it's been 'years' I guess you could def. try again (also for 4€, why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).
  5. Gravity Rush
  6. Shovel Justice Earn all other Trophies. now the dlcs