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  1. Noby Noby Boy, sadly no longer available on the store.
  2. A Peaceful Planet Unlock all trophies. cute.png
  3. both digital from the retro sale. loved the first one back then, haven't touched the second one yet. Now at a reasonable price I can finally give this a try. 4,99€ for each game.
  4. Hotline Miami 😮
  5. Gold Plated Win Gold on all Prestige events Welp, no reward except a bronze trophy.. Anyway, I can move on to the next game.
  6. Monster Hunter: World how long did it take you ? Kinda wanna play it, but the grind seems is a bit intimidating at least from what I heard.
  7. TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT HD, I plan on working on 2 someday so it would be neat if I could get the plat from it's predecessor beforehand. Nice profile btw
  8. Siren Maniac Collect all archive items. man, I'd be so lost without a guide.