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  1. Finished my second game. I really really loved the dialogs in this game. And catching the last Nexomon was the real horror in this game: took me over 4 hours or so Vampyr Nexomon: Extinction Corpse Party: Blood Drive - i think that is a real fitting game for Halloween
  2. Thank you. Will try to keep an eye out for the missables Finished Nexomon:Extinction for another event. Took me 51 hours or so to finish completly. The last Nexomon (Bolzen) took me over 4 hours to catch. That was driving me crazy. But all in all i would recommend this game: If you like Pokemon you will love this game. To tell the truth, i like Nexomon more because the dialogs were great and made me laugh a lot
  3. Congrats to the 3 finished games. Bought Corpse Party BR (PS4) yesterday. Any missable trophies? Played it a little on my jap. account and loved it.
  4. @Arethien for me it´s simply because i don´t have many horror games 😅 I don´t like to play the genre myself but i like it to watch someone else paying it. I do have a few games but it takes a long time for me to play them. And because we are talking about horror games: i finished Vampyr for another event. Got the story and Platin cleared so half point for each i think. The story was really great and the music too. But the game has really long loading times (when you die a lot like me they drive you crazy) and the game crashed nummerus times (not so great when that happens when you barly survived a fight and you know that you have to fight the same fight again bcause of the crash 😭)
  5. Hi there, finished my first game for the event: Vampyr The story was really great and the histories of the people in London you interact with were really interessting too. The music did a good job to create a nice atmosphere ( think i have the Vinyl of Vampyr somewhere ) The only two things that destroyed the game a little for me where the long loadingtimes ( i died a lot so yeah, alot of loading screens for me) and the game crashed on me so oft that at some point i gave up on counting.
  6. Really? Wow that´s great. Then i now what i will buy when i get my hands on the next japanese psn card ( i have a japanese account )
  7. The PS4 Version is japanese only right? When yes thats a shame, would like to play the first game too. Didn´t understand why they only ported the second game to the west 😢
  8. @Arethien you don´t know my backlog
  9. Yeah, will have to question myself in a quiet moment....but until then i am pretty sure that i will have more games in this genre 😅
  10. I have a feeling that a lot of my games are on the moeish side 😅 when did that happen?? 🤔
  11. Hm, i played maybe 15 min back then. The guide says you will need 25 hours to complete and most players in the 100% Club needed more that 2 days so i think i will be waaaayyyyy over 10 hours.
  12. I am in of course. My game will be CORPSE PARTY: BLOOD DRIVE. I started the game already back in December 2015 but i only have 2 trophies in the game (the last trophie achived 23 jan 2016) and haven´t touched the game ever since. If the game isn´t allowed because of that than i have a back up game: Dead or School
  13. Hi there. Would like to participate. My 3 games Vampyr - the titel says everything i would say What Remains of Edith Finsh - family curse, fitting i think Realized that the game is to short. New game: Nexomon: Extinction - Monster catching Corpse Party: Blood Drive - i think that is a real fitting game for Halloween
  14. Hi there, i managed to finish another game: Time and Eternity. Took me 8 years, 2 month and 4 days. With this i finished 2 games 😅
  15. really nice introduction to the game. I have the game in my backlog too. Let's see when i will manage to play it 😅 Got the for Time and Eternity yesterday. Now of to my next PS3 Game: ar norsurge