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  1. Hi, i finished 2 games: Jak and Daxter and Cat Quest 2. My 2 votes goes to the Cabybara
  2. Hi all, long time no see 😁 Finished one game on my list: Jak and Daxter the precursor legacy Nice and easy game, i had a lot of fun with it. Sometimes the camera and i were in war but all in all very great 😁 Of the list i finished Cat Quest 2. Played the first game and had so much fun with it that i had to get the second game. And game 2 was as fun as game 1 @Spinacheq i hope that the nasty rumor has cleared up and everyone who believed it hat gotten a slap in the face😡
  3. Count me in. Last year i had a lot of fun with this event
  4. Okay 👌 does Tales of Arise count? You have to find Owls and they give you rewards so i think it should be okay 🤔
  5. Hi there, i like to join this event. I love animals and i am playing Jak and Daxter right now so it´s perfect 😁
  6. Wow, what a nice event. Please sign me up
  7. Hi all, long time for me to update. Give me a playlist and i am sure not to play the games in it so all new points for me are for games outside my list: after a long long looooong time i have finally gotten the plat for Neverwinter. Because they changed the criteria for getting the 1000 dragons i got my last trophy for the plat. Then there is the game Lost in Random. I must say i was attracted to the game because of the graphic and was then hooked with the gameplay and the story. The ending could have been a little better but all in all i would give the game a 9/10. Think i got the plat in 14-15 hr. And finally after a long hunt i got the Playstation 5 and of course played Astro´s Playroom. Really funny short game to introduce the PS5-Controller. Think i got the plat under 10 hr but not so sure.
  8. Hi all, i finished the story for „Giraffe and Annika“. Pretty nice short game. The story was really nice and the fact that you can’t fight in this game is really refreshing. When you play the game with a guide you can finish it in 4-5 hours I think. I played without a guide and I think I needed 10-11 hours to finish it (had a hard time to find all pictures in the game). i am not really sure if I will be able to get the plat in this game because the game showed me (again) that I am not fit for rhythm games 🥺
  9. Hm, i don´t think so. I finished Undertale but under 6 hours so i think this game doesn´t count. And yes, i am really enjoying the fact that i am first place in Season 2 everyone needs their 5 minutes fame 😁
  10. Oh my god. It´s such a long time since the last time i posted here. Didn´t make much progress in the time. Only finished 2 game (was stuck with webnovels and still am): 1. Ar nosurge (9%) 2. Jak and Daxter: the precursor Legacy (0%) 3. Sakuna of Rice and Ruin (0%) 4. Ni no Kuni (20%) 5. Jak and Daxter 2 (0%) 6. Monkey King 7. Secret of Mana (0%) 8. Akiba´s Beat (5%) 9. Conception Plus (0%) 10. Giraffe and Annika (1%) 11. Oceanhorn Vita Version (11%) 12. Undertale
  11. Oh sh.., forgot to post my progress in Season 1 Finished Monkey King (storywise and got the ). I think the game is pretty fun. The story was pretty good and the music was good too. The trophies related to grinding were okay. I was able to get them pretty quick. All in all i would give the game a 8/10. And when i find the 2 DLC´s for a good price i will get them for sure.
  12. Hm not so sure because the first story clear for the bad ending was pretty early in the game (30 min perhaps?). I did need more than 10 hours for the whole game so
  13. Hello all, long time not read 😁 Wasn´t so active in gaming the last weeks (WebNovels are my kryptonite) but now with the holiday before the door i hope i will be gaming more. Today is my last day of work for this year so gaming time: here i come Finished nothing on my list here but two other games: Kotodama: think that will give me half point for the . The story of the game was so-so but i really liked the puzzel game you had to play. Really fun. With moe elements but not tooo much. South Park: the fractured but whole: half point for stoy clear and i think. Finised the story after 27 hours or so. I don´t realy like South Park but because i had it in my library i decided to play it. It had it fun elements but all in all i am happy that i have the game behind me. Oh and @Spinacheq: great November Update. You and @Arethien really do a great job with that
  14. Hello, would like to sign up. Please put me on the "Looking for a team" list
  15. Didn´t do so good in this event. Cleared only a few games in my list: 1. Vampyr 2. Nexomon Extinction 3. Corpse Party: Blood Drive 4. Mary Skelter 5. Nexomon 6. Yesterday Origins 7. Plague Road 8. Corpse Party BR 9. South Park: the stick of truth 10. South Park: the fractured but whole 11. Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity 12. Psychonauts 13. Akiba´s Trip But congratz to all who finsihed their list. And a big thank you to @blu3st4rdust305 for hosting this event.