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  1. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS - REVIEWS THREAD It's official; Star Wars: The Force Awakens is on the horizon, fans have waited years for the latest entry in the franchise and to see if J.J Abrams would be able to make a film that could capture the feel and magic of the original in the modern day Check out this thread to see how the films doing reviews-wise, discuss your opinions and generally just to fanboy I'll be updating throughout the week/weekend with the latest reviews CURRENT STANDING; 100% over on RottenTomatoes with 37 reviews, looks set to pull a Mad Max. First Review is Live; "Yes, it helps that the core group of original actors has returned, but it's more the energy, humor and simplicity of direction that has been recaptured. It's the overall vibe." - Tom Long, Detroit News; http://www.detroitnews.com/story/entertainment/movies/2015/12/16/tom-long-star-wars-review-force-awakens/77395392/
  2. Jesus christ, just trying to grind through the affection trophies And it's beyond painful The stuff they say makes no sense and isn't linked "There's a food stall around here" "That's it...." "My chest is kinda big" "Impressive" "Don't make me mad. I feel I should change my outfit" "Impressive" "But what if people see" "That's it" "Stop making me mad" Like what the hell, did they even try, it's an average game, but it can be fun, but jeez, this is atrocious :')
  3. Don't mind DLC as long as it's meaningful and not a shitty cash grab Adored all Mass Effect DLC's minus Pinacle Station over the entire franchise Dragon Age DLC is also fantastic Bethesda does good DLC For me a DLC has to have decent length, add great content, make me want to splash that money CoD Season Passes and DLC for £14.99 with 4 maps has never been something I look at and go, "Wow, that's great' I'd much rather sink that £14.99 into something like The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, where you gt around 20 hours of great new story content. That's good DLC Map packs ain't so good
  4. Merh, going to have to say Rogue Galaxy PS2 emulation Loving the game, it's so big and there's so much to do, and I love the Revelation system, it's ridiculously addictive too After that it'd probably be The Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy XIII (Fantastic, despite being linear)
  5. DPs is easy Don't even care :')
  6. You sound like a very unfriendly person Great personality
  7. Do NOT be a healer, unless you understand what you're doing, played Healer in other MMO's etc Communities like this may be friendly to newbies But in-game if you suck at healing you'll fuck up your entire dungeon/raid run etc. and the amount of hate you'll get is unreal Sounds like I'm being a douche but trust me If Healer or Tank make a single wrong move, they regret it :') I do the Heals, and it can be stressful too No, DPS is pretty simple Healing requires a tonne of micro-management, mana management, babysitting, right speccing etc Tanking is the same DPS you literally choose your target and click, easy Talking from years of WoW experience and a year with FF XIV on PC
  8. Some of the reasons people are listing for blocking seem a bit.... pedantic Game invites and so on don't bother me at all A lot of games auto-invite you when you choose "invite friends" so they're probably trying to invite certain people and you're getting it too I have no-one blocked; what's the point? I mean hate-mail doesn't bother me, me and my friend laugh about it together and neither does abuse, or 'scams' because I'm not a moron and never fall for them If someone annoys me enough I send them a carefully worded rant and they generally get the picture Blocking for game invites though, wow, you seem like friendly people that I'd TOTALLY want on MY friends list. End Sarcasm Comments on racism Calls a pakistani a paki Hypocrisy at it's finest
  9. So it's simple; who was YOUR favourite character in Fox's Scream Queens which aired for three months between September and two weeks ago. I though it was a fantastic show and if you haven't watched it, give it a go, it's hilarious My favourite is probably obvious Vote in the poll and give your opinions on why, also, least favourite. Same rules Chanel O "Do you like eating box because your last name is munch or is that just a coincidence?" "Let's ask the ghost of Chanel #2 a question only she would know the answer to. Does Chanel #5 have vagina teeth?" Chanel #3 "She's not dead.... she's.... sleeping" Chanel #2 "What if one of us has an STD" Chanel #5 "I learnt that the real worth of a sorority is getting spit-roasted by two hot, albeit admittedly dumb twin brothers" Chanel #6/Hester Ulrich Grace Zayday Williams "I keep a chainsaw under my bed that my Grandma sent me" Gigi Caldwell "My therapist said I suffered a traumatic incident that left part of my psyche stuck in the 90s and I was like.... uh... I'll take it!" Denise Hemphill "You call my name, and I WILL, come a'running" Chad Radwell "I can't date a girl that was popular, then wasn't popular" erm, nobody watches this?? great community.... ;L
  10. "If you re-arrange the letters in Zaydays name you get, I May Slay Liz Daw" "What? Who's Liz Daw?" "I don't know but I think Zayday plans on slaying her" Is the best of Chanel #5 for me The delivery of everyone in that scene is perfect Fave is obviously Chanel #3
  11. I meant gameplay-wise too aha HF confuses me with skills etc. I mean I'm managing Last Attacks and killed the first HA boss Oh, also giant ant enemies, I had a fit, hate that shit in my games
  12. Good to know Merh, I'm not used to any sort of bad translation in games, bad dialogue sure, I mean I've played the original Resident Evil's Also; what's up with random affection gains My Lisbeth was at 3 and my Silica is at 4 without any chatting I've done all their respective events though and Silica has been my battle member for the first two floors; about to finish the third. Do events get you affection gain? Sorry for the dumb questions; I'd google it, but I'd probably not get any help :3
  13. Wow, I was on the mark, wiki says at this point she's 14, Kirito is a young adult right So much waifu :') I honestly prefer Asuna over any of the others though, probably because she steam-rolls during combat Encounters take so long with Silica Gonna buy Lost Song after christmas I think, it's better isn't it?
  14. Lisbeth is done, hopefully this means no more demanding of a hot dog followed by talking about it being the right size :') Moving onto Silica now, this feels major jail-bait, she's like, what, 12? :') Still, love her character and Pina is such a dodgy little twat :'3 Games great honestly, just when I read the affection trophies a while back I guess I expected more
  15. I will admit I like the events with the females though, like the 'CG' events. The Silica ones are the best for me, she's just so clumsy and awkward and adorable with her obsession with Kirito. I just wish the affection system worked a bit better Luckily, using Philia in Hollow Area and Silica within Aincard is raising their affection at a decent rate so hopefully *crosses fingers* I can skip the bed talk with them other than for the CG?
  16. I don't mind the fan service as I actually like the characters and I'm used to how the anime does it But I just ain't a fan of Lisbeth sat on my bed flashing her underwear every few moments Then again I'm gay, so that stuff wouldn't sit with me in any game :') The translation seems perfect everywhere but during companion affection chats, and that's more a case of the dialogue not matching Going from talking about Hot Dogs to how lonely you are to a conversation about the size of your breasts while Kirito yells, "That's it"
  17. Showing off all my plats :')
  18. "The waist is a little too....." "Well done" "I want a hot dog" "That's it" "Stop, you'll embarrass me" Just wish there was some rhyme or rhythm to it, rather than sitting her for an extended period pressing R1 and sometimes, X EXCITEMENT I'm also not liking the characters flaunting their underwear while I'm doing this It's not tittilating, it's creepy as all hell
  19. you have a shiny bell You also seem like a lovely person :3
  20. Have they put Until Dawn on sale outside of their dire Buy One Get One 'Free" offer? I'm surprised, I mean it's set in a snowy location, seems like a prime Christmas deal to me Deals are still shocking Only one I was close to interested in was Mad Max, but I'll get that on Boxing Day This was the only 'decent' deal. But I'm going to grab it from CEX for £12.00 when I have the time to spare C'mon Sony, be competitive I grabbed Sword Art: Hollow Fragment for £15 at one point, more random discounts like that please
  21. Well, you made that difficult with your 100% completion Allow me to suggest your next game based off your current collection Dragon Age: Origins It still holds up well, it's a joy to play, great characters, perfect RPG in most ways, though it will be weird for you playing it after Inquisition, so much has changed between then and now
  22. Erm.... enjoys stealth in his game And dessert :')
  23. My advice with this is to not play the game Play Final Fantasy XIV instead, much better MMO
  24. Hmm, for Sixth Generation I'd have to say Fatal Frame or Obscure. Probably Obscure despite only having two games Seventh Generation is a mash between the Fallout reboot franchise or Uncharted Eight generation, is difficult because there really aren't a lot of games that have had multiple entries, but I would go with the Final Fantasy franchise. Tonnes of remakes and re-releases but Type-0 was decent, XIV is better than WoW and XV looks like it could be fantastic. Also all the re-releases are perfection
  25. I'm a big fan of all Final Fantasy XIII games, also Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, Dead Space 2.