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  1. Do you think this will get a fix yourself because I always leave fifa games till a month or two before the next one comes along? I’ve played every single fifa game and now I’m about to get screwed over on this trophy, surly they can patch the trophy to just earn the 2000 points instead of simply redeeming it Plated every single fifa game*
  2. Surgeon sim, no VR one either the platinum is fun you master control plus loads of ultra rare, easy 1s to.
  3. If you have a disc version of f1 15, delete it pause the patch,, on Q1 stay at the end of the pits once all the cars are out just reverse into them very hard you should get four cars now find one and slam it to pieces, do this 5 times and you will have the hardest trophy unless your excellent with a wheel but even on pro there like real f1 AI drivers
  4. Doing 80 laps on pro on Monaco was hell I can't do manual gears every lap I got a puncher or lost my wing, 150 laps around Russia British GP And Germany was a terrible trophys, and getting into Q2 on pro was a joke however I used the pile up glitch to take out 5 cars 😂👍🏻😂
  5. I enjoyed everyday gone rapture, only problem was that the walking pace was so slow, but the graphics where incredible, have gone home but yet to play, same as the saboteur. It's set in German nazi times during the war right or France, looks pretty good but the trophies look very grindy. Mine was surgeon sim, felt like I was drunk playing it and how I did the platinum is beyond me, others include resident evil 6 such a bore, especially after doing it on Xbox. My worse 3 are Hong knong massacre, onrush because now I'm on superstar rating it's glitched out with challenges and the worse ever ever ever game on my list which sends shudders down my spin as I write this comment is seb Leob evo racking takes about 30+ hours with only 5-6 tracks and it's constantly the same thing over and over. Oh and resogun I just can't save the damn humans some die in the boxes before I can even get to the little buggers.
  6. Great game I still have old blood to do, but like the Lego. And assassins creed games there making to many of these games they will become stale unfortunately, but great work dude, gave you rep
  7. Resident evil revolutions 2 ps3 version. Great little game pretty tricky to especially invisible enemy mode 6/10
  8. Great now i understand lol. Thank's bro.
  9. Lol I have done it every game people pick I've done, is it pick a platinum somebody's done or pick one someone ain't finished or played yet?
  10. Hmm how about a game everybody owns gta 5 more rep you cheeky bugger.
  11. Is f1 2019 a great game and the best in the series yet? or is it just the sme as 16-17-18, but with a f2 features and two extra classic cars. I feel it's a massive improvement over 18 but I wish codemasters would add classic tracks like brands hatc, donintion park, valacia, imaloa, India, turkey and even Korea. Instead of the same old 21 tracks, trophy wise the game seems less of a grind however I have heard the level 50 online trophy means getting the diamond level 50? Anyhow how do you guys think about f1 19 is it good a step back or would you guys like to see some classic tracks.
  12. Never heard of this game beforehand is it a RPG or dungeon crawler type game,
  13. What game?
  14. Done it bro, for you Hong Kong massacre. Gave you some rep to improve your rep 👍🏻
  15. Did it already bro, for you American fugitive it's like the ps1 gta games.