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  1. ~ 4h20 for me, just because i was fear to dont have ammo in the end, so i played safe before And i didnt do it in new +. Just new game without boost for other trophy. I think u can do it in ~ 3h30 with new + game.
  2. Expect chapter 6, this mode is not really "hard" ^^ I think now after plat this game, i can do akumu mode like a normal game but for "casual player" i think it's a hard mode.
  3. ~ 15 hours for me and ~ 300 died time. Just because the chapter 6 is too hard without ammo
  4. 8/10 for me.
  5. I see u too
  6. Thank u
  7. I'm Good
  8. Pantsu for all !
  9. I gonna be a 'harley quinn" soon
  10. Tired now x__x
  11. Have a cute avatar *.*
  12. Nope. Alundra on ps1 ?
  13. 7/10 Good but not what i like
  14. Fine, erotic humor :D