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  1. Im assuming that glitched lobbies are basically a thing of the past at this point?
  2. I get where you're coming from, Sly is hard at work fixing a lot of the issues brought on by Sony. But that kind of brings up another question, why is he doing it alone? Maybe someone has already answered this in the past but why couldn't he hire someone to help out with the coding portion of this website to take some of the pressure off him so that some of these suggested features could become a reality? Some people here actually pay money towards certain basic features. On top of that, Im sure the site makes an alright amount of ad revenue. If that's somehow not enough to keep the site running while still paying the bills, start a Patreon and let the community fund the money necessary to bring on additional help.
  3. Can trophies be obtained via rented servers?
  4. I am still banned. Its been like 6 weeks now? I messaged @Sly Ripper a few weeks ago but according to this site, he hasn't read it yet.
  5. I've been banned for 6 weeks. No idea what is going on, even messaged @Sly Ripper but got no reply.
  6. It's been over a week now and Im still banned from updating profiles. @Sly Ripper
  7. How long did it last?
  8. Hello Mods, this past Saturday and Sunday I co-hosted a boosting session for Overwatch & Star Wars Battlefront. We had over 30 people present at the sessions and a lot of newbies to the games. I took it upon myself to update their profiles to see what they were missing so I could figure out a road map that worked best for the group. Since then, I have not been able to update my profile or anyone else's for that matter. I understand its a temporary ban but I was wondering how long these usually last? Knowing that this can cause problems, I will certainly stop updating so many profiles in such a short amount of time. My apologies for any trouble I may have caused.
  9. Finding people to boost Tomb Raider DE is such a pain :(

    1. Nighcisama


      Not nearly as painful as playing this crappy mp legit, believe me, I have tried both.

    2. TVDex252
  10. Anyone else experiencing issues where when you boot the game up you cant select anything? I can see characters on the main menu moving around but none of the buttons do anything. If I go back to the PS home menu, everything works just fine so its not a controller problem.
  11. Just wanted to give people a heads up that the game-related trophies like Y'all Ready for This can actually be missed. Ive been playing the main game as well as NBA 2k19 for a while and in MyCareer if you are playing poorly in your single player games on MyCareer, you can close the app and reboot it to give yourself a shot to play better in the same game. I assumed you could do this in the Prelude as well, I did terribly in my first game and closed the application trying to get better stats (which is dumb since stats don't even matter in the Prelude). Unfortunately, the Prelude simply skips ahead to the next game in the storyline which means you'll lose your chance to get Y'all Ready for This for completing your first game. Of course, you can use the workaround to let you replay the Prelude again and give yourself another chance to get this but I figured some people may want to avoid this to save time.
  12. For regular herbs, 3 in-game days was usually enough to get them to grow back. I never needed to wait for exotics to grow back but I assume it would be the same.
  13. I found out you can do it in Valentine at the Doctors shop. Walk to the back room, you'll find a steel door and they won't let you in. Go back to the main room, take your weapon out and aim at the doctor, you will get a prompt to press Up on the D-Pad to get him to take you to the backdoor. Once its open, go in and kill everyone and you should get credit for it.