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  1. Managed to get the Bling Bling trophy over the weekend. I grinded out the Limited mode last weekend and failed to get the ring to appear and grinded pretty hard Friday night and failed again. Finally, I decided to see what would happen if I changed my lineup to all bronze/silver players. Managed to get matched up with people who just got the game and had terrible lineups, after styling on them early on, they'd usually quit and I managed to get the ring that way. If you're decent at the game but don't care to play legit online, I suggest doing that next weekend.
  2. God damn, the shot meter in this game is very very not good. Either Im terrible at it or there is something functionally wrong with it.
  3. You could just choose to not spend money on any of the DLC/Microtransactions. I got NBA2k20 for free with PS Plus and got the platinum without spending a dime on VC.
  4. Has anyone here bought the Mamba edition? If so, how do I redeem my pre order rewards? Edit: It just showed up on my account after playing my first my career game.
  5. I do have a feeling that there will be a ring tied to collector goals which could make that easy to get (just grindy) but the 5 wins might be tricky.
  6. My only concern is winning one of those rings. I like 2k20 simply because I didn't have to play online. I suck at the game compared to most people, I enjoy playing at my own pace. If you need to win one of these Limited tournaments for a ring, I might pass...
  7. If you're using the auction house properly you're like a week or two away from the trophy if you're passed the 2400 mark. The best tip I got was to stop buying for the collection till Im at 200k MT. Reinvest that wisely and within a few days you'll be around the 500k mark. After that, always have 50 cards at auction and never let yourself get lower than 300k MT.
  8. People list heat checks for 3k~ daily. You just need to check often for them. Search heat check with buy it now max at 3300, which was the max I was willing to pay for them. I didn't need to complete the set to get the trophy, I think I had like 10-15 heat checks still left. 3-4 PM and around 8 PM EST was best times for me to find heat checks. You gotta be quick tho..
  9. For anyone who read my previous post in this thread. The 150k MT is gone. I donated it to one of the first people who DM'd me about it. I have checked the auction house daily since getting my trophy and it still seems to be in a healthy spot, definitely still achievable trophy. Keep grinding guys!
  10. I've got 150k MT (possibly more soon) Im willing to donate to anyone who is already over 2k cards and could use the extra nudge to finish up before 2k21 releases. DM me with a picture of your card count and we can set it up.
  11. Got my plat just now Thanks to @SaviorKIA & @Tentativeuser for the tips and tricks to work the auction house. Took me 5 weeks total for the plat. I was very paranoid that the auction house would die down when I started to notice cards being posted less frequently but managed to get it done!
  12. Make sure to not put a buy it now price if you have a card that can sell for more than 100k like a Goat Lebron. Also, I tend to avoid pricey opals since the market is so competitive for them. I try to find opals that sell for 40k~ at around 30k or below. You have to be very active in the auction house for a few hours a day to find good deals, snag them up and just put them back in the AH for what its normally worth. I did all of the first two phases of domination for the reward packs, since they each have a card for the collection. Plus a good way to stock up on contracts and shoes (that you should quick sell unless they are Gold or Diamond). And I ran a lot of triple threat offline for the rewards as well, especially on weekends that have good events for them. Besides that, just scout the auction house for good deals. Took me a while to figure it out but a few people in this thread were extremely helpful with good tips, I suggest going back and reading some of their messages.
  13. Last week I was at like 1800 cards and I am creeping up on 2700 right now. I have only done the first two domination sets and around 150 wins of triple threat offline. Mostly just getting stuff from the AH.
  14. Are you targeting high end opals (50k and above) or lower end ones? Not asking for specific cards since we're essentially competing against each other for MT but just interested in which ones you're going for. It seems like every day the market Im targeting crashes and I have to find a new one and its getting annoying
  15. If you're at 1900 without heat check, you're on the right track I'd say. Ive gotten all NBA series 1 & 2 cards and about half of the heat check and Im at around 2200 cards. Personally, I went for the rewards cards as some of them are decent enough to use in rotation so I can flip the Opal cards that have value. Plus its an easy way to get an extra 100 or so cards on the way to the 3 Opals for the 150k MT.