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  1. I needed a celebration for 3 weeks with no luck until one day last week it finally popped up. Just keep going, your odds are pretty good as long as you check daily. Buy all the stuff, even if you don't need it so they don't show up again.
  2. Tip Toe Tournament. It would still require a little skill and luck but definitely doable with a 3 day event of that. I recommend you contact support and ask them for it, they seem to listen.
  3. Yeah, I also asked them to add specific modes that help with trophies like tip toe, sweet thieves and golden goal. They said they'll send the dev team my suggestion for the trophy modes to help calm down the paranoia but nothing about the color/pattern or other shop related things.
  4. I was lazy and I didn't do that. They said they checked my account on their end and i met the requirements so they popped it for me.
  5. From my experience they don't seem to operate after 9 PM EST. They reply back in the morning after 8 AM.
  6. Mind telling us what timezone you're in? Trying to figure out if my morning hours are the same as yours.
  7. They have been saying that for a week. They are VERY convinced that they can do it because of what the Dev team told them. its never been done before and is most likely some sort of miscommunication or the dev team not being aware of what is possible.
  8. Yeah, I've been trying to get 1-2 race wins a day since Saturday and I struggle to get even 1 a day. Ive tried contacting support and telling them that it would really help the trophy paranoid people if they included certain modes that made trophy popping a bit easier. They said they think its a good idea as it would tone down the amount of people bugging them about the new launcher/trophy issues. So hopefully they pass that on to the dev team and we see Tip Toe come back.
  9. Yes, email support about the issue. A few posts up explains how to do it and they will unlock it for you.
  10. Doing what the above user said worked for me. It unlocked within 15 minutes of emailing them.
  11. I got the same message about an hour ago. Oh well.. Hopefully they put out the right modes in the next month to make some of these easier.
  12. I got it within 8 matches. Just keep going, seems mostly like RNG, I lost when I had people turboing but won when I didn't.
  13. Yeah the support team seems to all be saying the same thing, its going to be removed on May 9th. So either we're about to see a first in Playstation trophy history or the dev team gave them some REALLY bad information.
  14. I decided to contact the Fall Guys support team myself to clear up confusion hopefully. Here is what I sent them and how they replied back to me - My email to them - Hey, I have a question relating to the new launcher and how it will affect trophies. You guys put up a FAQ page that says the old trophy list will be removed/deleted. Does this actually mean that my trophy list will be deleted and replaced with an identical list tied to the new launcher or will I now have two trophy lists, one of which will be discontinued. Im a trophy hunter and I haven't managed to get 100% of the trophies on the current list and I don't wanna be stuck at some arbitrary trophy % without the ability to ever finish it. My hope is that the old trophy list will be removed from my profile so that I don't have a trophy list that is literally impossible to earn trophies on. I hope you guys can clear this up for me. Their reply - Heya Dexlucis, Thanks so much for contacting us today! I'll be happy to answer your questions Yes! The old trophy list will be removed and replaced with a new one when the new launcher goes live, this means that you won't have an unfinished achievement list in your profile. If there is something else we can help you with, please do not hesitate in coming back with us. Kind regards, Abe Fall Guys Player Support
  15. How good do you have to be to be able to win one of these? I haven't played online NHL since like NHL 11..