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  1. Do this while it still works, they'll probably be fixing it sooner rather than later. This requires New Game + so it won't be specifically great for hunting trophies but it could make a few of them much easier.
  2. I didn't open the wardens door path before rolling through, it seems like it just didn't trigger. I'll try again on New Game plus though, I have a feeling I just got really unlucky
  3. Somebody on my discord mentioned an illusory wall in 1-4 with a locked door behind it. I haven't had a chance to look for it yet but does anybody know about this? Sounds like a good place for a new item.
  4. According to this picture somebody found on my discord it is supposedly obtainable somewhere in game but this could be misinformation. Well that's one more down, still two completely unknown rings though.
  5. Thank you so much. I had a friend try it a little bit ago and they died on the first attempt and got hit on the attempt that they actually made it so it seems like I just got really unlucky and didn't hit the trigger somehow. To anyone that might be reading this who doesn't have the trophy pop, do not turn off the machine as that will be the thing that locks you out of it.
  6. Not saying that they wouldn't do it, because there probably wouldn't be any consequences but I doubt that Longevity counts because that would break Sony's policy on requiring DLC for the base game trophies. That means we have three new rings with literally no information online about how to get them. I tried reaching out to a Dev through Discord about it a while back before seeing this post here but he said he didn't want to ruin the fun lol. Thanks for confirming Providential counts. I wasn't sure if it did and I forgot to count and see
  7. Has anyone here actually gotten Time for Rolling yet? I rolled under all the arrows to shut down the siege machine but I didn't end up getting it. Even avoided picking up the key first and beat Fool's Idol without unlocking the door. Admittedly it was on like my fourth try though so hopefully you don't have to do it first go.
  8. Saving Yuria seems to require the entire Fat Minister set now. Has anyone found the chest piece? I figure it's probably in 1-4 because I haven't run through there yet but that makes her unavailable until way later in the game compared to the original.
  9. It turns out this is the NA PSN version, I have no idea what the list labeled NA is though, maybe the physical release?
  10. I had all the achievements except for the ones for surviving so many days on 360. Hope I have the patience to do it again!
  11. Thanks guys, I'll probably start doing these soon. I realized earlier that I would be fairly high ranking in a few of them.
  12. In the end game with 5 farms of 10 ultimates I got it by just resetting for around a half hour.
  13. I'm a little new to this. Do we actually get the custom trophies on our profiles?
  14. Yeah, you hold R2 and L2 and move with the left stick
  15. The lack of motion controls on the sliding was a godsend. This time around it only took me a couple tries for every dlc challenge.