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  1. I asked the publisher about this earlier today and the new one is definitely meant to be free for you if you own the original. Might need to poke them or Sony about it.
  2. I'm currently looking for someone as well ^^
  3. Performance (frame rate) was fine for me on PS4 Pro, but I did have severe texture-loading issues, making the game pretty ugly at times.
  4. You need to kill the enemies manning the turrets, not just the sniper turrets themselves.
  5. I believe I had 12 for Athena when I got the trophy. You must be missing some.
  6. You don’t actually need the last ability to reach it. As soon as it appears you can jump over to it from the platform right next to it. You can get this as early as the first boss of the game. That’s where I got it
  7. I was personally missing the shotgun and rotary gun after my first playthrough so grabbed those on NG+. And yeah, since the trophy says modules, you can probably skip anything that’s just a consumable.
  8. Awesome, happy to help! :)
  9. I haven’t tried this personally, but considering the area you fight in perhaps you can use high ground to your advantage. Try going up the stairs toward the building and then jump-attack the head. Perhaps that can reach. Also I’d suggest a long weapon, like a spear to make it easier. Again this is just me guessing. Good luck!
  10. Nano Echoes are the nano things you walk into that trigger a memory. Some are optional, like the one near one of the monster scientists in the Underground. Just trigger 12 and you’ve got your trophy. You’ll have an audiolog for each one to keep track of your total. As for maxing your gear, I personally did it on my first playthrough. On NG+ there are a lot more enemies bunched together making the Mk XX grind more difficult than the Mk X one.
  11. I did read about the proximity mine being a thing, but can confirm that it isn’t required for the trophy as I never obtained it. I’ll add it to the list though, just in case. Thanks! I did credit the list as best I could! :D
  12. For anyone looking for the drone modules, the below list should be complete. Credit to the author sourced below. A.I.D. ‘Empire’ Sniper Rifle CREO Industrial Magnet – Buy from the drone vender. EMP-44 ‘Starfish’ – Reward for killing Little Johnny. GAIA Laser – Story related Grenade – Buy from the drone vender or obtain from a quest. JAG Bio-Sensor – Help the fake Russian by finding the broken drone and turning it over to him. You can only obtain this if you choose to look the other way. JAG-1000 ‘Carnivore’ Shotgun – Cut off Captain Cervantes’ left leg. Klokonov R-47 AutoRifle – Story related Molotov Cocktail – Buy from the drone vender or obtain from a quest. R-1 ‘Diode’ Laspistol – Unlock through story progression. S&R Drone – Unlocked through progression. SPARK ‘Enlightener’ Electro-Beam – Finish Highball’s quest. SPARK Engineer’s Turret – Simply cut off a Spark Engineer’s body. These are the enemies that deploy turrets in the bay area. Please note, they’ll almost, if not always, lack chest armor, so you get this as a reward instead. SSM ‘Vanguard’ Missile – Split the reward with Hawke or buy it from the drone vender. VULC-88 ‘Panthera’ Rotary Gun – Destroy the flame turret during the second phase of the Major General Ezra Shields fight. W-101 Spray Can – Story related. W-102 Banner – Story Related Proximity Mine - Obtained by cutting off the left leg of a SPARK Engineer. Source:
  13. For anyone wondering, the combination is R2+R3+L2+L3 all at once.
  14. My goal is 400 platinums and 20,000 overall trophies, both of which I aim to hit at the same time. I always do double milestones whenever possible
  15. I know there's no traditional enemy leveling and that enemies scale to you, but do they scale infinitely? Or will you eventually get stronger than them once you hit the level cap and start earning Renown etc?