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  1. Yea, the moment I completed a single 5.5 quest (latest update), I unlocked 26 story trophies at the same time
  2. I one-shot him even on my White Mage earlier today. Just one normal cast and dead. I'm ilv 502 for reference, so not even cap.
  3. I'm sure someone has a more thorough answer to this, but you specifically need something called a "Collectible", which doesn't unlock until your relevant job is level 50, as far as I'm aware. You'll notice the item having a small white square box thing on the right hand side, if it's indeed a collectible, whether crafted (synthesized) or gathered. You'll also be able to recognize a collectible in your inventory by the same icon and by the fact that they don't stack at all - and they can't be sold. Here's one of many resources worth looking into:
  4. I'm already at almost 5,000 FATEs, so I don't have to worry about that one, but I am only at 78/8,000 collectibles gathered and 0/5,000 collectibles synthesized, so that's where my grind lies instead...
  5. While I'm bummed this new list "forces me" to get into gathering and crafting, I'm actually really stoked that they've given trophies some proper attention. Also, based on it having trophies separate from each expansion, it's safe to assume that Endwalker and beyond will get more trophies too, which is ace! Guess getting back into this game (after already playing it for 7,600 hours in the past) will pay off double!
  6. The game shouldn't be going anywhere for at least another 5 years or more, from what the devs have said recently. As for whether you should wait, I guess it depends on how much you care about the upgrades that the PS5 version offers. The PS4 version plays great (and loads fast) on PS5, so I'm not sure the difference will be that big regardless. I suppose the main question is... do you want to download the client now, and then download it again on the 13th? If that's okay with you, come on in!
  7. Just a quick update that today's update seems to have fixed the crashing. I used to crash about once per hour and I just did 7 hours straight without any crashes. I'm playing on PS5.
  8. I haven't had any save files corrupt yet, though my game crashes roughly every hour on average on PS5 - and half the time it happens when I hit quick save. So right now I neither want to save nor go too long without saving...
  9. It's against developer trophy guidelines to put any trophy required for a platinum behind paid content, so there must be a way to gain access for free. I guess we'll know in a few days.
  10. If they were unlocked after the latest update, great, thanks
  11. Anyone know if the 1,000 miles trophy currently unlocks as intended on PS5?
  12. For those having problems loading into the Career, hitting Resume on an activity card seems the only workaround. Has worked fine for me so far, at least.
  13. This worked perfectly, thanks a bunch! I played for about 50 hours without ever getting a revenge mission, and I guess I simply never pissed anyone off. After doing what the video suggests, I got my first revenge mission in about 5 minutes. I accidentally killed my operative during the mission though, so I failed it... I kept repeating the process without a second revenge mission triggering, but when I then quit out of the game and loaded back in, a second revenge mission popped immediately.
  14. Same. Scorch still doesn't count for me, even though I have about 50 wins with her, 10 of which were after the most recent patch.
  15. Yeah, I've played dozens of hours. The tutorial trophy never popped and since it seems to trigger not when you complete the tutorial, but when it opens up all the modes after it, there's no way to complete the trophy trigger again, since you can't delete your saves. I've done the tutorial countless times without luck. There's an official bug report over here. Right now I have to either wait for them to fix it, or maybe save it for last, and then contact their support and see if they can wipe my save server-side, so I can try again.