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  1. If they were unlocked after the latest update, great, thanks
  2. Anyone know if the 1,000 miles trophy currently unlocks as intended on PS5?
  3. For those having problems loading into the Career, hitting Resume on an activity card seems the only workaround. Has worked fine for me so far, at least.
  4. This worked perfectly, thanks a bunch! I played for about 50 hours without ever getting a revenge mission, and I guess I simply never pissed anyone off. After doing what the video suggests, I got my first revenge mission in about 5 minutes. I accidentally killed my operative during the mission though, so I failed it... I kept repeating the process without a second revenge mission triggering, but when I then quit out of the game and loaded back in, a second revenge mission popped immediately.
  5. Same. Scorch still doesn't count for me, even though I have about 50 wins with her, 10 of which were after the most recent patch.
  6. Yeah, I've played dozens of hours. The tutorial trophy never popped and since it seems to trigger not when you complete the tutorial, but when it opens up all the modes after it, there's no way to complete the trophy trigger again, since you can't delete your saves. I've done the tutorial countless times without luck. There's an official bug report over here. Right now I have to either wait for them to fix it, or maybe save it for last, and then contact their support and see if they can wipe my save server-side, so I can try again.
  7. Oh really? I totally missed that, kept checking all patch notes and saw no mention of it. Nice! Now if only they would fix the tutorial trophy, otherwise I can't finish the platinum anyway...
  8. Does anyone know if this is the update that finally lets us grind the kill trophies in PvE?
  9. Just to be clear, Genshin isn’t an MMO. The game is primarily a single player RPG with co-op activities. I do agree with the boring list though...
  10. Damnit >_<
  11. Their FAQ confirms trophies, but no word yet on a platinum. Fingers crossed!!
  12. I’d estimate that it took me 5-6 hours to hit Adventure Rank 15 during the beta on my first time playing it, so it shouldn’t be too bad.
  13. If replaying the Jayto bit can’t make it pop, then I guess the trophy is unobtainable for people that didn’t get it as intended, since the other stuff only happens once. There is no way to delete my saves either to start fresh, since all saves are server-side. Thanks for going the extra mile to help btw!
  14. To anyone else having issues, maybe poking EA will do something. Post here and hit the Me Too button as well.
  15. I don’t think there is a way to skip, I’ve played it through twice without any luck. If it isn’t too much trouble, you’re more than welcome to try on an alt account to confirm that it still works for you