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  1. Partner can be invited to the last mission, once completed both of you will earn the infamous trophy.
  2. Yes
  3. For the Infamous NG+ difficulty, you can invite a friend for the last mission and both earn the trophy. Also, I highly recommend the "Lost on Mars" weaponry to make the campaign easier.
  4. Cheers on being the first person to get the DBFz Platinum trophy! You are a beast!


    Any advice on farming 20 M zennies?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ShadowStar83x


      It'll likely be a matter of time before this exploit is fixed, so be quick!

    3. angelbless45


      Ohh geez. Thank you very much!. Better hurry up then

    4. Tigra


      I don't think they will "fix" this because that's how the story mode works.
      And 20.000.000 is such a ridiculous high amount, they should be happy there are really people trying to achieve that trophy.
      Not forcing them to do 66.667 versus or 40.000 online matches.

  5. I managed to get lucky getting 97, when setting up my farming method the first 2 battles i did ranked up the Gohan,Trunks, Frieza battle (Zeni battle) to 90. With my remaining 13 turns i saved the game and i would move to the left of the map back and forth for maybe 2-3 turns and if i got the battle to rank up i would save, if not go back to the main menu and try again. Basically keep doing that method and make sure you have 2 turns remaining at the end. I managed to get 97 but if you're lucky you can probably get them at lvl.100 if you use your saves & turns correctly. If you keep getting kid buu to replace the zeni battle i suggest you restart the map, it's random in which battle he will convert. Hope this message helped.
  6. Congrats on being the #1 in Dragon Ball FighterZ! 

    it's also nice that you're helping other people out with your method! :) Huge respect! 

  7. I found a way where you can get around 6,000 zeni every other 2 minutes while doing a battle with 3 minuscule health opponents. In the story mode you can continue a previously lost fight with the enemies being at the same health you left them in and you can save the game before going into the fight again. You can earn the most zeni by having the zeni boost level 6, beating 3 opponents in a battle, 300 zeni battle modifier and the higher the battle level is. I made a video describing how to do the set up of this farming method, it still takes a while to get 20 million zeni but now you can earn zeni with little to no effort.
  8. Congrats on getting to 530000 BP on DBZ already, just wondering if you lose BP when you lose a match at higher ranks? 

    1. Sly


      Thanks and yes you do lose BP the higher you get

    2. DJROE95


      Cheers for the info mate, I bet I’ll struggle to get to 530000 but I’ll take inspiration from you and give it my best shot :) 

  9. You also need the sword for the naval collection trophy btw.
  10. Heroes vs Villains, 10-30k xp per match. Easier if you are good at multiplayer so that you can consistently drop high scores. Don't get too bored playing the same game mode, I actually found HvV to be quite enjoyable. Not everyone has what it takes to get top 50 fastest platinum achievers but when you have the time and motivation to be in the top 3 you can make it happen. I didn't boost or cheat and it is possible to achieve level 50 that quick. I was able to spend some money on loot boxes which would help me upgrade 2 of my most used heroes and fighter ship, not really needed but it does help. In my opinion, if you have the extra bit of money then why not make it easier on yourself on a pay to win game. For those of you wondering about my Battlefield Hardline completion time, that too is also achievable without boosting or cheating. Just keep grinding and stay motivated, Battlefield games are my favorite to play and you can check all of my last games on Hardline with Battlelog if you don't believe me.