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  1. seems more mishap is found in atelier meruru. i was thinking you couldn't craft stuff until upgrading the furnace more. seemed i could upgrade my stuff a long time ago. on year 4 with almost all starting gear (maybe be able to salvage this run to at least get gloves at least).

  2. on spelunky. your city of gold has been obtained first before the ankh (ankh is the 2nd step to unlock the city of gold). doesn't seem possible to go in reverse in under 2 minutes.
  3. atelier meruru update: seems it's going worse than i thought. missing some events. could be looking at a 3rd playthrough on this (luckily you keep some things in new game plus runs).

  4. platinum #434 MechaNika completed in 1 hour and 29 minutes platinum rarity 91.51% common platinum name: Genius Of Trophy's got all the fast ones i can do in a small amount of time. going to head to arland for the next journey. there's a useful guide i can use for this game (takes 2 playthrough's) i'm up for the challenge next game will be Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice Of Arland (ps3)
  5. platinum #433 Fernz Gate completed in 3 days and 12 hours platinum rarity 43.13% uncommon platinum name: Your Adventure game got pretty good. had my epic moments taking on a lvl 999 arena boss. a great game overall. going to find another fast one so i can progress onto a long-term game and it will be MechaNika (ps4).
  6. fernz gate update: defeated the level 999 arena damn that was tough. all that's left is getting the hit trophy and raising a weapon to 999.

  7. i played the perils of baking. very good game. will buy habroxia. there's nothing really much this week to get anyway.
  8. there's nothing on the list that i want or could be cheap enough to grab i'm going to peer through these other 2 sale pick out some things that might end up going and call it good. edit: grabbed some of the games under 20$ sale won't be any regrets for tomorrow when i hit up hidden gems.
  9. platinum #429 Torchlight 2 completed in 2 weeks and 8 hours platinum rarity: 15.35% rare platinum name: Delver platinum #430 FoxyLand completed in 28 minutes and 15 seconds platinum rarity 97.41% common platinum #431 One Word By Powgi (ps4) completed in 30 minutes and 10 seconds platinum rarity 95.89% common platinum name: Quote Unquote platinum #432 Deep Space Rush (ps4) completed in 17 minutes and 40 seconds platinum rarity 99.02% common platinum name: Platinum DeTeam game was good though it's a diablo clone it took very long to complete. chose engineer both times since it has good survivability for both runs. going to have to look through my backlog for the next game which will be Fernz Gate (ps4) completed alot of quick plats after the long plat need to cook dinner and do sales plus sleep before i think about gaming.
  10. torchlight 2 final update: going to get through hardcore. start a new game in a few days.

  11. torchlight 2 update: found the legendary item took off the vendor. now to get 2 more levels. then the hardcore run.

    that one is just leveling as best as i can grabbing stuff as i go while backing up my save.

  12. torchlight 2 update: 11 levels away from 100. still have to find a legendary weapon/shield FML.

  13. keeping it lean this week in terms of purchases: The Swords Of Ditto (ps4) Darksiders 3 Season Pass (ps4) next week will be more grabs of anything left/added. edit: last minute purchase change. will unlock darksiders 3 for a run eventually.
  14. forgot to mention what i got out of this sale purchased yesterday here's the list for round 1: foxyland (ps4) (vita) one night stand (ps4) shalnor legends: Sacred Lands (ps4) Deep Space Rush (ps4) (vita) Anniversary Collection Arcade classics (ps4) Almost There: The Platformer (ps4) Illusion of L'Phalcia (ps4) I and Me (ps4) (vita) might do an intermission game once i finish part of torchlight 2's run. this game is plenty long trying to get the 1M gold and level 100 trophy. if no new sale shows up toward the end of the week i'll make another pass with 20$.
  15. i can agree to that. i'm still grabbing those but some have been pricey. 33$ was the last one for atelier shallie (3rd game in the dusk series). if can find pawn shops. sometimes you can find some good deals. fallout 3 was one i bought for 5$ but haven't tested if it works