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  1. platinum #242 Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom completed in 4 hours and 18 minutes (would be sooner not for having to replay the game for the missing bird) platinum rarity 85.31% common platinum name is the same as the first (wish it was something different TBH) next game i was planning on minecraft story mode season 2 but i need to switch the game out for dynasty warriors 7 empires due to not having the funds right away till tomorrow. should line up better for what's coming ahead. skipping the indie for this round as the game will take 40 hours or more to complete. should put this in line for thinking about the dynasty 8 series (4 games in total) for the US.
  2. 100% game #110 monopoly family fun pack completed in 12 hours and 23 minutes 100% game #111 Monopoly plus completed in 9 hours and 20 minutes forgot to record a few.
  3. platinum #241 Coffin Dodgers completed in 8 hours and 14 minutes platinum rarity 79.38% common platinum name: retirement one more down, time to keep it going. next games will be Monopoly Plus (ps4) and Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom (ps4). i didn't get enough monopoly action which can be remedied.
  4. yes it should work provided the online isn't gone it has been a few years ever since i began and plat the game.
  5. full price. wasn't enough to fill the cart for 30$.
  6. picked up: Song of the Deep (ps4)Fairy Fencer F (ps3) been waiting for this one to go on sale for a long time.Seasons After Fall (ps4)Minecraft Story mode season 2 (ps4)expand (ps4) toss insquareboy vs bullies: Arena edition (ps4) (vita) cross-buy also toss in. going to try and start minecraft story mode season 2 after coffin dodgers, maybe toss in song of the deep while remainder get added to the backlog.
  7. platinum #240 Rime completed in 1 day and 13 hours (forgot to get the lights) added an hour or two. platinum rarity: 24.24% uncommon platinum name: The End Is A New Beginning done with that one. thinking of that racing mood. next games will be Monopoly Family Fun pack (ps4) and Coffin Dodgers (ps4). i may end up starting something after these from flash sale if they do have one but time will tell (no flash sale likely be mafia 3).
  8. lvl 40 Dark and quiet Complete the labyrinth without making a sound.
  9. Rime PS plus game of february 2018, finally managed to get around to play it.
  10. one piece pirate warriors 1 is boostable with second console and 3 different accounts. cant think of any others to add however this one is heavily luck based. some of the coins take constant play's of a certain stage over and over again.
  11. 100% game #108 uncanny valley (ps4) completed in 9 hours and 38 minutes surprised not many 100% complete it. stands low to the ground at 10.61%
  12. Random Hero Save the stranger. starting rime in morning, wasn't enough time in a day for me to complete indie and begin plat almost caught up to my old ranking prior to beginning dynasty warriors 7 xtreme legends.
  13. platinum #239 Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends completed in 1 month and 3 weeks (actual completion time is 142 hours and 57 minutes) platinum rarity: 6.05% very rare platinum name: True Warrior Of The Three Kingdoms lots and lots of grinding towards the end, i had to slip in the dynasty warriors 7 disc to make things go quicker this morning. the next games will be Uncanny Valley (ps4) and Rime (ps4) i have to catch up on some points since its been a long 11 days working on that game.
  14. Worshipped by All Heard all characters' devotion lines in Legend Mode. still have anywhere from 1 to 461 stages to complete. suppose i start now and when it pops i can move onto the indie. should be done in a few days.
  15. yeah they did this some time back. sometimes they get relisted (some copies are still in the wild) just really expensive.