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  1. here's what i ended up getting: Firewatch (ps4)plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 standard edition (ps4)agents of mayhem total mayhem bundle (ps4) may consider this as a possible candidate boss game due to the 15 online contracts.this is the police (ps4)late shift (ps4) had a really hard time trying to find a good last game all the prices are either too high or there's not enough info on some games to decide if i'm able to complete it fully.
  2. Hitman absolution (ps3) looks like some sort of stealth type game. it will improve my skill in stealth type games. then i'm free to pick the next 2 before the boss game (have something in mind, musou game).
  3. rare to ultra rare spawn. when it does show up with all the DLC packs it's a must buy. ton of trophy's.
  4. platinum #264 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (ps3) completed in 5 days and 21 hours platinum rarity 27.81% platinum name: The Force Awakens finished all DLC and the game this morning. gotta download Hitman Absolution for the next game due to the fact the online will be shutting down in june.
  5. Another Textbook Landing Make a leap of faith to escape the First Order Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (ps3) game completion set for tomorrow, only have 1 misc trophy and 1 hub to complete. after which i can begin downloading hitman absolution (ps3)
  6. i'll have to pick up and play someday, i kinda stopped because i wanted to play through easy one more time to gather up more loot for the hardest difficulty. saved the list for later, that's useful.
  7. there's some things i want to buy but i gotta wait till friday just in case. will update the post once if i buy anything.
  8. if sync and the trophy appears on your profile you have gotten it. if it doesn't it glitched. only thing i can offer to say is to cloud save your previous save and try to get the trophy again. also check if others are having the same problem it might just end up unobtainable until the devs fix it. i faced something similar but a different game when it was a story trophy that should of unlocked.
  9. playasia might have vita's as well though i would try for united kingdom/US first.
  10. it won't be long before i begin working through the vita physical list (there's some games i need to pick up). but the lego dimensions will be in effect for some month's (it's a balancing act to get out of print stuff and pick up sets). expected to go until january 2019.
  11. Cryptosurgeon Create a custom character Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (ps3) good progress made today, tomorrow is more of the same (hub collectibles/quests) and the original adventure's/DLC. going to begin the DLC portion before swinging around for the misc trophy's. estimate for completion should be 2 days after tomorrow.
  12. Speechless Complete Luke's Island Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (ps3) all levels done. long road ahead with gold bricks but prior knowledge will help in solving the mysteries and 100% the game. going to save the download of hitman absolution (ps3) for the next game as i want to tackle it all at once and focus on lego star wars.
  13. You Wouldn't Like It Complete TFA Chapter 7 - The Resistance Lego Star wars: the force awakens (ps3) farther along than what the trophy states. i'm actually on chapter 10 i had to quit for the night so i could download hitman: absolution and begin the online portion before that part gets shutdown within the next few days to get it out of the way. going to work on some more tomorrow some good progress today.
  14. supposedly the 7-8 online trophy's can be done in a few hours. the bigger grind is the one million trophy which have to be different contracts made. good luck to all whom are attempting it. going to start in a few days myself just by doing the online portion and coming back to finish the rest at a later time.
  15. going to see how much space i have on my ps3 and begin downloading that game if anything i can always go back and do the offline stuff while making sure i have the online portions done so i don't have an incomplete platinum.