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  1. platinum #532 No Mans Sky (ps5) completed in 1 second (auto-pop with ps4 save) platinum rarity 18.69% rare platinum name: Total Perspective Vortex hardest trophy: To Live Forever (making it alive off the planet in one piece is the hardest challenge of all). permadeath is cake otherwise provided one backs up the save or uses a taxi service after spending 84 hours combined with my normal and permadeath rounds. i earned the chance to get another platinum. here's one more helpful tip: storm crystals make great hyper drive fuel with 6 tech slots upgrade. going to start with a game i been thinking about for a long time and it'll be Destroy All Humans (ps4) it's the game from the ps2 era not the remake. will use the trophy guide just for the one missable trophy.
  2. i would think that's all you need. it may take a minute or two on the final planet to warp to the center. note: if you're lucky you may have your survival character live. mine didn't :(. forgot to mention. have at least 50% fuel in your liftoff from the planet.
  3. 2nd batch of games: Legends Of Talia: Arcade (ps4) (ps5) Null Drifter (ps4) Prehistoric Dude (ps4) Rift Racoon (ps4) (ps5) Pinkman+ (ps4) (ps5) The Skylia Prophecy (ps4) Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure (ps4) Lost Ember (ps4) doubtful i'll get all on the list before the sale completely ends but going to do my best.
  4. no mans sky update: 215k light years away from the center. found a way to get storm crystals so i should be making massive progress. 50% chance of finishing this today.

    1. MikeCheck--


      How are you finding the game? I just started it in VR on the PS5, just got off the first planet, only to find I had to go to another one, and farm more materials. Does it get better soon? 

  5. 398k LY to the galactic core in no mans sky. only need to go to space stations for supplys and hit up a planet for carbon in each run. it's going to get done for a 100% plus plat.

  6. going for the finish line in no mans sky. have enough fuel to possibly hit the center on permadeath. just gotta make save to pick up chromatic metal if i run out.

  7. platinum #531 No Mans Sky (ps4) completed in 6 days and 20 hours platinum rarity 7.17% very rare platinum name: Total Perspective Vortex not done with this game yet. have to run this on permadeath mode. hardest part is surviving the first planet then it may become easier. going to experience what it's like to run for my life in a game (avoiding the taxi) this is also going to count for my ps5 run too (not experiencing it again) since it autopops the trophy's on each. wanting that 0.64% plat + 100%.
  8. close to the no mans sky plat. i'm going to speed this along then think about the perma-death run. planning on running it legitimately.

  9. sometimes one finds deals on those. rarely appearing. though on topic, i bought the borderlands 3 season pass. i'll just get the 2nd part of it when i have the money.
  10. played around on more planets in no mans sky. found a 2.3M salvage item and down to about 4 types of achievements (warps being the longest and i'm ready for the long haul) until i hit my serious perma run.

  11. i had to make a list of all the games that i'll try for over the month but this is the 1st round stuff: Roguecube (ps4)Sushi Break Head To Head (ps4)Delta Squad (ps4)Reflection Of Mine (ps4)Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe + (ps4) 50 hour platinum yes please.Marenian Tavern Story: Patty And The Hungry God (ps4)Donut Break Head To Head (ps4) there will be 3 more rounds if they don't surprise with a hidden sale or another one in play (no shortage of things to buy).
  12. the game is more improved in no man's sky. managed to unlock storage. going to keep one good home base on paradise planet can always bring stuff to store into it.

  13. no mans sky updates today: angered some sentinels when they didn't want to share goodies. found some cubes underground. made it to the space station.

  14. started no man's sky. first planets: hot planet killed me. ice planet and then a radioactive one. going to keep trying to find something reasonable to start on.

  15. platinum #529 Harvey's New Eyes (sequel to harvey and edna: the breakout) completed in 9 hours and 3 minutes platinum rarity 60.10% common platinum name: Harvey's New Eyes Unlocked! platinum #530 Just A Phrase By POWGI completed in 1 hour and 17 minutes platinum rarity 95.33% common Platinum Name: Just Amazed Edit: finished both games. seems fallout 76 needs an extra copy so i'll have to think about another game choice. no mans sky (ps4) going to do the DLC challenge but going to enjoy the plat first.