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  1. platinum #330 InkSplosion completed in 1 hour and 14 seconds platinum rarity 87.92% common platinum name: Platinum-Explosion i'm ready for spyro. this was just a warm-up game but before doing so i need to make some game purchases since i'll need that one after i finish the next spyro game.
  2. platinum #329 Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 completed in 1 week and 3 days platinum rarity 20.07% uncommon, 100% with DLC 8.51% platinum name: Time To Put Things Right had some fun towards the end and lego'd out from this leg of the gaming race. next one will be InkSplosion (ps4) just to start me off.
  3. i'm happy with anything that i don't have previously, for ps3/vita titles RPG's are always good.
  4. Beats Working For Val Rhymin Complete the Level "Great Escape" After Achieving True Believer status last 2 DLC levels today. hub collectibles then i'll hit up the events. thankfully youtube has some help in searching for some of these.
  5. that's what some will say but i always see it a chance to fill the backlog. i use 2 sources to determine what i buy only wished more would tell the overall difficulty of the game :(. it is more of my problem. my haul: Dragon's Lair Trilogy (ps4) 3 games about 3.33$ each Pixel Heroes: Byte And Magic (ps4) possible candidate for long hour RPG Cat quest (ps4) Horse Racing 2016 (ps4) The Incredible Adventures Of Van Hellsing 2 (ps4) Gnomes Garden 2 (ps4) not listed on flash sale but all deals cat quest is listed as a possible candidate for the next gaming round. rest will be added as candidates for future rounds (minus the non-plat games) those are separate and don't count toward the total.
  6. Comic Book Collector Unlock and view all Minikit comics finished all story levels and kits. only have the 6 DLC levels since they count towards the total for the 100%. probably be on that through tomorrow. will have to wait and see what shows up. the platinum is coming into view but far away.
  7. there should be an option to hide the game from your profile. need to do this from your ps4 someone should be able to help you out. here's the link on how to do so (Credit goes to BlindMango) works the same for 0% games or any game in general.
  8. this though i have saw some good games where they have put in the speedrun requirement that worked pretty well. God Of War had this listed as a trophy to finish in under 5 hours. it's made easier by the fact you unlock costumes (the costumes make it easier to do) and you could save (even cloud save) if one of the times was behind projected finish wouldn't lose everything.
  9. something similar happened to someone else but it was from someone in russia. in case you don't have 2 factor. change password and for some reason they somehow manage to get you locked out i would be in panic :(. i don't seem to trust those e-mails.
  10. in lego marvel superheroes 2. got all the detectors time to do this blind with a bit of help from detectors lots of levels.

  11. it's worth it. especially for your own trophy hunting career. some games can be boosted with just 3 consoles. if that isn't the goal. could always keep em on hand if one of them breaks.
  12. other than to keep trying. there isn't much you can do. sony said that the servers would shut down at some point making the plat longer to get since you gotta do everything by gaming again. hopefully it isn't today >< it too soon.
  13. i would also hide any other games you might of "had your processor heat up too many times to cause those funny timestamps" because they sure don't look right. dead space also has missing time stamps not sure if they action against those.
  14. as for trying. there's nothing to lose if it's already on the profile. it's all gain imo.
  15. Kang, the Conquered Complete the story Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 (ps4) not sure what i plan to work on, could go back to story levels and find the minikits or do the open world activities (trying to get the detectors unlocked) but i can't unlock those until i complete open world going to have to consult the trophy guide might have some room to divert going for other targets within this game.