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  1. i'm trying to figure out which was last weeks and this weeks but i think i narrowed it out: Stranded Sails: Curse Of The Islands (ps4) My Time At Portia (ps4) Yakuza Kiwami 2 (ps4) more stuff will be added. going to go lean if they have a golden week sale coming up (just in case).
  2. platinum #501 Legend Of The Skyfish (ps4) completed in 5 hours and 48 minutes platinum rarity 82.19% common platinum #502 112th Seed completed in 38 minutes and 7 seconds platinum rarity 97.69% common platinum name: Puzzle Master found 5-6 games that weren't entered into my backlog. finished a fast game along with my previous. while looking through my backlog i found a interesting one. it's going to be Nippon Marathon (seems right up my alley for a fun and wacky game) it even has shiba inu in it.
  3. platinum #500 Dragon Quest Xl: Echoes Of An Elusive Age completed in 2 weeks and 4 days platinum rarity 22.47% uncommon platinum name: Living Legend game rating 10/10. enjoyed greatly. planning on getting the S version in the future (director's cut of the switch version). got me the 500th plat. here's to the 600th whenever i reach that one. going to look through my backlog and the next one will be Legend Of the Skyfish (ps4) but it wont be started till the morning. late breakfast then bed.
  4. going for the plat. so close now going to go in as is to see if i can take out final boss and get all appearance altering equipment.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      good luck :) . I've tried 5 times to get through the game. I have Jade,  and even still it is just boring for me.  I think its the accents honestly. Graphics a bit. Not sure but i can't get invested 😕

  5. i'm likely not going to invest my remaining 200-300$ of my stimulus into getting the last ps3/vita games however i'm going to make a change and consider any vita/ps3 game with plat trophy valuable along with hunting down ps3/vita games off amazon and gamestop every month. some of the digital titles on vita are cheaper than the physical counterpart. edit: if anyone is curious, i spent 300$ out of 450$ (was about 150$ to go on just the essentials).
  6. pushing ourselves over the finish line for dragon quest 11. lots of grinding to get materials for appearance items. last battle gauntlet challenge and the post game final boss. ps3 games be calling after that.

  7. into the final part of the postgame in dragon quest 11. going to continue more tomorrow the bosses are hitting harder than ever (it's testing me).

  8. finished dragon quest 11 main story. post game time tomorrow and to gain the 70+ skill seeds to get the trophy's for max levels. have to wait and see if i start that immediately.

    1. KingGuy420


      You know there’s an act 3 right? Lol.

  9. took a break from dragon quest 11 yesterday. seems part 2 may be shorter than part 1. speeding through the rest of this until i get my old party back.

  10. i welcome it. they need to also bring back sonic lost world if sony is listening (will even take it without the nintendo levels).
  11. picked up 4 more games for last week one of which is saved from the incinerator: Santa's Xmas Adventure (ps4) Without Escape (ps4) (vita) Ride 2 (ps4) MotoGP 20 (ps4) going to see if the line-up changes i decided against spending 30$ in hopes maybe some of the cross-buy vita titles will show up (down to 16).
  12. i bought out what i could possibly salvage plat wise on ps3. missing some DLC for several games and eiyuu senki: The World Conquest going to try my hardest to reach my goals but survival comes first. vita is my focus mostly after the running to june 15th.
  13. dragon quest 11 update: took 60-80 hours but got past part 1. there's 2-3 more parts to go to see the plat.

    1. NullRay85


      Hope you enjoy DQ11. It took me close to 90 hours beat the game on Switch.

  14. congrats. it's a great series to finish.
  15. might be right. i'm holding out i guess but it may be time to unload some psn cards soon enough i raised an additional 100$ for psn cards now. trying to save as much stuff as i can (essential stuff, then anything optional which i'm making some progress on). other than the planned dusk and arland vita games those are planned. there's about 75 plat games in total i'll be saving from the ps3/vita store (maybe most if not all of the ps3 plats) in the US region.