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  1. if it's one of your favorite games. yes. nothing is off the table when it comes to choice. only regret my #200 plat. that one wasn't a great choice.
  2. it's just like bubsy in price. wait till it really dips in price then buy. i'm waiting till it hits 10$ that's the most i'm willing to play for a non-plat. unless it's something really good.
  3. i feel a bit bad ditching my VR game haul earlier but i'm going to pick up 11 games this week with more to come (looks like a 3 chance sale). house of the dead 3 (ps3) for some arcade action from my chair.whispering willows (ps4)alteric (ps4)deep ones (ps4)doodle devil (ps4) might start this before grim legends 3.grim legends 3: the dark city (ps4) planning on playing this after tesla vs lovecraftheroes of the monkey tavern (ps4)portal of evil: stolen runes (ps4)slayaway camp: Butcher's Cut (ps4)The Incredible adventures of van hellsing: Extended edition (ps4) Beyond Eyes (ps4) had some money leftover also check your emails, some may have gotten a $10 off code i didn't get one (supposedly those went out to anyone who has a VR).
  4. Need For Speed Payback (ps4) The Ultimate Payback #300 this almost became #299 but i thought this one be perfect for the records.
  5. platinum #300 Need For Speed Payback (ps4) completed in 1 week and 2 days platinum rarity 10.62% rare (DLC completion rate 4.08%) platinum name: The Ultimate Payback this is quite the milestone finally got #300. now to choose my next game. it's going to be tesla vs lovecraft (ps4). i seen someone have this plat and somehow it calls me to play it.
  6. i'm on the road to the #300th platinum it's going to be great. only thing standing between that is roaming racers and some cars to soup up.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Is that really hard?

    2. ee28max


      Oh nice, anything you have in mind for the milestone? 

  7. platinum #299 Midnight Deluxe (ps4) completed in 45 minutes and 44 seconds platinum rarity: 97.72% common platinum name: platinum midnight i had to do a quickie game so i can get back to working on need for speed once again. we're on the path to #300 and it's going to be nice, should only take a few days at most by that time i should have my next collection of games to pick from. someone putting tesla up got me motivated to try it.
  8. not many have finished cladun in its entirety. part of me thinks it's because of the grind more than difficulty :(. but there's no info out on the game itself to suggest it's difficulty level since i'm seeing a 1.27% and a 2.97% platinum rate for ps4 and vita versions. only good advice is to watch videos of gameplay maybe one can have an opinion to decide if it's worthy. i watched a video myself of it. seems to be a 2d dungeon crawler
  9. need for speed payback: going to dread having to do the dusty trails speed zone tomorrow if that one is one of my remaining ones. ill get through it.

    1. Caju_94


      I know how you feel. NFS Payback collectibles are a pain... And too much of them.

  10. 1500 bhp... Easy Win a race in the Koenigsegg Regera without damaging it wasn't exactly easy, tried real hard not to crash into things. currently searching for casino coins and hidden activities. that plat will be in range eventually but going to have to sub in a game before i get the last trophy to make this the #300.
  11. there's some good games on the list though i went with these: Beyond Eyes (ps4) Lethal VR (ps4) Aven Colony (ps4) The American Dream (VR) i plan on playing Beyond Eyes as soon as i finish need for speed payback (making progress by the day). there's one speed run i'm worried about but i think i'll get it.
  12. Comeback is Real Be last during the final lap of a race and still win Need For Speed Payback (ps4) i have my work cut out for me... need to complete the 2nd to last boss. make 4 custom cars for various duty's around the game. then begin clearing what i have left going to hate speed events most of all (the one where they measure your speed over distance).
  13. looks like a standard set but i never played resonance of fate on ps3. 6/10 difficulty 100+ hours to complete then again i think when RPG's are rated higher it's more than likely because of missables, if one can grind against levels it can make the experience easier useful if stuck.
  14. i still have to do the vita version but i'll have to take note of this when i make my next 5 game round. jak 2 is going to be part of the list at some point after need for speed payback.
  15. Another Man's Treasure Get A Derelict To 399 Performance Level going to complete the story normal now, since i can't accomplish any of the activities till i finish the story. still a long ways to go :(.