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  1. haven't tried with vita, don't seem to prefer it since loading times are longer.
  2. nice try trying to fly with treasures of montezuma blitz the servers have been offline way longer than 2017. that's staying. edit: servers likely went down around 2016, for normal players it's possible to get 11 out of 12 trophy's.
  3. you're right, must of saw the game a few weeks ago on sale with a laughable price. it's not something i'm likely to get anytime soon.
  4. The Enemy Within Complete the 'Classic Captain Marvel' level Lego Marvel Avengers (ps3) we're not likely going to finish the DLC levels tonight, might end up having to finish those in the morning along with the beginning of the open world collectibles there's alot of it.
  5. most of the trophy's online, can be double consoled probably. still recently new and the price is pretty high.
  6. issue is not fixed but it's a great game in general. though i would advise to have a plus save on some of the glitchiest trophy's so if something does go wrong you'll only lose maybe 5-10 minutes at most.
  7. i can confirm this. the game has issues with trophy's popping at the right time. game would be suspect if the skillpoints for some of the trophy's happened way earlier than normal, hopefully this gets resolved soon. i had one trophy glitch out in just cause 3. the hearts of stone trophy because i decided to liberate the whole island while a FOW was in play.
  8. there's the problem... you say you been in the wrong lobby. people even being honest has been lumped into hacker lobby's and thus given the trophy's pretty quick. might want to stay away from known games that the public matches might get you lumped into. best thing is to hide the bad games.
  9. this is very true. the easiest way out isn't always the best one ftw.
  10. morning everyone lets see what's on tap today: finishing 1 story level. DLC levels and the collection part in every hub.

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Hope to make some headway on Uncharted 2.  Just got to be ready to put in some time.

  11. you're right. sometimes the judgement is clouded. doesn't seem possible to go from 15 synthesis items to 30 in 29 seconds since you gotta click through every single item can't do em at once. same with KH2, the gummy route trophy's awfully fishy as well along with the other stuff said. now i'm starting to think TC isn't as innocent as he should be.
  12. as a second opinion. i'm not seeing anything wrong from this list. usually there's timers out of place or a couple trophy's being "too fast". but will have to wait and see how this outcome plays out.
  13. 1. any progress you made from your profile will be fine (from your first trophy to your last). 2. yes but you need to make sure you sync before the transfer and make sure your saves are on the new HD 3.not sure how to answer for copy-protected saves 4.TB isn't too big, can never have too much space for ps3 5. yes. though you'll more than likely have to redownload every game currently working on or planning to play.
  14. there isn't a cross-save with the ps4 version i just checked. edit: i'm looking through the disputer's trophy list to make sure nothing else is missed.
  15. japan is so lucky to have treasure boxes.