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  1. i'm trying for the mafia 3 season pass. but i don't typically do my monthly things till the 3rd week (just depends on how much i have leftover from lego dimensions DLC purchase) there's still 5 more to go for (3 level and 3 sets) ie batman, ghostbuster and fantastic beasts. lego the incredibles will be targeted if nothing shows up on sales next week.
  2. Victory is mine! Obtained a Normal Ending. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 (ps3) got sidetracked by poker night at the inventory 2 and spelunky so i couldn't work on the boss game the past 2 days but today i'll be continuing it some more now working on critical crew episodes to unlock the true ending.
  3. there was one gold brick at the end that i couldn't get to pop up after double checking each area. had to reload the game and then the final gold brick was available in the same spot i knew i didn't grab. had to retrace my steps and everything. lego star wars force awakens probably had one level glitched trophy. had to replay the level again in story mode it should pop up. can't remember the exact level though.
  4. 100% game #118 Poker Night At The Inventory 2 completed in 1 day and 3 hours completion rarity: 9.12% one thing i got out of this. i learned texas hold em after i decided that i had to rid of this backlog game i had for 6 years. now back to my platinum game one piece pirate warriors 2. note this would come in handy for red dead redemption but the multiplayer shy's me away and that needs 8 peeps to boost myself, maybe in future i can start it up without going after the multiplayer/plat.
  5. started up poker night at the inventory 2. seems i learned how to play texas hold em today. this is quite a feat. maybe i'll earn a couple of the unearned trophy's.


  6. i was kinda hoping they would of put the season pass on sale last week. it happened with just cause 3 when it was announced for plus. but i'm willing to wait because i can't start the single player games until i have all the DLC for it (minor exception for lego dimensions as this is a monthly deal) in fact the next two months i need to get the most expensive piece of DLC and the disc version for ps3.
  7. started up one piece pirate warriors 2, looks like if you played the 1st game you get 500k beli and pirate warriors 2 coin. that's a nice bonus


    1. RedRodriguez87


      Well, I guess I'll hold onto my save then.

  8. platinum #281 Squareboy Vs bullies (vita) completed in 1 hour and 37 minutes (beaten estimate by 23 minutes) platinum rarity 86.55% common platinum name: same as the game title next one down. boss challenge coming. it's going to be one piece pirate warriors 2 i got a feeling i'm going to have to go through my download list for the game since it has been delisted from the PSN for quite some time game rated as 4/10 difficulty with estimate 50 hours on plat (likely going to be higher for me).
  9. guess this would be a problem in the future if i have to rely on out of print games since i do rely on used (most of em) for the ps3 line or vita.
  10. platinum #279 Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror completed in 19 hours and 57 minutes platinum rarity 83.85% platinum name is plain :(. same as the earning one. congrats on whomever completed pirate warriors 1 on ps3 i remember the last 3 coins needed were new world sanji, new world chopper and new world nami. took forever. next game will be squareboy vs bullies (vita) then i plan to go into the plateau against a boss game (game will be announced on next finish) will be able to fire up and hang out with mah dog she gets lonely.
  11. Savior Free Jenny Eventide 2: Sorcerer's mirror (ps4) just gotta complete the game again so i can get the plat for today but due to my dog's injury from the walk think i might hang out with her for the day. maybe find something on vita to play, can always load squareboy or something i was planning on a fast one again.
  12. to get more games, gotta take advantage of sales. that's what i do. massive backlog with plenty to work with.
  13. platinum #278 Cosmic Star Heroine (ps4) completed in 2 days and 2 hours platinum rarity 29.85% uncommon platinum name: Heroine time it took: 19 hours platinum #279 36 fragments of midnight (ps4) completed in 40 mins and 57 seconds platinum rarity 83.95% common platinum name: Platinum Midnight finished that one. going to go through some of my shorter games so i can get to the boss game quicker (it's going to be one of those really long ones). next up will be eventide 2: sorcerer's mirror (ps4) going to look for a guide seems normal for the most part in collectibles.
  14. in the 5 years of joining the sony family. only 2 times they had those type of sales. 1st time i was able to scoop alot of games 2nd time. i couldn't. ran out of money so i could make sure my cat can eat for the month.
  15. Betrayal A party member betrays you. Cosmic Star Heroine (ps4) made more progress, i should be starting on my next game this afternoon. about 99.9% sure. though i worry about the glitched trophy's i had to restart my ps4 earlier to make sure it would pop.