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  1. found out the source of the cause of the food poisoning as it happened again. bad chicken. hopefully will get to chapter 4 today on trails of cold steel (working on 3 right now).

    1. snakebit10


      The one time I had food poisoning was from under cooked chicken at a Christmas dinner.

    2. MidnightDragon


      Yea, bad chicken sucks

  2. i'll have to think about my gaming purchases next 2 weeks, not many 10$ games to grab that i know i can complete based on skill/console availablility. worse case is grabbing 20$ ones only as a last resort: Narcos: Rise Of The Cartels (ps4) Forgotten Anne (ps4) Manual Samuel (ps4) Memory Lane (ps4) Toss in with money remaining
  3. morning everyone. going to see what i can get on progress with trails of cold steel. got over the stomach illness from yesterday.

  4. might be a slow day today. a really bad stomachache is going to hinder progress on trails of cold steel play 2. reached chapter 2 last night.

    1. visighost


      Health over games. Take it easy.

  5. just finished trails of cold steel 1st playthrough. seems i missed a chest and only gotten 3 out of 5 possible level 5 links. looks like i'll have to replay it through nightmare and scan for some battle entries i missed still hopeful for a 2 play through game.

  6. trails of cold steel: onto the final chapter. going to see some trophies unlock after finishing the game. get to keep everything for round 2 (filling in what i'm missing etc).

  7. trails of cold steel: working through chapter 6. on track to get some/most of the achievements.

  8. trails of cold steel update: finished chapter 4. 

  9. the legend of heroes: Trails Of Cold steel: onto mid chapter 3. it's starting to get good. hate the map layout for this chapter though it's too big.

    1. AlchemistWer


      I hope you enjoy it. 

  10. platinum #476 XBLAZE Code: EMBRYO completed in 1 day and 19 hours platinum rarity 22.18% uncommon platinum name: Successor to the Azure i finally finished enough backlog titles in my drawer to return to the digital side. going to increase the difficulty a bit start something grindy which it will be The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel (ps4 version) this will actually keep me busy for a few weeks to increase my backlog (the combat is what i'm liking for this game) have a guide for missables so it won't fail on me.
  11. gotta keep going. 2 more endings on xblaze code: Embryo (ps3) then i can find something good in my backlog.

  12. i'm looking on sites. this is digital only. looks like gone for good.
  13. after shaq fu. think my next plat game will be Xblaze Code: Embryo i found a guide for it to make it less intimidating. that should also clear out my drawer for new physical games coming later in the month.

  14. platinum #475 Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 (ps3) completed in 1 week and 2 hours platinum rarity 21.50% uncommon platinum name: True Wizard that last few student in peril gave me trouble had to go onto a youtube guide and find what i missed. will be working on another few games it will be Shaq-Fu (ps4 retail) and something else. seems shaq fu doesn't have a plat which is okay.
  15. onto the final stretch of the trophies in lego harry potter years 1-4. having to find every gold brick/student in peril without much help in searching is going to be testing me to see if i'm worthy.