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  1. The Dark Side I Sense In You (lego star wars 3: The Clone wars) ps3 night update: finished more of the game. once i complete the main story i will only need to complete some more of the land battles. going to have to adjust my gaming plans because of a foul-up from seller but i wont have to worry about that for at least 2 plats after star wars (xmen destiny is likely) for #224
  2. if you really go at it... it's possible. but not necessarily to giving up. if those servers don't shut down today (which is unlikely) would have greater odd's. it took me a day to get 100 million but that was going at a slow pace.
  3. need to find something called the wealthy mechanic on a danger room chip. each enemy defeated drops a massive amount of money. artifacts count in either the supply boxes or even out in the world (midtown is a good source). danger room chips can be done on operation fisk tower i think (3 bosses pop out) each has a chance to drop chips. cant remember much but probably wont find em on a normal difficulty drop (found mine on cosmic) super heroic will possibly drop it.
  4. i don't have actual hours but i was doing a great deal of gameplay during the 1 week,1 day and 3 hour run. though i couldn't finish one race if my life depended on it. "bridge of death" race. had to fly under bridges, in bridges. always mess up every time. luckily it isn't required had to do nearly everything else though.
  5. Abandon Ship! (lego star wars 3: the clone wars) ps3 morning update: this was supposed to be for last night but got too tired to post. getting the hang of some of the requirements to plat this one though i probably won't be putting more updates for a few days due to a loss in the family.
  6. i think he can pull it off, if he is in the lower 100 million range. just do whichever is fastest and grants the most XP. good luck. might be able to do more if really work at it above the number.
  7. there's one goal that i'm aiming for the end of the year. my #225 platinum. it's easy on my end though at this rate i need to change my game plans in light of the new sales. bully remains unchanged.
  8. a minor date change required.... seems they moved up the shutdown date from a month from now to 2 days.
  9. guess i feel a bit bad for people trying to plat it. takes 6 days but i was playing as the she-hulk at the time. must not give up.
  10. platinum #221 Marvel Heroes Omega (ps4) completed in 6 days and 9 hours platinum rarity 1.58% ultra rare platinum name: Beyonder finished this one despite having to setback my character once. if anyone plans to begin the challenge of platinum you should be able to do this long before the shutdown on december 31st it helps to omega prestige the 4 xmen so you can skip having to level 4 other characters to 60. going to begin onto my regular scheduled game of lego star wars 3 after having some pie.
  11. juggernaught is slow but his charge can hurt, gotta move out of way. just takes plenty of work for myth no more. i had 110 million started from today and only about 40 million away. i decided to switch into leveling my prestige character back to 60. if any remains i can always continue working on it. kinda wish i could keep cosmic difficulty.
  12. i'll go ahead and unlock those forms. it's going to save great time because of the prestige rounds. only gotta play through she-hulk twice.
  13. much tempting things to buy (updated list) wolfenstein 3D (ps3) mecho tales (ps4) (vita) 2 plats tied because of separate trophy lists and cross buy Valkyria chronicles remastered (ps4) Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy season pass (ps4) bioshock the collection (ps4) Daganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair girls (ps4) had some money leftover from the wal-mart shopping so i splurged a bit more into next week. taking a gamble on this one.
  14. new sale is up. but not fully updated on the main page. have to access all deals to find most if not all of what they have to offer. saw some of the ps4 stuff. very good.
  15. Living Legend (marvel heroes omega) ps4 night update: i'm about 113 million down from nearly 200 million on legendary in one day. think i'm going to continue doing legendary quests since those give a great deal of XP on cosmic difficulty. going to start the supervillain trophy 2nd to last if bounty trophy shows up.