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  1. it's ftw. love when my childhood games come to return in some form.
  2. platinum #507 The Complex completed in 6 hours and 57 minutes platinum rarity 74.06% common best ending: 8th playthrough skipped a day due to required errands but i managed to finish a game today. going onto the next one in my backlog and it will be Thy Sword (ps4)
  3. i picked up 1 golden week game and plenty of the 20$ and under banner: Sephirothic Stories (ps4) Moto GP 17 (ps4) Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun (ps4) Mekorama (ps4) (vita) Timberman VS (ps4) Active Neurons 2 (ps4) going to go ahead and get the plus games as well to pad my backlog. also need to add the plus games for this month i only spent 20$.
  4. finished the far cry 5 infamous difficulty. final boss wasn't harder than i thought. though one of the regions was tough (jacob). i get to move onto plat: the complex (ps4) in the early afternoon i need to replenish my food stores.

  5. far cry 5 update: finished 2 of 3 regions on infamous difficulty. should be working on the planned plat game within the next 2 days. 

  6. vita version only. sometimes you has ps4 but it's never cross-buy. as for short/long determination. the way i work with that is under 25: it's a short game. anything over is a long game imo. i have all of those vita titles. so i'll be missing out on the deal.
  7. platinum #506 Far Cry 5 completed in 1 week and 6 days platinum rarity: 16.32% rare platinum name: We Always Had Faith In You finished the 1st run of far cry after deciding to do almost all of the quests and clutch nixon.challenges. have to go through it once more for infamous difficulty but have the DLC weapons to help out. next game will be The Complex (ps4) after far cry 5 new game plus going to go with mr laser blazing to get to the end.
  8. far cry 5 update: started doing the fishing challenges. also need to hunt one wabbit. both of which have youtube videos on how to get those.

  9. far cry 5 update: finished 2 regions and the annoying trophy "opportunity knocks". 1 region left to go. just going after trophy's and progress (also the clutch nixon challenges) fun as hell.

  10. far cry 3 update: completed 1 full region. 2 to go. got one annoying trophy out of the way "explosive surprise". 

  11. got one of the harder trophy's out of the way for far cry 5 it was "ghost kill".  almost done with region 1 of 3. lots to do.

  12. Cat Quest 2 Doesn't seem to have a 2 player or 2 console requirement (if trying for the plat by self). 66% plat rate seems single is possible.
  13. all multiplayer missions done in far cry 5. just gotta get 3 quests then i can enjoy playing this no problem. had to make friends with mr laser (part of the mars DLC) since it takes out enemy's better.

  14. got one portion of the multiplayer done in far cry 5. just gotta complete the prologue on my ps4 for the other person and i'll be able to finish the 100 kills and 10 featured multi map trophy. 

  15. going to unload (sorry vita) have to sacrifice some of this month's money for golden week my haul: Seek Hearts (ps4) Asdivine Kamura (ps4) Romancing Saga 2 (ps4) Senran Kagura Burst RE: Newal (ps4) BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (ps4) Kill La Kill: IF (ps4) Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise (ps4) Nier: Automata Game Of The Yorha Edition (ps4) saved senran kagura estival versus (vita) from the incinerator so that add's one more senran kagura game to my backlog list.
  16. i have wreckfest on disc. i didn't realize that i needed another player to do the online trophy's. guess that won't be a problem anymore since i can use the digital no problem.
  17. going to lower my expectations a bit on far cry 5 dlc. skipping the gold medal challenges due to some of them being impossible to solo. still plan on 6 out of 7.

  18. should be working on the 3rd DLC by tomorrow. only thing stopping me is the journal notes for far cry 5 mars DLC. youtube guide is filling in the holes.

  19. picked up the last batch from the spring sale: Gravel Special Edition (ps4) Riverbond (ps4) Plants Vs Zombies: Battle For Neighborville (ps4) -------- 18.97$ 2 of the games have multiplayer requirements but a secondary console bridges the gap.
  20. far cry 5 DLC progress: finished action hero and original mode in Vietnam. have to do the survivor mode tomorrow maybe grind out air strike attacks if a 4th play is required.

  21. platinum #505 Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep completed in 4 hours and 59 minutes platinum rarity 78.38% common taken down 3 plat games today and that is good. already have a game in mind for the boss game. it'll be far cry 5 (this will take over 30 or more hours due to new game plus and 3 DLC packs. just gotta download it on 2 systems since i can do the quests trophy and the multiplayer requirements in the late morning.
  22. platinum #504 Donut Country completed in 2 hours and 41 minutes (under 19 minutes from trophy guide estimate). platinum rarity 75.41% common platinum name: All Done a worthy game to finish. getting closer to the long plat and i already have something in mind after the next game which will be Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep (an artifex mundi game)
  23. platinum #503 Nippon Marathon completed in 1 day and 18 hours platinum rarity: 21.88% uncommon platinum name: Nippon Legend hardest trophy: turkey trolley (get 3 strikes in a row). 2/10 difficulty seems about right. game is easy just repetitive with the amount of races. got this one done. looking through my backlog again. next game will be Donut County seems interesting.
  24. i'm highly doubtful they'll have ps3/vita sales. actually i would be surprised if they made a return. edit: but i would love to see them again, my focus will be on digital psn before physical games (the ones that cant be found in the wild).
  25. 2 more story characters to go in nippon marathon. 99.9% likely begin another plat game today.