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  1. played around on more planets in no mans sky. found a 2.3M salvage item and down to about 4 types of achievements (warps being the longest and i'm ready for the long haul) until i hit my serious perma run.

  2. the game is more improved in no man's sky. managed to unlock storage. going to keep one good home base on paradise planet can always bring stuff to store into it.

  3. no mans sky updates today: angered some sentinels when they didn't want to share goodies. found some cubes underground. made it to the space station.

  4. started no man's sky. first planets: hot planet killed me. ice planet and then a radioactive one. going to keep trying to find something reasonable to start on.

  5. it took 7 years and 3 months but completed the whole italian DLC for need for speed the run. now it's a 100% plus plat.

  6. i hate whichever dev who decided to make getting "become the master achievement" at 33.65 record for titanfall 2. i just beat it by the skin of my teeth



    so many tries. it felt so good. nearly decided to quit on this game. 

    1. kindajustin


      Congrats dude. I'm playing through titanfall 2 again now and highly doubt that i'll be able to pull it off myself. Time trials and runs that are very strict on time are like my greatest weakness in games

    2. LancashireLad87


      Congrats dude, yes that trophy was a pain in the arse. It took me 2 hours to get it!

  7. looks like i can play in multiplayer no problem. got all the 1st place races done. this is ftw going to have a plat + 100% game no problem.

    1. kingdrake2


      this is for Need for speed the run oops.

  8. need for speed shift final update: onto the road to the plat. just got the 20 epic badges after completing the last 4 series in the live event. only need 2 more and that will come with the events and rivals completed.

  9. need for speed shift: was planning to go for star collector but saw the 1200 drift star. going to avoid that epic badge. some of them are opening to me when i did some of the master corners.

    1. GraniteSnake


      No need to make things hard on yourself. The badges I skipped were: Europe Corner Master, Star Collector, Series, Defeat Rivals, Online Domination, Online Drift Champion and Driver Duel Championship. The other 20 were very easy to obtain, just took a bit of time

  10. making progress in need for speed shift. shelving the run temporarily again. i gotta begin that one before closure for the last 2 trophy's.

  11. currently working through the online trophy's again in need for speed shift. if get kicked out i apologize. would allow you to stay if not for the first place trophy's.

  12. i think i'm going to stick with working on need for speed shift (ps3) since i already began some of the online elite badges. about 7 multiplayer objectives to go on the Run.

  13. beginning the NFS grinding for shift and Run. trying for Run with empty lobby for most achievements it's a challenge in itself.

  14. made it to episode 3 for the atlantis DLC in AC Odyssey. it's the one barrier to begin trying to clean up shop in the Need for Speed Games before the shutdown.

  15. made it to episode 2 in atlantis. this tropy set looks standard didn't have alot of time to work through it as i had to make a 3 mile trip to the store. made me very tired to make progress.

  16. was hoping to start atlantis episode 2 in assassin creed but recruiting troops doesn't count before the quest. stuck trying to save them again.

  17. yesterday finished 2 of the first blade DLC content episodes in assassin creed odyssey. should be working on atlantis later today. really gotta get this done so i can salvage what i can on need for speed the run and shift.

  18. making excellent progress in assassin creed odyssey. just have some misc trophy's. 1 quest line before i hit up doing the DLC trophy's. completed hermes homie and the shipwreck collectible achievement.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      what do you think so far? i liked Odyssey more than Origins and Valhalla tbh

  19. the ps camera adapter for ps5 finally came from fedex. looks like i can get my VR set up again when i have the time (gotta clean it well since it's really dusty ever since the moving day last year).

  20. just finished episode 5 and a short episode 6 in assassin creed odyssey. will continue to work on it after some sleep.

  21. had to do some late spring cleaning. got my VR out of the dusty box. found my ps3 power cord and ps tv console. also started assassin creed odyssey.. it's going to be some time to begin VR games again but thinking about getting it on the ps5 working.

  22. finally got the assassin creed origins DLC done. as for the artifex mundi game choice it's going to be Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow (ps4) but it won't be started till the morning. 

  23. down to 3 main game trophy's in assassin creed origins. if i can find the raining bugs i should have the plat before midnight. otherwise it may be until morning or late afternoon to work on DLC trophy's.

  24. just finished the main game in assassin creed origin's. there's about 15 regions that i have to work through to get the all locations found trophy done. lots left.

  25. i gave into the level 45 increase in assassin creed origins. going to do all the areas anyway. those skull level guards put me over the edge.