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Status Updates posted by kingdrake2

  1. into the final part of the postgame in dragon quest 11. going to continue more tomorrow the bosses are hitting harder than ever (it's testing me).

  2. finished dragon quest 11 main story. post game time tomorrow and to gain the 70+ skill seeds to get the trophy's for max levels. have to wait and see if i start that immediately.

    1. KingGuy420


      You know there’s an act 3 right? Lol.

  3. took a break from dragon quest 11 yesterday. seems part 2 may be shorter than part 1. speeding through the rest of this until i get my old party back.

  4. dragon quest 11 update: took 60-80 hours but got past part 1. there's 2-3 more parts to go to see the plat.

    1. NullRay85


      Hope you enjoy DQ11. It took me close to 90 hours beat the game on Switch.

  5. i got the J&J vaccine yesterday. think i got lucky on side effects just have a sore arm and slight fatigue. this won't stop me from gaming today. plenty of soups if i need it while in recovery of the effects

    1. StrickenBiged


      Good for you. I'm jealous. They'll get to me eventually!

    2. starcrunch061


      The single shot? Good for you!


      I got Pfizer, and had mostly the same effects. I was tired yesterday, and my arm hurts a bit today.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Yea, my side effects were mild, but I know some who got knocked on their ass.

  6. making progress on dragon quest 11. nearing the casino i think in the next town but it'll have to wait till morning. i'll definitely invest into the S version after finishing this plat game when the price is right.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Thats still early i think? i really have to find a way to like the game... its such a slog. Ive heard it gets real good about the time you get Jade, but i have her..I stopped. Its just so slow lol.


      Good luck tho!

  7. cleared out my drawer of a couple games after monster jam i'm free to tackle digital backlog until i reach #499. then i can begin dragon quest 11 (saints row looks to be busted due to patch).

    1. kingdrake2


      the removed games are uncharted 4 and days gone. they got updated to digital titles.

    2. MidnightDragon


      I got Subnautica physically a few days before they announced it was going to be free. I just returned it and used the money for something else.

  8. i remember there's a chance some of the cross-buy games may show up in the next 3 month's just picked up 6 of em now. as for monster jam it's grinding currency till trucks trophy unlock.

  9. it may be time to hit up the costco for psn cards they have em cheap if need to grab alot of ps3/vita titles.

    limit 3 per visit.

  10. completed the races for monster jam steel titans. there's 2 new championships i plan to try my luck in to unlock the trucks without spending 40k credits.

  11. found the easy way to finish some of the stunt events in monster jam steel titans. made the challenge level go low enough to complete it no problem with 2 long championships to go along with grinding and misc trophy's.

  12. just finished the main story for spiderman Miles Morales. time for new game plus but before that need to complete 100% of the districts.

  13. making progress on spiderman morales. got all of the takedown trophy's. rest of the list looks pretty easy i just gotta keep at it.

  14. last level to go on bridge constructor portal. 58 was a huge pain. thankfully copying a bridge layout and doctoring multiple times helped get me through it (had to let the bridge fall apart a little on the 2nd drop).

  15. 6 more levels to go on bridge constructor portal. the levels are getting even crazier. i have to stay motivated if i want to navigate out of this nightmare game.

    1. DrBloodmoney


      If the last level of that game doesn’t involve a bridge to the moon, they done goofed

  16. 20 more nasty levels in bridge constructor portal to go. it's really testing me.

  17. done half of the bridge simulator portal edition. some of these levels are too insane but i'll keep with it. i might intermission a neogeo game if it gets bad.

  18. started up bridge constructor portal. some of these levels require extreme physics to complete (harder than the original) but i'll get this done in time.

    1. snakebit10


      Good luck. I started back close to when it released and I have revisited it a couple times since. I have had to resort to videos on how to build the bridges. I hope to finish it some day.

  19. getting the ps5 set up, had to move the ps4 to the other side of the room. wasn't too fun trying to get ps5 set up but i did it. get to play soon.

  20. final trails of cold steel 2 update: looks like 2 more bonding trophy's to go and i'll be able to put this ps4 into standby. though setting up the ps5 wont be until the morning it's getting late.

  21. managed to get through act 2 part 3 of trails of cold steel 2. i'll have to make a save here so i can finish any remaining bonding trophy. should be finished with the game as long as the nightmare trophy pops within 2 or 3 days.

  22. making great progress in the 2nd playthrough with trails of cold steel 2. already at intermission by the end of the night. the ps5 is going to get set up very soon.

  23. time for round 2 in trails of cold steel 2. didn't get the hard mode trophy but finishing on nightmare will grant it anyway.

    going to see how hard it really is. did miss 2 notes so that is something i need to look out for.

  24. trails of cold steel 2 update: i got every treasure chest unlocked in the whole playthrough. looks like i can speed through the second while only worrying about bonds and 2nd playthrough stuff.

  25. finished act 2 part 4 of trails of cold steel 2. get to enter the finale portion on track to getting the Max AP trophy.