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  1. into the final part of the postgame in dragon quest 11. going to continue more tomorrow the bosses are hitting harder than ever (it's testing me).

  2. finished dragon quest 11 main story. post game time tomorrow and to gain the 70+ skill seeds to get the trophy's for max levels. have to wait and see if i start that immediately.

    1. KingGuy420


      You know there’s an act 3 right? Lol.

  3. took a break from dragon quest 11 yesterday. seems part 2 may be shorter than part 1. speeding through the rest of this until i get my old party back.

  4. i welcome it. they need to also bring back sonic lost world if sony is listening (will even take it without the nintendo levels).
  5. picked up 4 more games for last week one of which is saved from the incinerator: Santa's Xmas Adventure (ps4) Without Escape (ps4) (vita) Ride 2 (ps4) MotoGP 20 (ps4) going to see if the line-up changes i decided against spending 30$ in hopes maybe some of the cross-buy vita titles will show up (down to 16).
  6. i bought out what i could possibly salvage plat wise on ps3. missing some DLC for several games and eiyuu senki: The World Conquest going to try my hardest to reach my goals but survival comes first. vita is my focus mostly after the running to june 15th.
  7. dragon quest 11 update: took 60-80 hours but got past part 1. there's 2-3 more parts to go to see the plat.

    1. NullRay85


      Hope you enjoy DQ11. It took me close to 90 hours beat the game on Switch.

  8. congrats. it's a great series to finish.
  9. might be right. i'm holding out i guess but it may be time to unload some psn cards soon enough i raised an additional 100$ for psn cards now. trying to save as much stuff as i can (essential stuff, then anything optional which i'm making some progress on). other than the planned dusk and arland vita games those are planned. there's about 75 plat games in total i'll be saving from the ps3/vita store (maybe most if not all of the ps3 plats) in the US region.
  10. i got the J&J vaccine yesterday. think i got lucky on side effects just have a sore arm and slight fatigue. this won't stop me from gaming today. plenty of soups if i need it while in recovery of the effects

    1. StrickenBiged


      Good for you. I'm jealous. They'll get to me eventually!

    2. starcrunch061


      The single shot? Good for you!


      I got Pfizer, and had mostly the same effects. I was tired yesterday, and my arm hurts a bit today.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Yea, my side effects were mild, but I know some who got knocked on their ass.

  11. making progress on dragon quest 11. nearing the casino i think in the next town but it'll have to wait till morning. i'll definitely invest into the S version after finishing this plat game when the price is right.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Thats still early i think? i really have to find a way to like the game... its such a slog. Ive heard it gets real good about the time you get Jade, but i have her..I stopped. Its just so slow lol.


      Good luck tho!

  12. on the Assassin Creed Valhalla game. i was lucky enough to snag the ps4/ps5 ultimate version for 73-78$ it has gone on sale several times just depends if you want extra stuff on it (cheaper for the base version of course).
  13. congrats. have to make it home safely with console in hand. you won't want to use the ps4 again at least for main console.
  14. they use the save. based on your level and progress in the game they'll award you extra stuff (it's helpful early on). playing the ps4 version of trails is actually easier since the items they give helps max out your levels in the 2nd playthrough
  15. you can still sync no problem but any game that rely's on messaging for trophy will be unobtainable.
  16. i'm going to do what i can to save as many titles as possible. the number is lower but looking at 500$ to save all of the plat titles that i can complete no problem. rest happen to be 100% trophy's which i cannot save due to lack of money (plan to make an attempt to save the good ones as well).
  17. i'm experiencing it. happens the longer one is on the ps3 store. have my list ready going to input the information regardless if they have a sale or not on june 22nd before they shutdown the store on ps3 for good.
  18. yeah he is spending 3x what i'm planning on just games alone (though this number may increase) i'm pouring my money into preserving what i can before sony destroys it. think my numbers went down. it also depends on anything from here to august on vita/ps4 cross buy stuff.
  19. platinum #498 Contraptions (ps4) Completed in 17 hours and 4 minutes platinum rarity 56.06% common platinum name: Game Complete platinum #499 Dark Sauce (ps4) completed in 41 minutes and 14 seconds platinum rarity 96.27% common platinum name: Well Done! had to burn the midnight oil for this one. it's 2am now and need bed. next game will be Dragon Quest 11: echoes of an elusive age but i'll save that for the morning. edit: guess i sneak in one more plat. moving on up to the 500th plat after this. 90 hour or more game ahead.
  20. limited number = higher price. if ones desperate it's a way to get it.
  21. that's the one on the dot. it's a great deal imo considering you get 3 games just have to pay quite a hefty bag of gold to get them all at once. as for the ps3 version predicament i would look around on ebay/amazon or even gamestop it's how i got all mine. though dusk series is trekking up in price. might be due to sellers or the game is really old and hard to get.
  22. i'm with ya on that. it's the last on my priority's list.
  23. i was curious about that e-mail. it was posted march 29th. kevin is a bad man or whomever motivated him to cut the strings to ps3/vita.
  24. oops :(. i gotta fix that. it's just 1 vita game then.
  25. i would think it's tied to the network itself across the multiple platforms. but that is my 2 cents. i'm planning myself to try and target more ps3 games there's plenty i haven't started from years back.