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  1. played around on more planets in no mans sky. found a 2.3M salvage item and down to about 4 types of achievements (warps being the longest and i'm ready for the long haul) until i hit my serious perma run.

  2. i had to make a list of all the games that i'll try for over the month but this is the 1st round stuff: Roguecube (ps4)Sushi Break Head To Head (ps4)Delta Squad (ps4)Reflection Of Mine (ps4)Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe + (ps4) 50 hour platinum yes please.Marenian Tavern Story: Patty And The Hungry God (ps4)Donut Break Head To Head (ps4) there will be 3 more rounds if they don't surprise with a hidden sale or another one in play (no shortage of things to buy).
  3. the game is more improved in no man's sky. managed to unlock storage. going to keep one good home base on paradise planet can always bring stuff to store into it.

  4. no mans sky updates today: angered some sentinels when they didn't want to share goodies. found some cubes underground. made it to the space station.

  5. started no man's sky. first planets: hot planet killed me. ice planet and then a radioactive one. going to keep trying to find something reasonable to start on.

  6. platinum #529 Harvey's New Eyes (sequel to harvey and edna: the breakout) completed in 9 hours and 3 minutes platinum rarity 60.10% common platinum name: Harvey's New Eyes Unlocked! platinum #530 Just A Phrase By POWGI completed in 1 hour and 17 minutes platinum rarity 95.33% common Platinum Name: Just Amazed Edit: finished both games. seems fallout 76 needs an extra copy so i'll have to think about another game choice. no mans sky (ps4) going to do the DLC challenge but going to enjoy the plat first.
  7. platinum #528 Edna And Harvey: The Breakout completed in 3 hours and 45 minutes platinum rarity 73.15% common i was looking through my backlog and it seems i played the sequel instead of the game before it. guessing i may need to hit up Harvey's New Eyes (ps4) but it won't be started till tomorrow it's nearing bedtime again. game is also trickier since i need a playthrough with no minigames and one that has done those (thank god for cloud save).
  8. unless you have the scrap collected before the servers shutdown in obtaining them. cant get the plat.
  9. platinum #527 Concept Destruction (ps4) completed in 2 hours and 1 minute platinum rarity 93.65% common another game down. gotta look up another one and it will be Edna And Harvey: The Breakout (ps4).
  10. platinum #526 Titanfall 2 completed in 3 days and 11 hours platinum rarity: 8.63% very rare platinum name: Mark Of The Advocate platinum difficulty: become the master 6/10. everything else 3/10 with difficulty exploit. think one of the boss fights was 4/10 as i kept dying on one. it took roughly 1 and a half day to finish the gauntlet. remaining time to finish the misc trophy/campaign. nearly gave up on the game after witnessing the insanity of that trophy of getting under 36 seconds but deterimination paid off after trying to master it in my own way with youtube help. next game will be Concept Destruction (ps4) but it won't be started till the morning it's getting near bedtime.
  11. it's worth it. plenty of content.
  12. it took 7 years and 3 months but completed the whole italian DLC for need for speed the run. now it's a 100% plus plat.

  13. you'll have to hide the game. doubtful that it'll get lifted however you managed to get it to happen. completed the territory completion too fast 11-20 seconds apart. probably other illegitimate trophy's on the list too.
  14. i got 33.50. it took the whole night plus half the day and nearly gave up on it. following a youtube guide helps then practice the run is the best outcome. make sure to reload the shotgun and pray that the enemy is in the scope towards room 4.
  15. i hate whichever dev who decided to make getting "become the master achievement" at 33.65 record for titanfall 2. i just beat it by the skin of my teeth



    so many tries. it felt so good. nearly decided to quit on this game. 

    1. kindajustin


      Congrats dude. I'm playing through titanfall 2 again now and highly doubt that i'll be able to pull it off myself. Time trials and runs that are very strict on time are like my greatest weakness in games

    2. LancashireLad87


      Congrats dude, yes that trophy was a pain in the arse. It took me 2 hours to get it!

  16. looks like i can play in multiplayer no problem. got all the 1st place races done. this is ftw going to have a plat + 100% game no problem.

    1. kingdrake2


      this is for Need for speed the run oops.

  17. platinum #525 Need For Speed Shift completed in 1 week and 22 hours platinum rarity: 5.44% very rare for anyone thinking about this plat. i highly suggest to start the online before it shuts down. if can get 2 or 3 of the online trophy's it'll ease the difficulty of the plat a good deal as you won't need to worry about the star collecting. challenge or european corners. next plat i'm thinking about is titanfall 2 (ps4) sleep comes first so this gets downloaded tonight. also while playing titanfall need to look out for empty server space for the run. need 2 solid races with Mud and NFS alfa romeo to unlock the remainder of the 5 challenges.
  18. need for speed shift final update: onto the road to the plat. just got the 20 epic badges after completing the last 4 series in the live event. only need 2 more and that will come with the events and rivals completed.

  19. i'm also going to move up titanfall 2. i was scared about the multiplayer trophy but since that nasty one can be done no problem now. it lessens the risk. still plan to watch need for speed the run but that other game will get started very soon. edit: to that hacker situation. i hope EA gets legal help and sends the cops/FBI/detectives etc. to stop what he's doing. another company suffered the same fate with DDOS issues for a day or two but they got shut down later in the year (some of the group went to prison or got fined)
  20. need for speed shift: was planning to go for star collector but saw the 1200 drift star. going to avoid that epic badge. some of them are opening to me when i did some of the master corners.

    1. GraniteSnake


      No need to make things hard on yourself. The badges I skipped were: Europe Corner Master, Star Collector, Series, Defeat Rivals, Online Domination, Online Drift Champion and Driver Duel Championship. The other 20 were very easy to obtain, just took a bit of time

  21. making progress in need for speed shift. shelving the run temporarily again. i gotta begin that one before closure for the last 2 trophy's.

  22. saved some more games from the incinerator: Steins Gate 0 (vita) Nurse Love Addiction (vita) Atelier Ayesha Plus: the Alchemist Of Dusk (vita) Atelier Escha And Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (vita) was bummed they didn't have the games as a set for vita but gotta get what they have available.
  23. this better not be true :(.
  24. currently working through the online trophy's again in need for speed shift. if get kicked out i apologize. would allow you to stay if not for the first place trophy's.

  25. actually paid for: spiderman miles morales No Man's Sky (ps5 upgrade included) Assassin's Creed Valhalla Ultimate Edition (ps5 upgrade included) i saved so much money when it went on sale. last game was 80$ instead of 130$. saved about 50$ when i decided to wait. last 2 games came a month or two later. last 2 games haven't played. waiting on content to stop for both.