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  1. finished the far cry 5 infamous difficulty. final boss wasn't harder than i thought. though one of the regions was tough (jacob). i get to move onto plat: the complex (ps4) in the early afternoon i need to replenish my food stores.

  2. far cry 5 update: finished 2 of 3 regions on infamous difficulty. should be working on the planned plat game within the next 2 days. 

  3. far cry 5 update: started doing the fishing challenges. also need to hunt one wabbit. both of which have youtube videos on how to get those.

  4. far cry 5 update: finished 2 regions and the annoying trophy "opportunity knocks". 1 region left to go. just going after trophy's and progress (also the clutch nixon challenges) fun as hell.

  5. far cry 3 update: completed 1 full region. 2 to go. got one annoying trophy out of the way "explosive surprise". 

  6. got one of the harder trophy's out of the way for far cry 5 it was "ghost kill".  almost done with region 1 of 3. lots to do.

  7. all multiplayer missions done in far cry 5. just gotta get 3 quests then i can enjoy playing this no problem. had to make friends with mr laser (part of the mars DLC) since it takes out enemy's better.

  8. got one portion of the multiplayer done in far cry 5. just gotta complete the prologue on my ps4 for the other person and i'll be able to finish the 100 kills and 10 featured multi map trophy. 

  9. going to lower my expectations a bit on far cry 5 dlc. skipping the gold medal challenges due to some of them being impossible to solo. still plan on 6 out of 7.

  10. should be working on the 3rd DLC by tomorrow. only thing stopping me is the journal notes for far cry 5 mars DLC. youtube guide is filling in the holes.

  11. far cry 5 DLC progress: finished action hero and original mode in Vietnam. have to do the survivor mode tomorrow maybe grind out air strike attacks if a 4th play is required.

  12. 2 more story characters to go in nippon marathon. 99.9% likely begin another plat game today.

  13. almost have all of the collectibles minus 2 pages for nippon marathon. thank god i found a youtube video for it. some of these would be hard to find without help. after that it's clear sailing with completing the story's and a couple misc trophy.

  14. going for the plat. so close now going to go in as is to see if i can take out final boss and get all appearance altering equipment.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      good luck :) . I've tried 5 times to get through the game. I have Jade,  and even still it is just boring for me.  I think its the accents honestly. Graphics a bit. Not sure but i can't get invested 😕

  15. pushing ourselves over the finish line for dragon quest 11. lots of grinding to get materials for appearance items. last battle gauntlet challenge and the post game final boss. ps3 games be calling after that.

  16. into the final part of the postgame in dragon quest 11. going to continue more tomorrow the bosses are hitting harder than ever (it's testing me).

  17. finished dragon quest 11 main story. post game time tomorrow and to gain the 70+ skill seeds to get the trophy's for max levels. have to wait and see if i start that immediately.

    1. KingGuy420


      You know there’s an act 3 right? Lol.

  18. took a break from dragon quest 11 yesterday. seems part 2 may be shorter than part 1. speeding through the rest of this until i get my old party back.

  19. dragon quest 11 update: took 60-80 hours but got past part 1. there's 2-3 more parts to go to see the plat.

    1. NullRay85


      Hope you enjoy DQ11. It took me close to 90 hours beat the game on Switch.

  20. i got the J&J vaccine yesterday. think i got lucky on side effects just have a sore arm and slight fatigue. this won't stop me from gaming today. plenty of soups if i need it while in recovery of the effects

    1. StrickenBiged


      Good for you. I'm jealous. They'll get to me eventually!

    2. starcrunch061


      The single shot? Good for you!


      I got Pfizer, and had mostly the same effects. I was tired yesterday, and my arm hurts a bit today.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Yea, my side effects were mild, but I know some who got knocked on their ass.

  21. making progress on dragon quest 11. nearing the casino i think in the next town but it'll have to wait till morning. i'll definitely invest into the S version after finishing this plat game when the price is right.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Thats still early i think? i really have to find a way to like the game... its such a slog. Ive heard it gets real good about the time you get Jade, but i have her..I stopped. Its just so slow lol.


      Good luck tho!

  22. cleared out my drawer of a couple games after monster jam i'm free to tackle digital backlog until i reach #499. then i can begin dragon quest 11 (saints row looks to be busted due to patch).

    1. kingdrake2


      the removed games are uncharted 4 and days gone. they got updated to digital titles.

    2. MidnightDragon


      I got Subnautica physically a few days before they announced it was going to be free. I just returned it and used the money for something else.

  23. i remember there's a chance some of the cross-buy games may show up in the next 3 month's just picked up 6 of em now. as for monster jam it's grinding currency till trucks trophy unlock.

  24. it may be time to hit up the costco for psn cards they have em cheap if need to grab alot of ps3/vita titles.

    limit 3 per visit.

  25. completed the races for monster jam steel titans. there's 2 new championships i plan to try my luck in to unlock the trucks without spending 40k credits.