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  1. atelier escha and logy final update: seems i'm stuck on final boss for 99 level trophy. that is until i managed to unleash a whopper of an attack worth 75k total damage.

    looks like i'll be starting another game soon. lots of backlog from the past 2 months to choose from.

  2. atelier rorona update: got good ending. guess there will be a 3rd run but going to try to get iksel and sterk done along with the king.

    3rd run is the milly ending but flags have been done :(.

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    2. kingdrake2


      monster encyclopedia done.

      working on alchemy and remaining recipes.

    3. kingdrake2


      all things done by tonight. just have to do a traditional RPG type run by doing a flagless run. get to assignment 8. can squeak by doing the bare necessity.

    4. AlchemistWer


      Haha, the platinum is almost yours.

  3. going to plan B. need to instead complete as much of driveclub as humanly possible without losing my mind.

    time trials are way beyond the difficulty of even need for speed hot pursuit.

  4. i have to motivate myself to finishing monster's vs aliens (ps3)

    only have to get 900k more points in scenes do the misc trophy's and the gold medal challenges.

  5. i really hate dealing with my landlord (my social skills are flawed). had to ask for another laundry key and got handed a paper detailing some violations from other tenants.


    excessive water/elecric usage

    leaving bike/bed railing in laundry


    1. NERVergoproxy


      Your landlord is lucky to have you. With such minor issues.

  6. i wish i knew that battle chasers: nightwar doesn't allow to keep old gear on new game plus. this is going to take longer than thought


    1. DamagingRob


      That's going to suck.. Assuming I ever get that far. Lol.

  7. it may be time to hit up the costco for psn cards they have em cheap if need to grab alot of ps3/vita titles.

    limit 3 per visit.

  8. on atelier rorona, gotta revert my save back to the beginning of assignment #6. messed up a bit on useful ways to get ready to do everyone's friendship levels at one time within the game.


    leaving time to get raw materials to work on town popularity.

    1. Edunstar84


      Good luck! Rorona requires epic time management and organizational skills.

  9. started final fantasy 7, reached the date scene gets aeris instead of barret

    *screams into pillow if he could.


    gotta find the closest save to reverse this to gain achievement.

    1. voodoo_eyes


      Happened to me as well. Turns out I forgot the "makeup" bit...

    2. AJ_Radio


      As much as I want to play FF7, the game looks a bit dated for my tastes, even on the PS4.

  10. started up one piece pirate warriors 2, looks like if you played the 1st game you get 500k beli and pirate warriors 2 coin. that's a nice bonus


    1. RedRodriguez87


      Well, I guess I'll hold onto my save then.

  11. started up poker night at the inventory 2. seems i learned how to play texas hold em today. this is quite a feat. maybe i'll earn a couple of the unearned trophy's.


  12. time for round 2 in trails of cold steel 2. didn't get the hard mode trophy but finishing on nightmare will grant it anyway.

    going to see how hard it really is. did miss 2 notes so that is something i need to look out for.

  13. took all day trying to find that last percentage point for de blob (ps4). it was hidden around a common area i didn't bother to check. the Z spring.

    looks like all i have left is the spaceship then i'm done with the game (going to have to use a video for help again). last attempt i got to 99% but didn't bother to check the spires.

  14. torchlight 2 update: found the legendary item took off the vendor. now to get 2 more levels. then the hardcore run.

    that one is just leveling as best as i can grabbing stuff as i go while backing up my save.

  15.  i know how it feels to have a chest cold. can't sleep. can't walk. total misery. maybe it will go away in a few days (just want my body to cooperate just long enough to sleep).

    1. DarkLoba13


      Feel better soon! Maybe Nyquill?

  16. 1 more wingsuit mission and that isn't the least of the problems :(.

    1. kingdrake2


      none of the other trophy's that i completed after this doesn't seem to bug. a bit closer to fixing it (DLC and 5 other trophy's) tomorrow. sadly no heart of stone till the 3 DLC is done and 1M chaos is completed.

  17. 2 more story characters to go in nippon marathon. 99.9% likely begin another plat game today.

  18. 2 of the 8 valkyries gone. the one in niflheim was taken down pretty easily with a stone and a few rounds of spartan rage. time to progress the story some more tomorrow gotta get some sleep.

    1. kingdrake2


      i'm aware of the queen i'm probably going to lose my mind against her.

    2. kingdrake2


      just finished the story guess i'll be doing collectibles later today there's lots of unexplored area to work with.

    3. PooPooBlast




      Posted 6 hours ago: "gotta progress the story some more tomorrow time to get some sleep"


      Posted 3 hours ago: " just finished the story" 


      :lol:. Can't blame you though when you're all hooked. Nice progress on the Valkyries btw 

  19. 2 paths to go for Dynasty Warriors 9. we're getting that plat today to work on a fresh batch of games.

    1. starcrunch061


      Thank goodness you can put this game behind you. As Dracula once said (I think):


      What is DW9?!? A msierable little pile of playthroughs!

    2. kingdrake2


      1 massive playthrough. about 14 small to average playthrough's.

  20. 20 more nasty levels in bridge constructor portal to go. it's really testing me.

  21. 25k kills to go for the trophy for DW9. there's so many chapters it just keeps going on just the 1st run.

  22. 30/50 bursts done on trails of cold steel. working on chapter 4 today.

  23. 5 more pixel puzzles to go. think i'm going to stay away from these for a while. pixel pieces was far worse.

  24. 50% complete on the shadow of mordor (ps3). completing the game then i can come back and finish anything remaining.

  25. 6 more levels to go on bridge constructor portal. the levels are getting even crazier. i have to stay motivated if i want to navigate out of this nightmare game.

    1. DrBloodmoney


      If the last level of that game doesn’t involve a bridge to the moon, they done goofed