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Status Updates posted by kingdrake2

  1. 7 more bridges to go, RIP my sanity. going to have to pull through for bridge constructor plat. 

  2. just won in the cheapest way possible against zero in criminal girls. somehow casted hell's stinger against him and he went kaput. felt so cheap but that opens the way to my plat. 

    1. Asvinia


      Thanks for the tip

    2. ShadowStar83x


      A win's a win.

  3. gotta get back to my gaming today, had to walk 3.2 miles both ways to make sure a package got to the sender it seems UPS drop boxes aren't common around here

    1. Aurvandils_ta


      All for your Fitness...but that sucks. :P

  4. thought i was done with dynasty warriors 7. still have one more round of characters FML :(. going to get this platinum tonight hopefully before i get too tired.

  5. gone without internet for a day, had to brute force the router to get it to work :(. hopefully this holds out for a few days. feel so lost without my internet.

  6. played mad dog McCree 2. figured out i had to shoot the cow skull in one try to progress. so much wasted time :(.

    1. kingdrake2


      there's some silver lining, only gotta complete the professor path until a certain point and get the 2nd move controller for last trophy.

      did the fools gold trophy in one go.

  7. was stuck on gravity badgers (vita) episode 4. i finally did it. looks like i'm filled with determination again

    1. Tesla_Rules


      Always need something like this to get you going again!

  8. internet was out yesterday, going to get some progression in for today on my 2 indies.

    1. Tesla_Rules


      Which indies are those?

  9. thank the spirits they put a spot to get enough gold to farm the arena for arc the lad twilight of the spirits human side. gotta get secret character 2.

  10. this is a mess. trying to do arc the lad arena and perishing alot. gotta find a way through this :(.

    1. kingdrake2


      ripping through these creatures, i think it might just need to level in here. i gotta get 15-25 level fruits anyway.

    2. YaoiGod


      It's okay if you lose as long as you get EXP and level up your characters so you can keep on pushing forward, you could also leave any unmissable arena matches until the final chapter.

  11. i found the last event despite the uphill battle. it was the central area event in sleeping dogs (the hit and run) valley. was about to give up.

  12. on sleeping dogs: definitive edition narrowed the list of events to 5. gotta keep trying and not give up i hope it didn't glitch.

    1. kingdrake2


      only need 1 of them, cant remember which wasn't gotten, either 3 of them hit and runs (maybe) or the two shoplifters 


      might have to make rounds at various times.

    2. Evertonian


      a few of the hidden events only show up at night mate..


      there is a map of where they show up somewhere on a tip site, and its the same places as they were in the ps3 game


      good luck

  13. power went out, lost my page of missed events. gotta find em on my own for sleeping dogs (have a map for reference). 

    1. kingdrake2


      its 3 of the yellow circles now, already known i missed one of the aberdeen yellows.

      gotta do collecting and mark those down if i see em, they'll turn up.

  14. another day, going to get those last 3 levels for each character. there's good odds of finishing today for hyperdevotion noire if not tomorrow i will get it.

  15. about to start on vert/wyn/lids lily rank. it's so painful :( but i can pull it off.

    1. kingdrake2


      using the "odd dogoo" stage. i can line up 2 hearts per round if they don't counterattack.

  16. about to find out if the game wants to glitch my trophy on me again :(. praying to the gaming gods it doesn't happen.

    1. kingdrake2


      backed up my save if it does it again.

    2. kingdrake2


      good news, it popped. no more having to play the game again. seems to be a bad occurrence on first time.

    3. evilartifact


      Glad you got it dude, and Congrats!

  17. forgot to purchase bioshock this morning, it was only 5$ extra compared to retail oh well :(

  18. going back into just cause 3, to get our heart of stone trophy. just gotta unlock the lightning weapon.

  19. 1 more wingsuit mission and that isn't the least of the problems :(.

    1. kingdrake2


      none of the other trophy's that i completed after this doesn't seem to bug. a bit closer to fixing it (DLC and 5 other trophy's) tomorrow. sadly no heart of stone till the 3 DLC is done and 1M chaos is completed.

  20. with sorcery saga: curse of the great curry god. just maxed out staves clear sailing from here working on the last part with swords going to be done very soon.

  21. started up dying reborn.... try loading it up. wont load. at least its only an hour long plat gotta redo most of it again.

  22. started final fantasy 7, reached the date scene gets aeris instead of barret

    *screams into pillow if he could.


    gotta find the closest save to reverse this to gain achievement.

    1. voodoo_eyes


      Happened to me as well. Turns out I forgot the "makeup" bit...

    2. AJ_Radio


      As much as I want to play FF7, the game looks a bit dated for my tastes, even on the PS4.

  23. finally got sanji's new world mark to drop after nearly 6 hours ftw.

    1. DamagingRob


      That grind was the worst.. Thankfully, Pirate Warriors 2 didn't require all the coins.