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Status Updates posted by kingdrake2

  1. working through the 36 challenges in monsters vs aliens. only have those and co-op trophy's before i can move onto one of two artifex mundi games.

  2. i have to motivate myself to finishing monster's vs aliens (ps3)

    only have to get 900k more points in scenes do the misc trophy's and the gold medal challenges.

  3. got past a few roadblocks but end up into one more on dragon quest heroes. i might need to grind some more getting close but not completely there.

    1. starcrunch061


      You'll get there. Best of luck, I love this game and its sequel!


      I will say that if you decide to move on to that sequel, you'll get some real grinding at that point.

  4. i think i got a taste of the hardest challenge in the game in dragon quest heroes. had to take on 5-6 bosses in one run with just 5 revives. took 2 tries and a strategy adjustment (relying on terry helped).

  5. reached the endgame. that new game is on the horizon once i unlock the last of these trophy's. plenty to do.

  6. reached the final boss. alot of postgame stuff to do ie quests, medals, and plenty of grinding to get materials for the accessories.

    1. kingdrake2


      in dragon quest heroes.

  7. had a bout of food poisoning against last night (bad sandwich). will try and progress through dragon quest heroes but sleep comes first (up all night in agony).

    1. Dr_Mayus
    2. Crispy_Oglop


      Food poisoning is the worst, i've had it twice in my life and both times it completely floored me. Hope you feel better soon!

    3. Potent_Delusions


      Always thought people overexaggerated food poisoning until I had it. It is the worst physical pain i've experienced in my life, like a shuriken was spinning in my stomach. Hope you get better soon 

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  8. making progress in dragon quest heroes. started to get the puff-puff interactions (1st one just now). a ps3 game also came into the mail it's getting played soon enough after i finish current one.

    1. starcrunch061


      Oh, yeah. The puff-puffs. Very annoying.


      Though, it's nothing like the grind you'll do n DQH:2 if you play (with that being said, I enjoyed DQH:2 better).

    2. mecharobot


      You should just watch every puff-puff event available even if you already saw it. Otherwise I don't think it resets, which causes people to "grind" them even though nothing is going to happen. Probably some kind of RNG bug. It shouldn't take long at all with this method.

  9. after finishing the walking dead final season. the next big plat will be either dragon quest monsters 11 or dragon quest heroes (something out of my physical drawer will get started).

  10. gris didn't give me the plat. seems i need to find 1 more memento and the apple trophy (thought i got both) but the game said no.

    1. kingdrake2


      found the memento: must've missed one early on in the 2nd chapter.

      just great. data corrupted on me. this is going to set me back a day.

  11. finished the story in the lego movie 2. lots of master bricks to get and any remaining trophy's.

  12. on the final stretch. hit the last chapter. will be seeing if this is the end on this plat after opening every chest and finishing the game. only have character endings after but that part is easy.

    1. kingdrake2


      chest grabber unlocked. road to the platinum time.

  13. trails of cold steel: finished through chapter 5.  

  14. chapter 5 is complete. had a scare in missing a chest. had to re-do a section since one chest wasn't adding right in my notepad. all bursts done now i can run to the finish line while completing quests. chests. notes and skipping non-mandatory fights.

  15. 30/50 bursts done on trails of cold steel. working on chapter 4 today.

  16. found out the source of the cause of the food poisoning as it happened again. bad chicken. hopefully will get to chapter 4 today on trails of cold steel (working on 3 right now).

    1. snakebit10


      The one time I had food poisoning was from under cooked chicken at a Christmas dinner.

    2. MidnightDragon


      Yea, bad chicken sucks

  17. morning everyone. going to see what i can get on progress with trails of cold steel. got over the stomach illness from yesterday.

  18. might be a slow day today. a really bad stomachache is going to hinder progress on trails of cold steel play 2. reached chapter 2 last night.

    1. visighost


      Health over games. Take it easy.

  19. just finished trails of cold steel 1st playthrough. seems i missed a chest and only gotten 3 out of 5 possible level 5 links. looks like i'll have to replay it through nightmare and scan for some battle entries i missed still hopeful for a 2 play through game.

  20. trails of cold steel: onto the final chapter. going to see some trophies unlock after finishing the game. get to keep everything for round 2 (filling in what i'm missing etc).

  21. trails of cold steel: working through chapter 6. on track to get some/most of the achievements.

  22. trails of cold steel update: finished chapter 4. 

    1. Mina


      Congrats 😊

  23. the legend of heroes: Trails Of Cold steel: onto mid chapter 3. it's starting to get good. hate the map layout for this chapter though it's too big.

    1. AlchemistWer


      I hope you enjoy it. 

  24. gotta keep going. 2 more endings on xblaze code: Embryo (ps3) then i can find something good in my backlog.

  25. after shaq fu. think my next plat game will be Xblaze Code: Embryo i found a guide for it to make it less intimidating. that should also clear out my drawer for new physical games coming later in the month.