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  1. onto the final stretch of the trophies in lego harry potter years 1-4. having to find every gold brick/student in peril without much help in searching is going to be testing me to see if i'm worthy.

  2. completed story of lego harry potter years 1-4. soon to approach the dreaded glitchy gold bricks hopefully there's no encounter with them.

  3. nearly finished sparklite. only need to speed through to find the pirate tent in each run to get the monty's crew achivement. but that will be waiting for tomorrow as it's nearing bedtime.

  4. finished the nasty white rider trophy for mordor. the rest of the main game set looks to be a cake walk though time consuming

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      Metal Slime King

      Those DLC trial trophies though.

  5. about finished the 1st region of mordor. the experience is paying off ftw. also to note my 2nd game for this month came through the mail i cant open that till christmas.

  6. i have a chance to begin the planned game but i think i'm going to keep with finishing mordor once and for all (DLC's may end up being done at once) not 100% sure.

  7. tonight i have a good chance at finishing mordor. got a couple nasty trophy's out of the way think i have just 1 more nasty one out of the bunch. the caragor trophy i might have a chance they give you 5 minutes to free just 20 slaves (if the locations remain unchanged) it's a cake walk.

  8. shadow of mordor update: finished the main story tonight. just have the standard misc trophy's (more than last time) but i have knowledge on how to do most of these no problem. leaving those for tomorrow.

  9. 50% complete on the shadow of mordor (ps3). completing the game then i can come back and finish anything remaining.

  10. spectrum internet decided to have a day off. couldn't make much progress on cars 3. did get all the best track times done. have cups. playground and some laps remaining. i need to ship off to mordor soon.

  11. making good progress on cars 3. plat will be in a few days i think. rest of the checklist doesn't seem so bad.

  12. games arrived. 3 more into the collection i'm going to look into cars 3 after finishing back to the future: the game (think it didn't take more than 25 hours to complete).

  13. just got the lord of the ring trophy done in shadow of mordor. i should have this DLC done by late tonight or tomorrow. it was the hardest part imo.

  14. had to nap. i finished queens quest 4. i looked at the last DLC looks like i'm not done with test of the ring gotta go in one more time. going to see what it's about try my luck in it before diving into the last DLC to finish the game for good.

  15. i managed to get the "the hunt is my mistress trophy by just 30 seconds. finally pulled it off. now i can clear ride the rest of the content no problem.

  16. starting the DLC for mordor. this is taking many attempts at the mistress challenge. got pretty far but i need to learn how to summon the graug since they don't appear (videos for information is out there).

  17. shadow of mordor update: working myself through the misc trophy's. reading on descriptions about how to do some of these. i hope to be done with the main game within a few days.

  18. Shadow Of Mordor Update: making progress on the plat. approaching the warchiefs so i need to pay attention to how i do some of the trophy's. 

  19. defense grid 2 update: only 4 levels to go with getting 3 medals apiece. ETA of plat seems to be 1-2 days from now if i don't get side-tracked. might look into physical game collection on the next one.

  20. defense grid 2: think i have to get 3 gold medals in each chapter for the 100 gold achievement. then the misc trophy's upon various things.

  21. should have typoman revised edition done by tomorrow. figured out how to use the guide for missing letters (took about 20/160 before i figured it out) :(.

  22. making progress in typoman. took the whole day but in the middle of chapter 2. should be done on story tomorrow unless i somehow mess up.

  23. the typoman trophy didn't unlock. guessing they count deaths as they happen even after going to the dashboard and quitting. luckily the game isn't long i gotta re-do it anyway for misc trophy's.

  24. dynasty warriors 8 xtreme legends final update: ultimate warrior unlocked. only have ambition mode challenges left (maybe the plat tonight. tomorrow definitely).

  25. ultimate rating popped for dynasty warriors 8 xtreme legends. i can freely complete all those stages on ultimate difficulty while watching for certain trophy's to complete (attack ace and goal getter). trophy didn't pop before due to 1 missed lubu story stage.