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  1. Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme legends update: found why the subjugation trophy can't be obtained in ambition mode (gotta complete it again on hard mode) along with ultimate stages with A ranking on everything else.

    1. starcrunch061


      It's been a while since I platted this, but I recall being able to do most everything with my uploaded save from PS3. It took me about 2 days in real time, though significantly less in play time.


      I certainly don't remember going back and doing A ranks on ultimate stages again?

  2. started dynasty warriors 8 xtreme legends again. seems my backup save isn't complete after all. gotta unlock characters but everything else is there.

  3. looks like i'm stuck in dragon sinker till i gain more stats. that enel trophy require's a beefier MC to take out 10 times in a few turns.

    1. kingdrake2


      i got past it. just had to buff up my stats very high. should have this plat tonight.

  4. dragon sinker update: complete all endings and all animals found (the owl was the last one). now gotta complete all sidequest, tablets and job leveling for the remaining trophy's.

    1. MidnightDragon


      It was a fun game. Gonna play that sequel game, too.

  5. Mad Max last update: completing many challenges now. should have the game done in 2 days or less if nothing glitches out. looking forward to going through the refreshed backlog.

    1. PermaFox


      Damn!  You're really getting this done!

    2. mako-heart


      absolute beast

  6. mad max update: just gotta complete all the checklist objectives now. and reduce threat to 0 across all regions. tough part is done (the glitchy locations).

    1. funboy1246


      need to get off my butt and finish this game myself. so far behind. at least i got the scrap while the servers were still live

  7. mad max update: 17 more scavenging locations to go (17 spots on the map exactly) even managed to take out 8 enemys in one fury mode. still leaves plenty of story and clean up.

  8. Mad Max Update: up to 147/191 scavenging locations. so far so good in not glitching out. even managed to get the dagg task done x3 (previous 2 didn't save or glitched out).

  9. mad max update: 101/191 scavenger locations completed. 137 scavenger locations completed. had the dagg challenge completed but one of the wasteland missions glitched out so i had to revert a save. i'll have to leave it for last it can be gotten easily in the final area.

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Congrats on the progress!

    2. mako-heart


      Hang in there, homie.

  10. mad max update: 90 scavenger locations found. 54/191 total. the playstation server was down before bed so i couldn't get any scrap while the system was off :(.

  11. Mad Max Update: 21/191 scavenged locations. zero progress on penny pincher (still looking for the parts) its going slow.

  12. today i managed to fix my ps3 controller with a straw. solved the issues with the right stick wandering right. got mad max ahead so far so good on 5 locations not glitching.

    1. DaivRules


      Way to go, MacGyver!

    2. Copanele


      Wait wait, what was the issue? I have the exact same problem with one of my ps3 controllers, even opened and cleaned it and the camera still randomly turns right. 

  13. atelier shallie update: onto chapter 5 of 10. on track to get the true/hidden/completion endings. i gotta keep an eye on events.

  14. atelier shallie update: think i'm going to go onto play 2 soon. grinding for ultimate weapon doesn't seem required if i have flawless stuff to speed through the game to at least beat the underground master on play 2.

  15. atelier shallie update: mastered the healing item for playthrough 2. still need to work on gear. went with a stat buffing auto elixir.

  16. atelier shallie update: just finished 1 of 5 endings. have to create ultimate gear and alchemy 99 in this run. can save the levels for next run and get the other 3 endings (very long investment so far).

  17. zombie driver HD update: last arena gave some issues but should be onto atelier shallie by the end of the day if nothing slows me down. just 3 sets of blood races left.

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      I think that was the arena that gave me trouble. I ended up getting a DLC vehicle to get gold. 

      The race tournament was a pain too. I got lucky when I won 3 golds in the last or I would've started all over. 

  18. zombie driver Immortal Edition Update: got #3 on slaughter mode within the park level. still pretty impressive went very long in survival.

  19. the darkness 2 update: at chapter 15. gotta do this whole level without losing any health. luckily i have a backup save in case i mess up at a checkpoint.

  20. the darkness 2 update: going to try and do the last level on Don Difficulty so i can complete the new game on Thug which is way easier. more of a speed run after that (while keeping an eye on black holes) and that one misc trophy.

    1. kingdrake2


      damn. that didn't work it requires to complete the game all over again on Don.

      the final level wasn't as bad. should have no issue after having a taste of what's to offer.

  21. the darkness 2 update: about 50% completed for the plat still have to run "Don Difficulty". 6 special levels in vandetta and 3 other characters but seeing that plat soon.

    1. ahmedelebiary


      great game, good luck :)

    2. snakebit10


      Been a long time sine I played it but I do remember having fun with it. If I remember correctly Don Difficulty isn't to hard.

  22. i did some thinking last night. as soon as i finish the darkness 2 (ps3) and a few other games. plat #450 will end up being atelier shallie: alchemists of the dusk sea. if i can stay focused away from fall guys to do so.

  23. atelier escha and logy final update: seems i'm stuck on final boss for 99 level trophy. that is until i managed to unleash a whopper of an attack worth 75k total damage.

    looks like i'll be starting another game soon. lots of backlog from the past 2 months to choose from.

  24. atelier escha and logy update: think i'm on the final stretch to the plat. only have a few activity's left and finish level 99. estimate that i should be finished within a few days.

  25. morning everyone. going to do better in progress not sure what happened yesterday ><. was wanting to ace many chapters.