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Status Updates posted by kingdrake2

  1. atelier escha and logy update: onto assignment 4. going to see how far i can progress through tonight current level is 45/99

  2. atelier escha and logy update: finished escha's story. kinda stinks i have to raise over 99 levels again but i won't have to worry too much about crafting ultimate equipment since i got near or good stuff made. should have the plat within a week or two (estimating).

    1. BigHatPaul


      Nice! That's a series I really want to get into, but I'm scared of the time commitment lol

  3. atelier escha update: stayed up till 4am this morning finishing the final boss. created nearly every ultimate equipment minus a few. still awaiting if this next one will go smooth as i just need to get levels only for 99 plus logy's story.

  4. atelier escha update: seems i wasn't supposed to disassemble the items i'll just have to work myself from scratch to recreate them (maybe this is a boon) have the whole year ingame time to get ultimate gear.

  5. finished assignment 8 of 9 for atelier escha. going to have to save this for tomorrow. if i time it right should have girls association trophy completed so i can just worry about logy's side and grinding of best gear.

    1. AlchemistWer


      One of my favorite grind in Atelier.

  6. atelier escha and logy update: finished assignment 5 of 9. now onto 6 of 9 later today.

  7. atelier escha and logy update: had to back-track my save back to assignment 4 (30 day left) solved a jam which would've messed me up badly if i let it continue (didn't craft resist equipment for tasks).

  8. think i figured out the atelier escha and logy game out at least for gathering. going to have to revert my save and try again (missed out on documents with no time to spare).

    1. AlchemistWer


      Escha and Logy is my favorite Dusk game, hope you enjoy it this time.

  9. wish i could game today but the pothole in the roadway had other plans for me. ended my foot and my wrist. cant pick up a controller for 1 or more days :( it really hurts.

    1. DaisyVilla102


      😟 I hope your foot and wrist feel better real soon!

  10. today looks like more castlevania anniversary games. yesterday had some nasty runs with castlevania 3 (got so bad to use passwords on the other 3 runs).

    1. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      You know you can use save states, right?

  11. had a serious bout of food poisoning yesterday. done with isaac for now think i'm going to try my hand at the castlevania collection before starting things back on track (for some reason it's calling to be played).

  12. binding of isaac update: completed maggy's blue/delirium and ??? run. going for boss rush and the golden door run (last one needs the key and good drops).

  13. binding of isaac: finally found the cube meat/bandage 4x secret. just did maggy's greed run. so tempting to continue.

    1. ferginator88


      Keep at it man. It's a heck of a platinum, but an amazing game.

  14. binding of isaac hooked me from the atelier game. guess i gotta play this out till i'm bored over days.

  15. atelier ayesha update: should have the plat today hopefully if  didn't miss something on the way.

  16. atelier ayesha update: back to where i am on new game plus. feel more prepared for this before my previous attempt. next step is to craft ultimate equipment and find the best accessories to use.

  17. had to do a ton of moving over the past few days. looks like i'll be playing atelier ayesha tomorrow as it has gotten too late to continue.

  18. looks like i wont be making progress on atelier ayesha for a few days. gotta do an apartment move and my game stalled (couldn't complete hermitage on this playthrough) need to start a new game plus.

  19. atelier ayesha update: seems they threw in a massive difficulty spike in the middle of year 2. did 2 elite bosses with no healing item. barely won against those. locked in 1 ending so far (90 requests).

  20. atelier ayesha update: gotta roll back the tracks a few months ingame. seems i run into so many snags today ><

  21. atelier ayesha update: had to go back a month in my playthrough because the requests change if you miss a certain date. but back on track regardless.

  22. atelier Ayesha update: i got the game back on track after a day. i shouldn't mess up hopefully it had to take over 4-5 tries to get the dates right ><.

    1. eigen-space


      Atelier Ayesha is probably my second favorite Atelier game behind Rorona. I hope you like it too!
      Is your plan to go through all the Atelier games? I've seen all your statuses about the Arland trilogy.

    2. AlchemistWer


      Haha, good to know some people still want try more Atelier games nowaday. Ayesha is my second favorite Atelier inside Dusk trilogy, hope you enjoy it but saddly Ayesha is short and you can finish it in no more than 35 hours or so. In any case good luck with Ayesha.

  23. black paradox update: just finished the final level after many many tries. had to change my setup to complete it (thought the regen was stronger but it isn't).

  24. atelier meruru update: finished the spa ending and alchemist ending. next ones i plan to do is the go bravely/strongest princess. they won't seem as bad as doing skyshatter i didn't have my optimal party it took 7-8 tries. 

  25. atelier meruru update: on track to beginning the endings soon. found out a problem with why the astrid facility's needed to be built. gotta get the library first.