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  1. fernz gate update: defeated the level 999 arena damn that was tough. all that's left is getting the hit trophy and raising a weapon to 999.

  2. torchlight 2 final update: going to get through hardcore. start a new game in a few days.

  3. torchlight 2 update: found the legendary item took off the vendor. now to get 2 more levels. then the hardcore run.

    that one is just leveling as best as i can grabbing stuff as i go while backing up my save.

  4. torchlight 2 update: 11 levels away from 100. still have to find a legendary weapon/shield FML.

  5. Torchlight 2 update: completed the main game. gotta make 1 million gold, 1 legendary and level 100 before i can do hardcore run. mapworks is the key i think.

  6. took all day trying to find that last percentage point for de blob (ps4). it was hidden around a common area i didn't bother to check. the Z spring.

    looks like all i have left is the spaceship then i'm done with the game (going to have to use a video for help again). last attempt i got to 99% but didn't bother to check the spires.

  7. stage 7 is done (wasn't too bad compared to the others) 2 runs for de blob (ps4). onto stage 8 can safely do this on own before i hit the brick walls (9 and 10)

  8. found all the stage 6 collectibles for de blob (ps4). time trial took 1 try. 3 try's for 100% that last swirly was hard to find.

  9. de blob update: 7 more levels to go of this insanity and i asked for it :( luckily they don't require everything to be collected in one go.

  10. atelier totori update: think i opened the path for endings. but i need to confirm this by getting to the end. will unlock 1 by 1. true ending is last.

    1. kingdrake2


      rich/store ending is first.

  11. atelier totori update: progressed some of the islands in the game i gotta be careful mimi doesn't hit 50 or else it will need a playthrough 2.

  12. atelier totori update: onto ship building. heard it's supposed to get better after that.

  13. atelier totori update: seems the guide on gamefaqs is throwing wrenches. can't get smelly liquid for synthesis. did find a workaround to get those. just gotta craft in arland instead.

    1. eigen-space


      I was never able to find a good guide for Totoro. Was always the most confusing game in the Arland Trilogy for me.

    2. AlchemistWer


      Even in japanese the guide for Totori are really bad.

  14. atelier totori update: started iksel's cooking chain at year 2 12/14. missing 1 relationship point for marc. luckily i have a few extra days to travel with him to get it to 60.

    1. AlchemistWer


      Marc always is a problem in Totori's game, I hope you move after to Meruru. 

  15. atelier totori update: going to have to backup the tracks a bit (not much loss of progress) for a better result. wont be a huge loss since i have my original save in case (trying to get mimi's flag).

  16. atelier totori update: seems i messed up on some of the steps. i might need to go back on the railroad tracks a bit so i can progress properly.

  17. senran kagura Estival Versus update: still climbing the hill to get the creative finishes for some clothes and 10-12 heart stories.

  18. just finished the main story for Senran Kagura Estival Versus (ps4) now to work on shinobi heart and creative finishes for OCD trophy.

  19. seems my plan to go in with controller blazing has gone unfulfilled. atelier rorona is putting up a fight with those griffon's. here's to praying that 20 dark coral equals out to 10 gold stars.

    1. kingdrake2


      we're home free. just gotta turn in a ton of sundry's and i'll be done with this plat (activated no final character flags + the 8 star assignment).

    2. kingdrake2


      millionaire ending worth waiting for. it's ftw.

  20. last atelier rorona update: getting 10 stars in as many assignments as possible. we're getting that milly ending soon (could count it as a speed run imo).

  21. atelier rorona update: got good ending. guess there will be a 3rd run but going to try to get iksel and sterk done along with the king.

    3rd run is the milly ending but flags have been done :(.

    1. kingdrake2


      monster encyclopedia done.

      working on alchemy and remaining recipes.

    2. kingdrake2


      all things done by tonight. just have to do a traditional RPG type run by doing a flagless run. get to assignment 8. can squeak by doing the bare necessity.

    3. AlchemistWer


      Haha, the platinum is almost yours.

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  22. stuck at square one trying to figure where i went wrong. got normal end where i'm supposed to be with lionela. gave normal end despite doing all flags ><.

    1. Edunstar84


      Oh man that sucks! I hope you can eventually get it.

    2. kingdrake2



      solved lionela which was critical. now i need to worry about unlocking tantris for normal.

      solution: max out tantris and lionela. lower cordelia. fixed it from generic to her ending.

    3. kingdrake2


      solved tantris. normals are done. 

      solution: make both key items for tantris and lionela. lower cordy and chef. raise tantris


      the next set is high popularity low stars.

      might be able to use an older save from before. but i'm going to do the all items/enemy's first to clear the problem.

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  23. not going to be pleased if lionela doesn't unlock this time (did all her flags). maybe we'll know by tomorrow (going to have to do these in parts within the proper way) for atelier rorona.

  24. should be onto assignment 7 in the morning. trying to get a couple bounty's to show is some serious luck in atelier rorona (need to get either raum lizard or scare phantom).

  25. onto assignment 6 for atelier rorona. this is going to be much easier since i now know which items need to be wholesaled before the start of assignment 7.

    1. eigen-space


      Are you on a second playthrough? I found that the game was SO much easier the second time around.
      Also, if you aren't opposed to stacks, the Plus version makes getting endings so much easier as you don't have to save scum for them... and NG+ has better carryovers to make subsequent playthroughs even easier/more fun.