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  1. wish i could give accurate input. game takes 100 hours to plat. varying difficulty opinion of 4 to 6 out of 10.
  2. knocked out all of judas hard mark in binding of isaac. had to do constant reroll to get favorable item.

  3. this has been happening ever since last tuesday. when i decided to do my purchases that i had written down. web browser is the only working thing atm .
  4. the ps3 streaming is a bust. even with 200 mbps connection it cant handle it.

    1. Lordguwa


      returning to it in a week, can work on binding of isaac some more or start another game till then.

    2. charxsetsuna


      Ps3 streaming for me sometimes works fine but sometimes just doesn't, at all.

  5. finished hard completion marks for cain. switching the game to daily for cracked crown challenge after tomorrow until complete.

  6. temporarily putting ps3 streaming game on hold for a few more days. playing binding of isaac (thinking about knocking out completion marks on a few characters).

  7. yes you can. community surprise and renaissance man can be done without entering single player. the co-op ones can be done during chapter 1 after several missions. co-op includes changing lanes and brother in arms trophy's. would say harder to complete changing lanes if don't start early (anything that drives can be used for the takedown including atv's). note of warning. 6 players required for online matches (active but low population).
  8. can always buy the DLC just to enjoy it even if it doesn't add trophy. i rarely do so.
  9. the achievement didn't pop unless i started at the start of the week. so either sunday or monday. tried it on tuesday to the next tuesday. no pop.
  10. that game has been in my backlog for the longest time the plat is so scary :(. worse than trying to do DMC on the highest difficulty. maybe it's harder than it appears for me (so much to track).
  11. i'll have to try and buy this game towards the end of the month i can begin the long grind. not so much the ps5 version (maybe i can get that one too).
  12. platinum #639 cosmos bit (ps4) completed in 2 hours and 9 minutes platinum rarity 81.91% common game type: platform-metroidvania game gets easier as one gets upgrades, a very good metroidvania for the price i payed. going to start thinking about the PS now games. if i manage to get Ar No Surge: ode to an unborn Star (ps3) working on streaming with my connection i'll make the cost of the service back and it'll open more opportunities for some ps3 games to stream most notably the adventure time game. edit 1: congrats on the ps5. it's a feat imo to get one.
  13. it happened to me yesterday off another game that wasn't streaming. i earned the trophy but it didn't sync with the profile. replayed the portion and reset the system. that got it to get added to complete it. "trails and traces: the tomb of thomas tew" was the game.
  14. i'm not 100% sure but you want the godfall deluxe. ultimate may not work with ps challenger edition. seems too easy to upgrade for 15$.
  15. my last one was castlevania anniversary collection in 2020. not sure if there's others it would be alot of scrolling.