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  1. i changed my mind on the upcoming plat after my current worked on game. going to take a huge risk in epic mickey 2 that 1.61% plat is very tempting. also gives the chance for the ps3 to start again.

  2. i am relieved i don't have to backtrack to get any chests in Alphadia Genesis. this one doesn't give any slack. alot of backtracking otherwise. also know of the long term plat game after this. thinking about starting the atelier mysterious saga (1 of the games).

  3. platinum #557 Cat Quest 2 (ps4) completed in 1 day and 6 hours platinum rarity 65.33% common platinum name: Pawlatinum platinum #558 Barry The Bunny (ps4) completed in 28 minutes and 34 seconds platinum rarity 96.81% common platinum #559 Pinkman+ (ps4) completed in 20 minutes and 54 seconds platinum rarity 97.37% common Platinum #560 Rift Raccoon (ps4) completed in 20 minutes and 16 seconds platinum rarity 94.48% common platinum name: Portal King mopped up the last of the trophy's in the last hour. did have trouble finding two caves and 2 treasure chests but managed to get the plat before bed. finished plenty of ps4 plats tonight. pinkman+. wasn't as hard as they say due to my experience with platformers. it had plenty of checkpoints but highly precise missiles. saving the ps5 version for a later time. next game will be Alphadia Gensis (ps4) the long term game will be from the drawer after the 5th.
  4. platinum #556 Ni No Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch Remastered completed in 2 weeks and 4 days (quicker than ps3 attempt) platinum rarity 14.96% rare platinum name: wizardy whiz hardest trophy: 120 alchemy recipes (some items may have really awful drop rate) ie glowstones and evil eye. got this game done after seeing the finish line after about 8pm. going to get some games purchased and then it'll be ACA Puzzle Bobble 2 (ps4) and cat quest 2 (ps4) seeing this plat can take 15 hours at the most i'll go for it.
  5. looks like i may have the ni no kuni remastered plat sooner than i thought. i didn't' realize i could skip over 14 alchemy items some of which have ultra rare drops. 

  6. i'm more than likely going to get: Monster Energy Supercross 2 (ps4) Troll & I (ps4) then games from the hidden gems sale (about 20$ worth) maybe hellfront honeymoon. this will give me an opening in case next week runs dry from lack of sale.
  7. that's some bad stuff genshin is going to pull. it runs perfectly fine even if use the ps4 version.
  8. guardian of worlds isn't going to work out for demons eye in ni no kuni. working on kal stones. i shortened 2 routes so i don't have to do the full run through the cavern or cave each time.

    1. IntroPhenom


      I never milked the Guardian of Worlds for anything.  Just ran around fighting the golden familiars.

  9. facing one of the worst drop-rates in the game for "evil eye" in ni no kuni. i may have to switch where i farm from later today. may have to level some appropriate familiars to tackle that. only landed 2 eyes out of hours of farming.

  10. doing some rare item farming today in ni no kuni. the marshes is the target since golds have stones and truth scrolls.

  11. unfortunately it's true. but that isn't going to stop some people.
  12. i'm looking forward to getting the games in the future. for anyone after the ps3 version of san andreas it's 15$. there is a physical copy in the wild. not sure about the prices of the ps4 versions (they haven't gone on sale in a very long time).
  13. just finished main game of ni no kuni remastered. plenty of things to do to master the rest of the achievements. but it may have to wait till the morning it's getting late.

  14. more progress on ni no kuni. close to 75% done with the main game. entered the marshes.

  15. it's one of the rare sales where there's a ton of stuff but you cant afford it all. Nexomon: Extinction (ps4) Cat Quest 2 (ps4) ACA NEO GEO PUZZLE BOBBLE 2 (ps4) Celeste (ps4) Tcheco In The Castle Of Lucio (ps4) Guards (ps4) Alien Destroyer (ps4) if next week comes around i'm going to try to prioritize this sale. it may need a 2nd pass. scenario may change. have a feeling i'll be playing some of these games by the start of next week. taking my time with Ni No Kuni plat.