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  1. i just check now. the banner wasn't up this morning but the banner is up now in case people want to take a full look at the stuff: Crossing Souls (ps4) Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy (vita) one of the missed vita RPG's from a previous sale obtained ACA NEO GEO Ghost Pilots (ps4) rare buy for half off Mochi Mochi Boy (ps4) (vita) adding crossing souls to priority when i finish skyrim.
  2. there's videos how to get an account started in order to get region specific games such as the german version of wolfenstein but it's a bit of a hassle plus you need the currency card for that region. the plus being having games not from your home region.
  3. could be a website mistake, looking on the store page only has the ps4 game listed but without the sale price. edit: says sale is for the 18th so it could be a few hours before they appear.
  4. ps3 version is. ps4 version isn't. stll unsure what to buy today but i'll have something thought of eventually.
  5. skyrim update: 36/300+ locations discovered and alvin died in the dragon attack within riverwood. i must reach 1 million gold for the trophy.

  6. i have the game but i'm probably not going to start it right away, depends how i'm feeling since i'm more than likely going to be done with a huge multi hour plat by the time September comes around plus i prefer to start a game when the game comes complete (all 4 DLC out).
  7. not sure if have these. scrolling down the list is steins gate 0 games. korea, japan and guessing US version for vita. low plat time and i don't have any of those to be able to report :(.
  8. i don't think it's possible unless you're playing on another region list.
  9. it's still a buy regardless if it had a plat or not. it just be a 100% game that i play inbetween my plat runs sometimes.
  10. starting up skyrim, going to make an argonian race character. seems to fit what i want to start with.

    1. DarkLoba13


      I want to play Skyrim and The Witcher 3 again...on this account. :D I love open world games!

    2. PSXtreme_


      Check into the Glitches before you get too involved. There are a bunch of situations if you start one mission, then start and finish another before finishing that one, or an NPC gets killed, you can't continue or finish your original mission. ALSO, have multiple saves going on so if the game locks up (there are some missions where you do everything right and doors won't open to allow you to continue the task) and you have no choice but to reload a previous save to hope that this time it will work correctly. 


      Image result for bethesda meme

  11. platinum #381 Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (ps3) completed in 2 days and 2 hours platinum rarity 25.11% uncommon platinum name: Savior Of The Lost Kingdom plat #382 Zeropitan Invasion (ps4) completed in 24 minutes platinum rarity 91.97% common i was surprised by how low the percentage of completion for invizimals as it's very easy with a guide if miss a few collectibles. i do admit i missed a few of them since they're well hidden. also finished the 5th game Zeropitan Invasion (ps4) the next game will be the elder scrolls V: Skyrim (ps4) this will give a chance to recover some backlog and keep me busy for idk how long.
  12. only upgraded my gear a few times for her it makes things easier slightly, the squirrel may help too if like health but gotta use em fast.
  13. i wonder if he was playing with some cheating device myself. somehow he managed to get all the gems before opening the door to gnasty's loot must be the master lockpicker. done that about 15 mins after destroying the twilight gears. there has to be a great explanation about this all.
  14. might have to hide it, there's several impossible trophy's on your list ie "top of the food chain" and "wanted" trophy's being earned 8 seconds apart from each other. nothing can be done at this time about getting hit by modded lobbies.
  15. you have that right. my system going strong even after 6 years.