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  1. platinum #366 Pic-a-Pix Pieces (ps4) completed in 5 days and 12 hours platinum rarity 49.79% uncommon platinum name: piece of cake long slog trying to do 5 pages of puzzles by hand/guide. should be able to do this one faster in the future but not tonight. next game will be awesome pea (ps4) just gotta buy/queue the game.
  2. that's not good hopefully they don't delist the complete series i'm still missing that for ps4. edit: it's gone but not forgotten. available in physical form.
  3. sometimes there's false flags. as far as an opinion goes. i don't see anything off with the list as too fast/out of order/impossible team player could even be done in 5 minutes (true fact). could use some more opinions on the matter if anyone wants to chime in.
  4. morning everyone. waking up from a backache from sleeping too long going to try to finish pic-a-pix today.

  5. the only thing wrong is his story mode trophy's in injustice gods among us somehow he went from 50% story to 100% story in just 4 minutes. 50% trophy unlocks after completing deathstroke chapter 7 in a normal playthrough. this still leaves batman chapter 8 to superman chapter 12 with about 21 battles not including minigames. i'm not buying his reason that it bugged out. his the last of us looks okay at least to me not finding anything too fast/out of order.
  6. it's working and the site did change as rwd1197 has mentioned. there's a white border on the top of the page. i'll have to get those games tomorrow we're going to need them soon found the quicker way to complete pic a pix. i'll know for next time did about 5 pages of puzzles by hand. would of only needed to do 3 if i knew sooner.
  7. Don't Fear the Reaper Reveal the 9th picture Pic-A-Pix Pieces (ps4) took about half of the game but i should be able to finish this in a quicker manner doing it all wrong (should of filled in every pixel after getting the 3 difficulty trophy's) would of been done days ago.
  8. looked at messages, was bummed out they couldn't send cars race-o-rama. going to try again. gotta give em points for being honest.

  9. here's the link to the page where you can hide your game, i would avoid having your friend mess with data since anything in the future will likely lead to more flagging.
  10. this is going to take some time. currently on pic-a-pix pieces. 12 pages of puzzles to go.

  11. agreed. you get all the content for that price. it's not challenging, just alot of collectibles (had to use a guide to find the posters) and the drones.
  12. there's 2 games that called: Lego The Incredibles (ps4) finally dropped to a price point that i'll bite. the magic number was 12$. devious dungeon 2 (ps4) (vita) i'm in the rush to finish pic a pix pieces since i want to start lego the incredibles. can't move on without completing what i started. also having to search for the physical games for this month (there's no shortage to the backlog).
  13. even if he backed up his save prior to the mission i doubt anyone could pull off those 2 trophy's within that time frame. as to what you need to do is up to you.
  14. it's a price cut. not seeing anything related to sale price. 4/10 difficulty. it's something i would probably play especially if can use cloud saves.
  15. this is what the disputer needs to do at this point in time. evidence proves to being guilty. it's time to change those nasty ways. rethink about not using downloaded saves or hacks before you'll be knocked off the leaderboards.