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  1. might be a way to do the fresh install and having the option to check off which DLC's you want on it. though i wouldn't keep hopes up i am not 100% honest about this. this worked for another game so i'm basing it on another experience.
  2. some of these stunts in just cause 4 is insane (one of my all time unfavorite is having to use a boat to drop at just the exact point with balloons) these are the pro league ones.

  3. got some plats to report: platinum #396 Deponia Doomsday completed in 1 week and 1 day platinum rarity 51.88% common platinum name: Deponia Doomsday Unlocked! platinum #397 Super Wiloo Demake (vita) completed in 1 hour and 20 minutes platinum rarity: 97.20% common platinum name: platinum wiloo platinum #398 Super Box land Demake (ps4) completed in 2 hours and 19 minutes platinum rarity 93.16% common platinum name: platinum Pusher platinum #399 Fullblast (vita) completed in 30 mins and 25 seconds platinum rarity 97.45% common platinum name: Platinum Ship lots of plats in a short period of time. going to start on just cause 4 and DLC for my 400th platinum and possible level up.
  4. i just saw this... there's quite a laundry list of great games on there (might have to come back to it a few times) but here's what i picked up on round 1: Digimon: Next Order (ps4) One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition (ps4) can't beat the deal for 10$. Syberia 3 (ps4) Wordsweeper by powgi (ps4) (vita) more reason to complete the games now. been waiting for the first 2 games forever along with syberia 3. prices hasn't been within buyable range for a long time.
  5. platinum #395 Peasant Knight (vita) completed in 24 minutes and 40 seconds platinum rarity 94.07% common platinum name: Platinum Peasant didn't have time to post this one but have time now. next game will be deponia doomsday (ps4)
  6. platinum #394 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (vita) completed in 2 weeks and 4 days platinum rarity 39.81% uncommon platinum name: The Force Awakens wasn't a great game to begin for the vita but this is the last in the vita series. next game will be peasant knight (vita) i need to get myself back into platinuming again to regain ranks.
  7. sale is decent but kinda lacking prices are slightly high or already owned but confident i'll find stuff over the next 3 sale weeks.
  8. average time is less than a day sometimes 2 in rare cases for disputes to be checked by staff.
  9. had to mix it between 3 sales: Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams (VR) Batman: Return To Arkham (ps4) Super Box Land Demake (ps4) (vita) One Night Stand (ps4) Tower Of Dragonasia (ps4) won't be playing these for some time until i get lego star wars done.
  10. as for helpful shields... transformer is a huge help in preventing your shield from being destroyed by electricity. it's a world drop, golden chest or quest drop (if you save your side quest for 50) can also turn "alchemist into healing you for 100 shield each use" instead of damaging. spoilers for round 5, wave 5
  11. there has been talks about a "whitelist" for cases like this but for now it's "play at your own risk" on the online games that could cause hackers to auto-pop trophy's.
  12. platinum #392 Batman: The Enemy Within (ps4) completed in 2 days and 17 hours platinum rarity 70.80% common platinum name: I Am The Knight platinum #393 Hoggy2 (ps4) completed in 1 hour and 42 minutes platinum rarity 96.81% common edit 1: time for lego star wars: the force awakens (vita), need to finish physical games seem to have some built up from the past few month's.
  13. lack of lego villans and lego movie 2 video game isn't good at all. there's hope in the VR section. always have a plan B and just not get anything this week. have lots of stuff from the past 6 weeks to work on.
  14. platinum #391 Borderlands 3 completed in 3 weeks and 11 hours platinum rarity 15.01% rare platinum name: Ultimate Vault Hunter going to look through my games. some of which i haven't played in 6 weeks. got lots of those to do and next one will be batman: the enemy within (ps4) borderlands 3 isn't forgotten just yet (will play it again when DLC comes out for it).
  15. it's all good, i do wish good luck for everyone else who has to complete this. if you can complete the 3000. the other 2 are slightly easier (dealt with rakk with homing grenades) and maybe a stab if they came too close.