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  1. oh god, i'm reminded of hannah montana i regret playing that one, and that isn't the nastiest title out there that goes to barbie.
  2. platinum #358 Iron Snout (ps4) completed in 57 minutes and 49 seconds platinum rarity 91.28% common platinum name: Platinum Pig did the 5 easy game round, now i get to enjoy burnout paradise again it's going to be a long run of it. saving the bikes portion for last.
  3. there's a middle dot followed by EU. as for finding the copy for the euro version. psn stores in europe carry that copy.
  4. i'm hearing 3 numbers... 23rd to the 7th of may last year it was april 24th.
  5. i think i know what game he's talking about. ghostbusters 2016 (ps4). it has gone on sale once unfortunately there isn't a physical copy out in the wild :(. sanctum of slime and the 1st ghostbusters where the plat is unobtainable is still available in digital/physical form.
  6. king for a day trophy? i seen some people have obtained it but not sure if they hacked it. but for my opinion on the matter, i doubt it will get fixed. the burnout paradise method works to get the console to connect if have that issue but the game was delisted on the ps3 for quite some time. edit: saw the 2 most recent people, maybe the staff will take a look into it. maybe there will be results.
  7. platinum #356 Perils Of Baking: Refrosted (vita) completed in 11 hours and 54 minutes platinum rarity 75.15% common platinum name: Rewards Of Baking platinum #357 Metagal (vita) completed in 16 minutes and 4 seconds platinum rarity 92.62% common platinum name: Platinum Gal had to put burnout paradise (ps3) on the side till i fulfill the 5 game requirement to the long term one as it will take over 50 hours at least with DLC. next one will be iron snout (ps4)
  8. i tend to wait for all the DLC's to release but just cause 4 won't have that happen till the end of 2019. i also got peasant knight (ps4) (vita) seemed to have an extra 3$ leftover.
  9. i doubt it, it wont ever get stopped unless they disallow usb saving that's how some of those saves get circulated all over the world (even Devil may cry 5 has been a casualty of such).
  10. it's going to be sony's downfall one of these days ><.
  11. that part is ftw, i need to pick up the first game in the series. it's just finding the time to get that so i can progress through the trilogy.
  12. golden week should be the next one, if not the 29th but no later than the 29th.
  13. bought 3 things from the flash then 3 things from all deals, not the best sale but i'll have a good start into next week. Masquerade: Song and Shadows (ps4)Drowning (ps4)Planet RIX-13 (ps4)Albert And Otto (ps4)Iron Snout (ps4) (vita)Super Weekend Mode (ps4) (vita) might shelve burnout paradise to complete a couple of these, i overestimated the completion time >< way more than 30 hours. 50+ with DLC included. going to do several short ones to put me back on track.
  14. burnout paradise power parking aka parallel parking trophy eludes me, the video is there but can't pull it off :(.

    1. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      I remember doing that on XBox 360. Was a pain in the ass. I don't even think I did it right when the achievement popped. xD

  15. i like it, they keep releasing games. some enjoy it others despise it.