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  1. witcher 3 update: got through the blood and wine DLC. just have misc trophy's on base and main story questline. 

  2. going after this sale next week: 100% guaranteed as long as another sale doesn't show up after this one. panzer dragoon remake 2.50$ sword of elpisia 10.50$ intruders hide and seek 2$ one finger death punch 2 2.69$ 12$ in other games of my choosing (cross-buy is huge priority)
  3. i dislike the currency change. i love crowns. as long as they don't change the daily challenges it's acceptable.
  4. witcher 3 update: got through the hearts of stone DLC. now get to begin the blood and wine DLC. 25 hours it will take it says. probably be longer than that for me.

  5. witcher 3 update: starting the hearts of stone and blood and wine DLC. getting closer to the plat.

  6. lots of game choices in the 15$ and under sale. not so much in extended play: pretty girls mahjong solitaire green (ps4) (ps5) pretty girls mahjong solitaire blue (ps4) (ps5) Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice (ps4) Puyo Puyo Tetris (ps4) Aerial Knight's Never Yield (ps4) (ps5) The Technomancer (ps4) next week i'll grab more things. totally reliable delivery service is one of the choices. i'll regret it if i don't buy it.
  7. less than 2 days. i'm hopeful you can reach that goal hardest thing is race wins the other thing is just participation. would turn on your favorite TV show or music and finish it up. could be midnight before server reset so i would expect slightly less than 2.
  8. completed 1 of 2 roadblocks for the witcher 3. got all the cards in the base game. still gotta pay attention to several other trophy's but the worse of it is done.

  9. i tend to skip over non plat games if they're above a certain price. usually lower priority but i do buy some sometimes. typically skip the ones over 5$ unless the gameplay is really good.
  10. platinum #610 Rayman Legends (vita) completed in 3 months and 1 week platinum rarity 4.60% ultra rare platinum name: True Legend! hardest trophy: Champion (need to get either really lucky or really skilled to achieve the diamond cup in online) or a glitched murph'y challenge would have gotten the plat sooner but due to the ubisoft outage of 2022. game was down for well over 2-3 weeks. still working through witcher 3 complete edition. taking my time in exploring everything. should see the plat path once i see every card collected.
  11. witcher 3 update: still trying to hunt down the gwent cards. some missing from last area. some from quests and the book isn't helpful FML. guess i'll know if i have to hunt them when i reach the tournament.

  12. on golden week sale: these are the 3 i know i'll be getting over 2 weeks. the legend of heroes trails of cold steel 4 (ps4) (last game in the cold steel series) nexomon (ps4 and ps5) (cross-buy) this week world end syndrome (ps4) next week going to skip buying vita games this month. i need to get a couple much needed games bought (sonic origins and trails) wanting that one to be a milestone.
  13. it's hard but can be beaten with persistance. a taste of bullet hell but nothing compared to ikaragua or raiden 4. one of the pilots can take an extra hit or two which can help if stuck on the final.
  14. i'm going to get the game. i'll make an exception on pre-orders. just have to save 25$ this month and next i'll have it. digital deluxe of course.
  15. platinum #609 State Of Mind completed in 2 days and 6 hours platinum rarity 39.87% uncommon favorite trophy: The System Strikes Back platinum name: Ticket To Mars another plat game down. going into my drawer to find a game to begin. thinking it will be the witcher 3: game of the year edition (EU copy). will be doing a easy difficulty then death march on clean-up (seems there's some missable trophy's i need to keep an eye on).