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  1. making progress on lords in tales of zestria. have about 4 more lords to level to 14. then i may decide to run alisha's DLC depends if it'll benefit me right away.

  2. i may have to save the EX content for another playthrough. with double drop and those goodies it may go alot faster and easier. think i'm going to concentrate on the lords. can always get the best stuff in the next playthrough.

  3. reached endgame 1 in tales of zestria have my work cut out for me. need to raise each lord to level 14 to get a 2nd new game plus running in the best way possible. equates to farming weapons/armor and turning in various goodies to lords.

  4. i would wait to announce 2024 imo. 2023 seems more likely. as more people get consoles demand should go lower. but scalper will still grab consoles as long as they can make a profit. to those who are still searching for a ps5. hopefully you land one soon rather than later.
  5. i think i'll approach or will be near to approach endgame content part 1 in tales of zestria today. doesn't seem like much left other than raising my lords to get enough grade to do a new game plus on hard difficulty+.

  6. got the gold key. going to try my best to finish zestria plat by january. the booster shot effects cleared up for better so i shouldn't be impacted by it.

    1. Lordguwa


      end of december oops.

  7. finished the water trial in tales of zestria and got a covid booster. will try my best that it doesn't limit any progress made. to tell the truth the 2nd shot wasn't as painful (small poke) compared to a painful jab.

  8. darn. wanted hiei oh well. still plenty of characters to choose from when i start the online eventually.
  9. i bought the game. i saw the percentage but i saw people are completing it. looks like MS paint to me. not that i'm planning to start it anytime soon. it looks fun on the outside, maybe frustrating on the inside.
  10. managed to finish the earth trial in zestria. it was easier than the fire one. going to try my best to get some gaming done in the next few days. have a date with a booster shot and that could impact my willingness to game for a day or two.

  11. i could've spent 100$ but decided on 60$ so i can afford plus without needing to buy another card until the 10th. Fallout 76 (ps4) was against this at first but later found out i didn't need the steel reign stuff since it's free (it's cosmetic) marvel's avengers: exclusive digital edition (ps4) (ps5) spent the 4$ to get some credits to go with the game jump force ultimate edition (ps4) might as well spend the extra 5$ to get the complete package alternate Jake Hunter: Daedalus of golden jazz (ps4) blizzard arcade collection (ps4) vasilis (ps4) brave match (ps4) our church and halloween story 4 (ps4) the last 3 are toss-in's. i'll have some games to play whenever i get zestria done. making progress by the day. also to note: as soon as i begin jump force for the online portion i'll say something in game sessions that i'll help out on some of the online trophy's.
  12. once i see the sale page i'll make my decision. jump force is guaranteed. spending 50-100$. (not including plus). thought about delaying my vita purchases for a month i'm still going to be completing it through april i think (down to 6 games). i'll need to hit up the store to get currency cards. costco sells the cards that aren't for the size i need :(.
  13. jump force is 5$ from here to the next 10 days. ultimate edition is 10$ if anyone doesn't mind a digital copy and just wants the base game they save 12$ or if need to buy 2 copies. you save 29$
  14. there is going to be a black friday sale for games. it's running tomorrow through the 29th. there's no word on how deep some of the discounts will be but one can compare the stores to see which is the better deal. plus and ps now is listed as a discount too (to compete with walmart and target hopefully).
  15. picking up quite alot of games: Journey Of The Broken Circle (ps4) Underland (ps4) Arrog (ps4) Lydia (ps4) Mystic Fate (ps4) Jigsaw Finale (ps4) Tesla Force (ps4) (ps5) Tesla Vs Lovecraft GOTY (ps5) Lost Grimoires 3: The Forgotten Well (ps4) (ps5) Endless Fables: Shadow Within (ps4) (ps5) Drawngeon: dungeons of Ink And Paper (ps4) Newtonian Inversion (ps4) Knights' Retreat (ps4) Towaga: Among Shadows (ps4) One Eyed Kutkh (ps4) Wizodd (ps4) (ps5) Chess Knights: Shinobi (ps4) may come back to this sale next week. have another 100$ i plan to get jump force and some other games with so i'm going to wait till it nears black friday to determine what i need to do (could go psn or amazon) so far i'm leaning toward amazon.