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  1. the price can dip in gamer's favor sometimes. crayola scoot went for 3$ once normal price 30$.
  2. platinum #390 Borderlands GOTY (ps4) completed in 2 weeks and 3 days platinum rarity 35.07% uncommon platinum name: Borderlands Defender would of gotten the arena ones too but it's bugged with the amount of corpses it can handle on the ground before it crashes. going to go ahead and join the crowd in borderlands 3 (ps4) won't be playing that till morning (will switch to other games if there's bugs that prevent trophy's from popping) main character is going to be Moze (prefer the shields of retribution skill tree).
  3. i did this yesterday, i wouldn't of gotten crawmerax down without the use of a previous save. needed those elemental guns for the worms.
  4. it glitched on me too, i'm just going to come back to this later when/if they fix the issue. have every other trophy and the plat soon. got me on round 17. lost a good hour and a half doing those challenges.
  5. looks like there is hope. i did crawmerax solo. came down to multiple retry's and lots of luck. this is with borderlands team making it harder due to the ledge.

    1. lordguwa


      going to get much needed sleep, back up the data just in case the completionist glitches.

  6. might have to scale back my expectations of a 100% and plat. they fixed crawmerax in a bad way. going to try 4 shotgun method before i consider it a lost coause.

  7. a minor setback. got level 61 can't finish the missions for the knox dlc. this happened before just gotta set it to play 1. might take a day.

  8. my achilles heal happens to be speed run or skill. DMC remake is one of em. there's so many different combos you have to do. just for a high score. Jackpot! Complete all missions on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank
  9. combined from the 3 sales: Space Invaders Infinity Gene (ps3) Tokyo Xanadu (vita) Get Even (ps4) Wailing Heights (ps4) Claybook (ps4) Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas (vita) Pic-A-Pix Color 2 (ps4) (vita) have a few days to get borderlands done before it releases (it's going to be by the skin of my teeth i finish in time).
  10. looks like i'm going to be farming for claptrap items, seems these are worse than the brains. have about 3 days to go but i'm optimistic i'll finish before the 13th.

  11. it's true. i remember back in december of one year when the smurfs 2 happened to be on sale. this was during the time when i had no money and missed 2 important sales. short answer: got delisted soon after it appeared.
  12. you're right on the dot. his list is messed up for that one. there's a way to report it but through PM if you don't have the game on your profile. to the cheater removal team but i'm sure MMDE or B1rvine will take care of it. (there's no known way to take down 1st and 2nd bosses in seconds).
  13. the online portion is the worse part imo. that one needs participating players in a lobby and then something snapshot while at the podium.
  14. it's they're account they should've taken responsibility for it. i don't even feel bad one bit they'll have to explain later how they're timestamps is all messed up.
  15. some of the bigger games like attack on titan barely if ever dip low enough to grab i think i'll have to be extra picky since there's things on both sales i want (have about 10$ from the umbrella purchase so it's getting added to the total).