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  1. mad max update: 17 more scavenging locations to go (17 spots on the map exactly) even managed to take out 8 enemys in one fury mode. still leaves plenty of story and clean up.

  2. i was able to get the vita version back in 2013 for the physical version of sly cooper. maybe it had an expiration date for the physical version. ps3 version automatically gives the vita version no problem if buy on PS Network.
  3. yes there has been a week or two here and there where the store has been "dry" usually after the big christmas holiday sales and at various times of the year. went and got my first batch of games (will be getting some more after tuesday) i kinda split apart my gaming budget for this month to save a bit of cash Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme legends complete edition (ps4) have a save file from my ps3 so that will save alot of time The Legends Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel (ps4) cheaper to get on the store compared to the ps3 version on amazon Zanki Zero: Last Beginning (ps4) will hit up the same sale again if there's nothing new.
  4. Mad Max Update: up to 147/191 scavenging locations. so far so good in not glitching out. even managed to get the dagg task done x3 (previous 2 didn't save or glitched out).

  5. mad max update: 101/191 scavenger locations completed. 137 scavenger locations completed. had the dagg challenge completed but one of the wasteland missions glitched out so i had to revert a save. i'll have to leave it for last it can be gotten easily in the final area.

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Congrats on the progress!

    2. mako-heart


      Hang in there, homie.

  6. mad max update: 90 scavenger locations found. 54/191 total. the playstation server was down before bed so i couldn't get any scrap while the system was off :(.

  7. there's plenty of stuff to go for. not sure what i plan to do but there will be plenty of RPG games to buy (going to spend 80$ this week). skipping the ps3 game purchasing this month due to the big in japan sale. dynasty warriors 8 complete edition (ps4) is 99.9% likely to get.
  8. Mad Max Update: 21/191 scavenged locations. zero progress on penny pincher (still looking for the parts) its going slow.

  9. today i managed to fix my ps3 controller with a straw. solved the issues with the right stick wandering right. got mad max ahead so far so good on 5 locations not glitching.

    1. DaivRules


      Way to go, MacGyver!

    2. Copanele


      Wait wait, what was the issue? I have the exact same problem with one of my ps3 controllers, even opened and cleaned it and the camera still randomly turns right. 

  10. i'll have to be aware of the information. maybe after X settlements backup the save when everything is aligning right.
  11. platinum #450 Atelier Shallie: Alchemists Of The Dusk Sea (ps3) completed in 3 weeks and 2 days platinum rarity 21.40% uncommon platinum name: all trophies obtained the crowning achievement and plat 450. i finished the entire dusk series for ps3. now i get to think about beginning the mysterious series in my future. was planning on starting smaller scale easy games but mad max online trophy is going to be shuttered soon so i'm going to end up starting Mad Max (ps4) until i finish the online trophy then decide to stay or begin a 7 game set before coming back.
  12. i'll have to look at the mad max game. i don't want to miss out on the plat. just worried about glitched trophy's. i'm traumatized by just cause 3. "hearts of stone" trophy didn't unlock seems it can glitch if you liberate the whole island first. edit: i just finished atelier shallie. i'm going to stay playing mad max until i unlock the online trophy then shelve it then come back after i finish a trove of games.
  13. atelier shallie update: onto chapter 5 of 10. on track to get the true/hidden/completion endings. i gotta keep an eye on events.

  14. gotta have with disc. mostly due to options despite the newest ps5 games coming in at 70$.
  15. 5 games in a row is way harder than trying to attempt to SSS rank DMC for me. it's near impossible. i decided fall guys would be played for fun though it's probably getting shelved so i can speed through shallie plat (feeling a massive 2nd wind to do so).
  16. atelier shallie update: think i'm going to go onto play 2 soon. grinding for ultimate weapon doesn't seem required if i have flawless stuff to speed through the game to at least beat the underground master on play 2.

  17. atelier shallie update: mastered the healing item for playthrough 2. still need to work on gear. went with a stat buffing auto elixir.

  18. atelier shallie update: just finished 1 of 5 endings. have to create ultimate gear and alchemy 99 in this run. can save the levels for next run and get the other 3 endings (very long investment so far).

  19. still playing after 40. have about 11 crowns so i won at least 8 or more. most of the wins are from hexagon. a couple from fall mountain and one from royal fumble. guessing i like hexagon for some reason. it's preferred (due to skill). edit: not sure what i plan to do with my crowns. maybe season 2 there's something (not wanting the bullet costume).
  20. seems like a fresh sale with alot of games i don't have (almost like the old days) but had to put my wallet on a leash to limit myself to just 30$ in digital games minus danganronpa V3 for vita since it's facing a delisting september 25th? Max And The Book Of Chaos (ps4) Bubsy: Paws On Fire (ps4) Too hard to avoid getting this one Daggerhood (ps4) (vita) Fifty Words By POWGI (ps4) (vita) ACA NEO GEO King Of The Monsters (ps4) adding another to the Neo Geo Library Taimumari: Complete Edition (ps4) Pixel Devil And The Broken Cartridge (ps4) Link-A-Pix Deluxe (ps4) (vita)
  21. platinum #449 Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition (ps4) Completed in 3 days and 4 hours platinum rarity 11.21% rare platinum name: Platinum Driver a milestone is up for grabs and i gotta pick a good one. next one is going to be Atelier Shallie: Alchemists Of The Dusk Sea (ps3). doesn't seem too hard i can go at my own pace with this one without worrying about time constraints compared to the other 5 games.
  22. zombie driver HD update: last arena gave some issues but should be onto atelier shallie by the end of the day if nothing slows me down. just 3 sets of blood races left.

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      I think that was the arena that gave me trouble. I ended up getting a DLC vehicle to get gold. 

      The race tournament was a pain too. I got lucky when I won 3 golds in the last or I would've started all over. 

  23. zombie driver Immortal Edition Update: got #3 on slaughter mode within the park level. still pretty impressive went very long in survival.

  24. platinum #448 The Darkness 2 completed in 2 weeks and 19 hours platinum rarity 20.13% uncommon platinum name: Conquered The Darkness getting closer to targeting the platinum #450 but before that it's going to be Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition (ps4) looks like save data cant be transferred but i have knowledge of the game from before so that should help get me through this.
  25. the darkness 2 update: at chapter 15. gotta do this whole level without losing any health. luckily i have a backup save in case i mess up at a checkpoint.